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Scripture Power

Well, Kia got her first set of scriptures this morning before church. A little bit of his and hers from our seminary years. Kia was THRILLED. Has not let them leave her side since. She has been reading scriptures all day and incorporating the word "ye" into the oddest places. Warms my heart.

All talk and no action

Russ loves hockey. Especially watching his favorite team, The Calgary Flames, play. He is not a quiet spectator. He bellows. His usual:




I'm usually down in my scraproom on the computer doing something and can't help but smile. Especially when Kia imitates him. Always good for a laugh.

I also can't help but come up with some ideas. I really need to record him doing this and using these sounds on my computer. Instead of the little "beep" I get when my email arrives, I can hear, "Oh baby, yes!" or when I'm starting a program I can hear, "Come on!" holler in my honor. I have no computer know how to make this happen, so the idea of it will have to suffice.

Psychotic Saturdays

The craziness of our yardwork list has begin. Today we purchased more supplies than motivation and began a few things:
Feed and Power Raking our lawn. Russ and I locked eyes over fertilizer in Totem andI asked him the question that was burning in my brain, "What is power raking?" I asked, knowing that Russ is the know all, be all of all things landscaping. "I have no idea," was his fervent response. He figured it was mowing the lawn, I figured it was raking the lawn with a strong motion. Ya, we're probably both wrong. Our lawn is the brownest on our street of very green lawns. If we didn't take some drastic steps today, we might have gotten run out of the Park. I don't want to be the house to beat, I just want to be in the game! Stay tuned for an update.
Lights. A new light for the front of the house and one for the guest room. Russ to install sometime, eventually...I'm pulling to before my birthday in July.
Paint for the fence. Or what actually turne…

Things every girl should have...

A calendar with at least two days a month to get excited about.
A room painted her favorite color.Music in the kitchen. Great to clean with, calm and inspire the menu.
Drawings on her fridge.A favorite blanket to snuggle under.
A place to experiment, create and leave messy.Something in her garden from a friend.

I'm going to need a glue gun, some pinking shears and 5 yards of grosgrain ribbon

There is a 25 foot ceiling in the kitchen and great room. The cabinets are cherry, the countertop an almost black granite special ordered from France. I look across the room and admire the cavernous riverrock fireplace crackling with a fragrant wood fire.

I am organized, relaxed and have time to endulge.

Hold on. This is not my house. This is certainly not my life. This is a showhome with sold sign in the front yard. I don't have the cash for a house like this, or any other house for that matter. I do have an ever curious need to go look at high end showhomes and can be found doing just that, with family in tow, at least one Saturday a month.

I daydream that in these houses - a cork floored home gym, or a top of the line home theatre - somehow define the reality of better and different life. With more time for exercise, more happiness, more creativity and friends and family clamouring to be entertained.

My real house is a year older than me. With 1000 square feet of carpet that yearns…

3 days in Calgary

I'm feeling grateful that we live a short 3 hour drive to Calgary. I love living in Sherwood Park, and feel I get the best of both worlds. The drive home was one viewing of Stuart Little 3 and three Sienfeld eposides. Speedy quick.Russ can't sleep on 3 inch foam.
Nikki can.No matter how full you think you are, there is always room for some Peters' Drive-in; the drive-in you can't drive by.Craig and Allison have such a pretty baby. To me Sarah is much more than mere cute, she is pretty with beautiful features and feminine ways. Prettiest baby ever!
I love watching Russ hold babies. It almost makes me forget that he won't change poopy diapers, hates feeding them real food...and on and on... :) But it looks good on him and I can tell it brings him a certain happiness.
Kia was so great with her cousins. Kept them engaged and was inclusive to everyone. Must have pushed Aidan around on his dump truck at least 30 laps through the house and was happy to do it. The g…

Snapshots from the weekend...


Evening At The Improv

I'm not very spontaneous. But last night I got a taste of it, and I like it.

