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My May "ings"

Reading: I actually have an answer to this one that does not include a gardening book... It's The Know-it All: One Man's Humble Quest to become the Smartest Person in the World. I am so in love with this book all ready. A.J Jacobs sets out to read the entire collection of Encyclopaedia Brittanicas. Each chapter is a different letter of the alphabet. He combines his own personal history along with topics like abolone and casanova (I'm on C - can ya tell?).

Sewing: Yup, I'm sewing up a storm. Today I'm making a slip cover for an ottoman Russ has made for our front room. It's huge and awesome and great and now it's in my capable hands to screw up. Will post pictures as soon as I'm done (hopefully tomorrow).

Eating: Raspberries. Bless Costco and their good berry prices and even better berries. Mmm...

Avoiding: The uber huge dandelions growing in the corner backyard garden. They are mocking me with their huge dimensions. Don't they know how much sewing…

3 thoughts for Tuesday

We have an abnormal number of spiders in our garage. Russ has complained about it on a number of occassions, due to the fact it didn't really effect me, I only half listened. Yesterday, I entered his domain in search of a screwdriver. I opened up the drawer that screwdrivers once dwelled in and I saw something scurry. I though it was a mouse. Then this devil spawn of a spider lumbers out the box and runs to the corner closest to me. I screamed and Kia very smartly ran out the garage. I grabbed a hammer and took a whack at it. I ended up maiming the darn thing, but he's still alive (and probably really pissed off). He's called Hop Along Charlie now. I'm off to Home Depot to find some spider death. Cue skin crawl and the feeling of spiders crawling on your skin...
It was bound to happen. Yesterday it actually did. I had my first Cramurism. A headache induced primarily from the vocal moanings of the host of Mad Money. I can quite honestly say I can't wa…

So Sew

Well, today and tomorrow I'm sewing. I'm really excited to finish up some projects. Sewing new curtains for Kia's bedroom. Doing alot of custumizing of Kia's wardrobe...specifically turning pants into shorts and capri's. As her waist remains the same size and her legs continue to grow, the clothes still have life in them. Would love to sew her some new dresses, but realistically I doubt it will happen this week...

Tale of the Incredibly Boring Sunday

It started like any other Sunday. Shower, breakfast, manic preparation for church responsibilities I had shurked. Church was busy and flew by and we were home for lunch. That's when the wheels feel off the wagon. That's when I entered a time warp that slowed time down to an aching crawl.

In the almost 9 hours since church I have done the following:
Alphabetized and backed up my digital photosWashed laundryEmailed my brother ScottWatered the flower gardenStared out the window endlessley out of boredomRead approximately 37 blogsPulled at least 168 strands of hair out of my headWatched Kia show me boxing skills Dad just taught herAte one strawberry yogurt barOrganized various scrapbook papers, and promptly lost interest
Played 80 minutes of Mario Party 6 with Russ and Kia
Prepared and Barbequed supperCreated a game that includes bean bags a purse and a paint bucketDesigned two summer dresses but got hung up on shoe choices, so I bagged it allLooked at a stack of greeting cards I …


Well, it's been one year since we moved into our current home in Sherwood Park. To celebrate we went to the Clover Bar Ranch garage sale, bought Kia a bike and planted the front flower garden. Russ cleaned out the eavestroughs (blech), we had a firepit (sorry Heather) and watched Hoodwinked. To Russ it feels like we've lived here for way more than one year, but it seems to have gone rather quickly to me.

Honestly, I haven't finished as many projects as I would have liked in the past year, but I also have learned that a renovation takes time. That you need to live in the house and see how it's used before walls are ripped down and drastic changes made. Rooms have been traded, spaces shifted, furniture rearranged and finally it feels right. Like we have found the space that works for us.

One of the things I love about our community of Glen Allan is the stories I hear from people when they find out I live here. "Oh I grew up there!", "I remember the little f…

Eve of our Anniversary *** UPDATED

In 15 minutes I pick Kia up from her next door neighbour friends birthday party. They have transformed their backyard into a petting zoo and are providing pony rides. For real.

And tomorrow is day 365 on the alien planet.

Coincidence, I think not.

****Kia returned from the party just as I published this. She had broken out in hives from all the farm animals. Gee, I guess my kid really can't marry a farmer. About 25mL of Benadryl and an oatmeal bath later, she was just fine. Had a blast. There were baby goats in diapers with suspenders holding them up and she got to hold them. She was over the moon.

The L O S T finale - season 2

Seriously have too many thoughts in my head that I must record somewhere...4 months without Lost! How will I go on?
Alvin (Desmond's hatch buddy) was the dude (along with Kate's Father) that forced Sayid to translate and torture in the Gulf War.Libby mentioned that her husbands name was David when she was having coffee with Desmond. Wasn't Hurley's imaginary friends name Dave...?Desmond you can't be dead brother! His scenes were so compelling, what with the scottish accent and intensity of his character...don't be dead...don't be dead...don't be dead...I guess I must add "Our Mutual Friend" to my summer reading list. The thought of him carrying that book around is wildly romantic to me.
Last night the Charlie/Claire kiss was proof that she still and forever more will have horrible taste in men. Twit.
Locke...once the great hunter and now box man. I wonder if this "mistake" will cause his paralysis to return and possibly the death…

Kia's dream

When Kia is sick (as she is now) she tends to have odd dreams.

