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Grandma and Grandpa, originally uploaded by Sabren. Of a fun time in Calgary.


Nice to be home. Though it was a great trip to Calgary.

Kia had the best time and Grandma and Grandpa overdelivered on the special time factor. I love seeing them together, interacting. Warms my heart.

Lots to do, so not much time to blog today.

I will share a misquoted song lyric with you all. Kia often sings the wrong words to song, I'm sure it's part of her hearing loss, as well as just being a kid (I sure did my share and still do). One of my favorites: When Martha Stewarts Apprentice show was on, the theme song they used was the Eurythmics Sweet Dreams. The words go: Sweet dreams are made of these...Our words go: Sweet dreams are made of cheese.


Miss my guy

I don't like being away from Russ.

Nice to see family in Calgary, but I feel like I've forgotten something vital. Things just aren't quite right. Feel like I'm with family but without.

Miss you babe! XXX OOO

Handel Challenge.

It took Handel 25 days to compose "The Messiah".

Okay that puts things in a different perspective for me. So I'm issuing a challenge of sorts, to myself and anyone who wishes to join in. What do you want to achieve? Feel like you just don't have the time? Time to channel George Frideric Handel and get it done! Whether it is finishing a project, building something, a physical goal or something personal you want to work it in the next 25 days. Write your own little "Messiah" in your own way and enrich your life.

So think about what you want to accomplish over the next few days...

25 DAYS - My start day is Wednesday March 29th and finish day will be Saturday April 22nd.

I've started a blog, dedicated to this. Mainly, it will be a place to record my progress.

Chocolate Banana Cream Cake

Chocolate Banana Cream Cake, originally uploaded by Sabren. Just discovered that our Chocolate Banana Cream Cake expires today. Whatever will we do?

Saturday - Revisited

So on Saturday, I hosted my Stampin' UP Stampers 10 party. The only hiccup in the whole thing was that a winter snow storm warning had breezed in at about 2 am (I know cause Kia was up vomiting) and a good 6 inches had already fallen and was still coming down.

I mentioned my concern to Paula, our Stampin' Up Consultant, but she was ready to risk it. It wasn't hard for me, I didn't have to leave, but I worried about the girls coming in such weather. We assumed that most of the girls wouldn't come. Let me tell you, it is an amazing thing; what women will do for stamps. They will brave any snow, white out driving conditions, all for the sake of stamps.

They started arriving at 10:45. The event started at 10:30. Natasha pulled up in her huge SUV. Had no problems. Then Paula arrived, white faced and stressed, repeating the words, "we should have cancelled, we really should have cancelled, it's stamps for heaven's sake!" Shannon pulled up next, got stuck …

On Listening

Kelly: Dad, you haven't heard a single word I've said!
Ozzy: Can I explain something? You haven't been standing in front of 50 billion decibels for the past thirty years! Leave me a note!
- The Osbournes
Kelly, I relate. Kia is still home sick. Spring break starts on Thursday, so I'm thinking she may be getting a two week holiday. I'm sure it's all apart of her evil plotting (like Kia has an evil bone her tiny little body). The kid struggles with hearing at the best of times, but when she's sick, forget about it.

Kia: Mom can I watch a movie?
Me: Yes, you can watch a movie.
Kia: What does that mean?
Me: It means yes you can watch a movie.
Kia: But you said Groovy.
Me: Really?
Kia: Ya, you said you can watch it groovy.
Me: Right.

TV comes on CRAZY Loud.
Kia: That was TERRIFYING!!
Me: Terrifying?
Kia: Yes. If I could hear better that would have made me need hearing aids.
Me: Good thing you already have some, isn't it?
Kia: Sure is!

Life Unscripted

"I think that the film Clueless was very deep. I think it was deep in the way that it was very light. I think lightness has to come from a very deep place if it's true lightness." ~ Alicia SilverstoneIsn't it good that people write for her. But having said that, have you ever had a moment when you are talking about something and you suddenly realize, your point of view is making absolutely no sense? Me neither.

Sunday Journaling 3/19

What would you like to find at the end of your rainbow?

An interesting thought. The line from a poem comes to mind, "the part that's unsung and unfinished, is the sweetest and richest and best." The sweetest, the richest, the best: Reunion, with those I love that have passed, knowledge to the questions no one can answer, the strength and faith to keep going when I'm defeated. I guess most of all, I already have the gift at the end of the rainbow...because I know there is no end...