Had an impromptu gathering with my girlfriends and their families. It all started when I mentioned we were having a firepit, Heather commented on some food bubbling in her crockpot and we remembered how much Kari Lynn enjoys eating other peoples food and being warm. It seemed like the perfect reason to get together.

The kids played. Drew with chalk, rolled down the hill, walked on rocks (stress), and basically were great kids having fun on a warm evening. The husbands (minus Richard who was working) mocked us for not enjoying the firepit more and happily ate the food that kept coming. We girls were just happy to get together and hide from the children in the house. :)

Should I?

Most of you know that our office/scraproom is located adjacent to Kia's playroom. I'm looking at this playroom right now. Kia is drowning in a sea of toys. She has such a hard time parting with them and I have an overwhelming desire to start editing. I think she'll enjoy the room more if she can actually clean it in 15 minutes rather than 15 hours! Go figure.

To complicate matters, last night we read the Velveteen Rabbit before bed (thanks Kari Lynn). Now I feel like she'll need interventive counseling if I part with any toys. She gets that toys aren't real but somehow feels they really give a darn if you love them or leave them. I've felt the need to tell her that she won't find her stuffed bears wondering around the backyard with the other real bears, because we don't have those either! But of course I don't apply this same logic to fairies, Santa, Easter Bunnies or Narnia, because quite frankly they are much cooler topics!

Kia is the epit…

It was worth a try.

You Passed 8th Grade Science
Congratulations, you got 6/8 correct!Could You Pass 8th Grade Science?

Ya...there is definate room for improvement! Mr. Martins would be so disappointed in my performance today.

Whoo Hoo Witchy Woman

Dang, I'm a crank today. Totally moody.

Having one of those days where everything seems compounded on something else. All I see is endless work, endless chores, endless pain, endless jobs that are forever mine that I never wanted in the first place. Oh the happiness of me.

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!, originally uploaded by Sabren. Hope you are enjoying this sacred day with those you love.

Spring Cleaning

During the wood panelling painting, our once pristine guest room became "the dumping ground". Today, we began cleaning it out. Wow. So my public service announcement for the day, is don't create dumping grounds for yourself! It's just not worth it. It's like moving without the nice people that make you casseroles.

I'm trying to tackle it in 4 quandrants. And hope that I'll be done in 4 days. Though today was the worst of it. Realizing I need a better system for Russyl's memoribilia as well as my own. I don't want to organize things that we don't really need. I even started a garage sale box, but I'm really tempted to screw that idea and just drop it off at the donation depot. Kinda just want to be done with it.

Good Friday

Up at 9:00 - good.
Bath is freezing - bad.
Kia at sleepover - good.
Kari Lynn calls - good.
Kia is sick - bad.
Go to Edmonton - b...good.
Kids woke up at 6:00 - bad.
Russ changes the kitchen light for KL - good.
Went to go buy a chair swing for backyard - good.
Didn't like it - bad.
Bought garden equipment at totem - good.
McDonalds for lunch - bad.
Kia naps for 5 minutes - bad.
We get my composter set up - good.
Rake leaves and tidy yard - good.
Have a firepit - good.
Sit on adirondack chairs in backyard and chill - good.
Have to go inside - bad.
Watch Dreamer - good.
Have headache - bad.
Starting to feel ill - bad..

12 goods and 9 bads. It's good friday by a hair.

Backyard plans

My really bad drawing of my plans for the backyard. The top garden is the main thing, everything else is kinda already there. :) So the little circles are a dry riverbed I plan on making with the tons of river rock that is already in my backyard. Like the three tiered look, so I'll add larger bushes and plants along the back and then some bulbs, annuals and perenials in front of that and the dry riverbed as the base in front. It's a lot of work. Maybe more than I can accomplish this year.

Today's Poem

I am Rose my eyes are blue
I am Rose and who are you
I am Rose and when I sing
I am Rose like anything
- Gertrude Stein.

Sunday Journaling 4/9

Your postman is at the door with an unexpected package. Whats in it? Who sent it? Is it important?