The other night she dreamt that her teacher at school brought a wonderful slide into the classroom. It was so much fun that Kia couldn't help going on it again and again. She later discovered that this was a magic slide. When a child went on the slide, it showed her teacher if you had been naughty or good during recess. Too bad for Kia that she had been a naughty girl during recess and thus got in some big trouble.

I find this dream absolutely hilarious. She on the other hand thought it was a bad dream. I think I have a people pleaser on my hands.

Trains, Bricks and Barbeques

Well, that about sums up today. Started the day at the Alberta Train Museum. It was our first time. Very interesting place. Though it should be titled Alberta Train Museum and Spiderweb farm, for obvious reasons. Some photos from our visit:

Came home and worked in the yard. Russ and Dad put the brick border up around the garden, Mom and I pulled weeds and organized some outdoor goodies, then did some uber weeding in the back garden and vegetable garden. Busy. Tired. BBQ'd some pork chops for supper and we're all pretty much crashing on any available surface...a good day!

Inlaws are people too

Gordon and Verna are visiting for the long weekend. Always a good reason to clean the house a tad better than I normally would. We've been enjoying a blustery spring day by antiquing and visiting garden centers. It's been wonderful. Off to fire up the barbeque and see what the evening brings. Enjoy your weekend!!

Evolution of Dance

Did we ever really dance like this? I know Russ did.


Proof, originally uploaded by Sabren. If I accomplish nothing else this week, it won't be a total write-off. Why? Because I have a clean fridge. :)

May you be blessed

This is a great little movie introduced to me by my friend Nicole at SBO. Worth a viewing!

Loved the line: love flows best when it flows freely...

Blow bubbles when you float on your face

Well, I'm shocked and surprised, but Kia got her Red Cross Level 1 Badge today. And the uber organized woman of Sherwood Park p!$$3d*** me off yet again by their ability to be more organized and keen on programming their children than I. I never for one second thought Kia would get her badge and so wisely signed her up for Level 1 again. Drat and double drat, now I'm pouched (oh, and way to go Keeks)! Every single Level 2 swim course from now until September is booked. In three hours. I can't help feeling like I'm not a pepper. You just wait till registration day comes in August. I'm gonna kick some a$$*** and take some names. It's pay back time barbie!

***Sorry for the wild use of dollar signs in a dumb effort to not insult my MIL with my potty mouth. I'm trying...and hoping she doesn't speak symbolism.

Tonight we wondered aimlessley through Home Depot and called it Family Home Evening. The family that looks at weed poison together, kills living things …

My "ings" for today

Loving: The image of Kia and Russ bringing breakfast into the bedroom this morning. I'll smile, even as I flick the crumbs out of bed tonight just remembering Kia's pure enthusiasm, and Russ' willingness to support it.

Reading: I'll Never Marry a Farmer by Lois Hole. I just adore her perspective and respect her vast knowledge on life and growing things. I remember watching her funeral at Wendy Gibbs house and seeing her gardening boots and tools displayed among of the most beautiful and hauntingly authentic images of a life lived in the garden.

Knowing: That I wouldn't be a Mother if it weren't for Russ and Kia. It's a day that celebrates mothering and our role, yet I can't help but completing the circle and seeing Russ and Kia as the gears and purpose of this eternal blessing. I know there is nothing I can do or achieve in this life that will bless my life as much as being a wife and mother.

Preparing: Gordon and Verna are visiting thi…

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to you and yours.

I have a very strict Mother's Day rule: All gifts must be homemade. So Kia presented me with a lovely homemade pot, complete with a plant growing out of it (plant remains unidentified). I love it.

I had fantasies of Russ making me some storage cabinets for my scraproom. Note to self: dream on.

We're having BBQ'd Asian Chicken, homemade potato salad and chocolate cake for dessert. I'm gonna sign off this thing, change into shorts and go lay on one of our loungers in the backyard.

Happy Mother, indeed!


Hung out with the girls last night...we were so productive. Painted Aubryn's bedroom, pink and yellow. They'll still need to do a second coat, touch-ups and paint the closets but its sure looking like a fun, girly bedroom!

Have all the flowers for the garden now. I'll blog a list of them all eventually. Just waiting for weather and energy to rear their lovely heads so I can get planting! I've even drawn out exact placement of said flowers, and colored it accordingly. I'm a keener.