Gobs of Snow

Snow Keeks, originally uploaded by Sabren. And still falling. Snowed in and making the most of it!

Recent Realizations...

If you don't make time, you won't find time.
I'm pretty proficient at memorization. This is a talent that I could have happily left dormant.
My postage impairment has gotten to an embarrassing level. Though, the acronym maker in me did realize that PIA can stand for Postage Impairment Anonymous and Pain In Arse...I can't understand how the application of wallpaper works. I found a wallpaper that I adore and want to put on a feature wall...I just can't seem to comprehend how it will all measure up and I won't have sheets of waste...I have scrapbooking paper that gives Russ vertigo. For real. I find this hilarious. He gets the oddest look on his face, and has to squint up his eyes just too look at it. ROFL...Kia's spidey senses are extra sensitive to light. Maybe it's cause she has hearing loss and she depends on her other senses so much more...but now that it's getting lighter earlier, Kia is making earlier and earlier appearances at the side of…


Today's challenge:

It's time to try
Defying gravity

Can't stop...

Okay, I've just listened to James Blunt sing, "Goodbye, My Lover" for the 8th time in a row. Must pull myself away from iTunes. Must not click on this song again...Oh just one more time. Then I'll stop...honest...

Sunday Journaling 3/12

Talk about your first job. What did you do? How much money did you get paid?

My first job that paid money, outside of my home and babysitting jobs, was working in a used book and record shop in Penticton. My boss was a middle aged lady named Simone. She owned the entire building. On one side she ran an antique store, once in the antique store you could make your way into two huge warehouse rooms filled with more junkie antique items and then you would find yourself in a huge book store that had records at the front and gobs of book at the back. There was also a small stage in the middle section that housed huge Flintstone costumes. Theme park costumes, as she had been the previous owner of the Flintstone land in Kelowna. It always amused me to walk by Dino and Fred on my way back to the bookshop. Countless people asked to purchase those costumes, but she refused. They probably sit in the same spot covered in dust, holding some memory only Simone knows.

She had kind of let the book stor…

Snow, plays and bad dreams.

Our mild, dry winter has parted. In it's place is a daily dose of whiteness. Snow and gobs of it. The novelty is slowing wearing off, but I still have the happy flip flop when I look out the window and see fresh snowfall. I especially like it when I hear the sound of scrapping snow shovels cleaning off the driveway, only to discover it's my driveway being cleaned off by someone other than me!

I'm in a play. In some instances this would be exciting. This is not one of those instances. It's cheesy, and I have more lines to say in this play then I usually speak in one day. This is one of those times I just want to get it done. I want the day to come, and pass and know that I never have to sing, say or stage the lines or songs again. I bet my enthusiasm is blowing you away.

Kia has the occasional bad dream. Last night she dreamed we lived in another world. Our home was a hotel. There was so much room that we could invite all our family and friends to visit. Even…

Widow of Christopher Reeve passes away

Here is the reason why you should live today to it's fullest. Why you should be the change you want to see in the world. We never know how long we have. We never know what great adventure or sadness may be around the corner...

Hockey Outing

Hockey Outing, originally uploaded by Sabren.

Words that describe my Marriage.

Joining. Giving. Strength. Weakness. Promise. Meeting. Protecting. Bordering. Volume. Support. Comfort. Respect. Compromise. Patience. Sensing. Questioning. Struggle. Nesting. Eternal. Building. Liking. Reciprocating. Balance. Trust. Risk. Nurturing. Loving.

Worth it

I shared this journaling on a scrapbooking page I just made. It is a story I have told some friends and family but realized I had never written it down. I now know why. It is a very hard story for me to record...the memories of this event and others pour back so strongly that it overwhelms me...

Kia, there was a moment you became very sick as a newborn.You were still in the hospital, battling the trials of a preemie.Breathing was a constant struggle and your little heart was stopping and starting, beating irregularly and we were all concerned.Your doctor phoned me one afternoon and told me to come to the hospital immediately, as you had become ill.Grandma and Grandpa took me there and when I arrived you were away from the other babies under a warm lamp.You were white and chalky and drawn inward, to some place I’ve never been.Where pain is overwhelming and perhaps, where God minds the hearts of the young and fragile.It felt like a goodbye moment.I recognize them so easily.I’ve had th…

Two pics

The first one is my new clock. It's so big! I hope the lamp in the distance helps with a point of reference.

The second is snow. Glorious wonderful snow that sits higher than my kid on the sides of the driveway. Finally...a winter wonderland!