The package contains my debut novel, first edition in tradepaper. It smells inky, woody and thick with industry. It is my "bragging rights" copy from my publisher, Putnam Publishing. I open it up and read the dedication, "For my Dad, who never doubted I would dedicate this book to him."


Saturday's can be such a bipolar day in our world. Some Saturdays are all about being out. Going somewhere, doing something different. Checking out showhomes, searching for furniture, dinner and movies, festivals and special events.

In contrast, their are days like today. Lazy. Slow. Homebound with lists to check off or not, cleaning to do or schedule. The only thing on our agenda was a birthday party that Kia was to attend and then some companyf or supper.

Sometimes I compare days by pajama hours. The more hours spent in pajamas the better. I think I logged 14 hours in my pajamas last night and this morning. 14 hours is a personal favorite. Enough to know you were able to get in your PJ's around 9 and lounge the morning away, but not long enough to still be in them by lunch. :) This is lesson is only learned when you log hours greater than 14. Come on, you SAHM's know what I'm talking about!


I love getting packages. Last night my kit arrived from SBO along with 23 other items I had ordered from the store. Happiness. American Craft paper smells wonderful. Printy with deep tones of ink and industry. MMMmmm I just love it, sniffing right now. And, because I ordered so darn much of it I got a special little bag filled with AC ribbon. Oh the wonders of online shopping. No time to blog when so much pretty paper is only centimeters away! Happy Friday!

Thought for today

Some people are like slinkies,
They don't really have a purpose,
But they still bring a smile to your face
When you push them down the stairs.

Happy Anniversary to ME

I've been apart of Scrapbooker Online for one year. Looking forward to many more...

Blue Sky is calling me.

Want to pull this glorious blue sky into home depot and say, "Here it is, the exact color I want to paint my bathroom." Think they can do an exact match?

So much to do today. Outside. Grocery day, running errands, paying bills. Must be Tuesday. Spring just seems to have seeped into air and everything feels like the beginning of a song. The way the wind blows so gently, the light cast on the ground, the sounds of water trickling away, melting. The air has a certain warmth, you can go outside without a jacket, I notice that the car needs to be washed, rocks from winter boots vacuumed away, dashboards wiped and polished, to gleam in the sunshine.

Kia and me walked out the door this morning on our way to school. We paused and smiled at each other, listening to so many birds chirping and calling. Aware of blue sky and mild weather and we both beamed.

I'm in a lot of pain today. This darn arthritis, so fickle and moody. But today, it can hurt all it wants. Today I will rise above…

Counting my blessings

My childhood. So long ago, I have no touchstone for it anymore. No childhood home to revisit, no front door to walk into and smell familiar things. Yet, I carry only fondness and gratitude for having had it. For knowing I had childhood full of adventure, exploration and challenge. Seeing dynamic parents pursue their dreams, seeing them fail, seeing then try harder. This all exsisted for me and still does in such a special and grateful part of what makes me, me.

My love of books and writing. Such a blessing in my life. References of what I enjoy, believe, aspire to be. I love being surrounded by my books. They have become my childhood home, that I revisit and remember. I'm so grateful for these familiar works, for the inspiration and invitation they offer for me to pursue my own writing.

My daughter. Her simplicity and complexity. Her strong, lean body and easy smile. Her sweet little voice, sometimes so timid - other times loud with joy. Her keen awareness of God and …

The night that wasn't.

Had big plans to watch Memoirs of Geisha tonight with Russ. Curse Hockey Night In Canada! I'm surfing the internet on a Saturday night instead. Ya, this sucks.

Ice Age 2

Went and saw Ice Age 2 at the movie theatre yesterday. It was packed. Excellent movie. Russ, Kia and I were laughing all the way through. Very fun.

Picked up some chinese food and stopped by the pet store while we waited for it. Kia seems to be in love with a little black Yorkie-Poo. Always holds it when we stop in. While Russ and I are totally falling for the Malti-Poo's. Whatever will we do? One is in the budget, but not two.