Plan on doing housework today. I usually do it on Friday...Kia stays for lunch at school, I don't usually have plans and I like having the house clean for the weekend so we can do fun things together that don't include dusting. Plus today is a rainy spring day, so a good opportunity to be house bound. And when that gets boring, I have a sewing project I'm excited about for Kia's room. New curtains!

Plans for the weekend: Not many (love that). Watch Nanny McPhee, help at a …

This one hits close to home...

An elderly couple was attending church services, and about halfway through the service, she leans over and says: "I just did a silent fart, what do you think I should do?" He replies, "Put a new battery in your hearing aid."


My favorite show. EVER. The makers of LOST put out these teaser websites for companies and products and conspiracy's of the show. I only know of five...put apparantely there are more.

Widmore Laboratories
This is the company that makes the food and drugs for the Dharma project.

The Hanso Foundation
Ex weapon manufacturer and funder of the Dharma project.

The Valenzetti Foundation
Ya...still pondering this one...

The Accuracy Institute
Has a government conspiracy angle

Has the observation, TV screen room...and who knows what else...I wonder if this is an acrynomn for something else?

7 minutes to blog

And suddenly by writing that title, I have absolutely nothing to say. Mind is blank. Oh the pressure.

I have a busy day today. Primary meeting this morning, luncheon, more primary work, grocery shopping, visiting teaching, yardwork, and the worst job of all: dishes. I don't know what it is about standing and doing dishes, but I HATE it. It's gotten worse since the arthritis thing...I kind of seize up and my joints ache for hours afterwards. I think I should open up my own CafePress and make T'shirts about hating household chores.

Cleaned and rearranged Kia's bedroom yesterday. Looks so much better and organized. Kia is pretty good about tidying up, but really doesn't understand the concept of clean AND organized fully...she's 6! So everynow and then it needs a Mom's touch. I also realized that I'm gonna be doing crazy shopping for her this summer in preparation of grade 2 as I have a sneaking suspicion she will be having another growth spurt …

Sunday sunday...Quack!

We headed to the grounds of Festival Place to enjoy the weather and have a walk. What a happening place it was today! Run and walk for a cure, dog show and the regular madness of a warm day in the park, there was people everywhere. I had the brainpower to remember to bring some bread crumbs to feed the birds. Ducks, geese and seagulls were very happy to see us. There was a moment when the bag was almost empty and I realized these birds could do some damage if they wanted, with the three of us completely outnumbered and totally whimpy...shhh don't tell the birds, they could take the Workmans! I couldn't take all the stale bread and quacking.

I also discovered that there is something Kia can do that will humilate her father. Quack in public; like a duck. To get some ducks attention Kia started manically quaking. Russ' entire body language changed, it was "I've never seen this kid before" and he diverted his gaze. Her happy observation that it worked and realizat…

I like street names not numbers

Russ was out of bed and out in the country chopping trees down with Gary today. Brought home a chord of wood for our firepit, and some major upper body pain.Went to Urban Scrapbooking. They carry some great and very current product. Though the manager annoys the heck out of me. Whatever, I'm there to buy stuff not be friends.
Really loving the Junkitz Fanna papers and accessories. Also the scalloped Bazzill cardstock is so cool and whimsical, I almost blacked out thinking of all the crazy cool things I could do with it (blacked out, lol). And finally Urban Window Collection from We R Memory Keepers (specifically On The Dot Avocado) left me slathering. It was a good outing.
Kia has her last Share and Teach this coming Wednesday and has decided to do it on something she is passionate about: Dr. Seuss. More to follow on this, I am sure!

Things that make me smile...

Judy at SBO started a thread about simple things that make us is my contribution:

Rest stops on the highway
The freedom of my own transportation
Banango Burst Smoothies from Booster Juice
When Kia combines her dress up stuff into completely unique and crazy ways
Russ watching a good hockey game
Seeing little boys holding doors open
Fat babies
Neat rows in a vegetable garden, neatly labelled
Old shrunken grandparents, still in love, still holding hands
A photograph that captures something I love about the person
A perfectly hot bath
Manic, uncontrollable, tears pouring down cheeks laughter
Bedtime routine: See you in the morning: Not if I see you first. Smell ya later: Not if I smell you first!
I love you's

The floor needs a good brushing.

I have an hour and a half before I pick Kia up from school and I'm going to vacuum. So excited about doing it! Mainly because my carpet is disgusting, what with all the hair I'm losing...

Losing Hair

It's coming out like crazy. I'm totally at the 100 strands a hair point and possibly pushing the envelope. Not to worry. If you know me you know my hair and thus have very little concern that I will sporting a patchy scalp anytime soon. I have crazy thick hair. Hair stylist swoon type of hair. I give hardened stylists carpal tunnel syndrome. At least this is what I tell myself and my hair super powers...yet it's still shedding at an alarming rate.

Tonight I found out some great news. It's happening to Kari Lynn also. Always more fun to go through something as traumatizing as premature balding with a friend. Because at the end of the day, it's more fun to go wig shopping with a pal.