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Odds and Sods

Got my haircut today. Feel human again. I have very thick hair. I always marvel at the hair that falls to the floor during one of my trims. It is usually more than resides on most peoples heads!Kia has her third share and teach tomorrow. Instead of 'share and tell' the students have an opportunity to teach a topic. Kia's first S&T was about strangers, the second was about Chocolate Handrolls and tomorrow she is teaching the kids about face painting. My only requirement is that she is enthusiastic about the topic. That is covered for tomorrow. She is over the moon excited. Bringing in some photos of her with her face painted, face paint markers and a book on face painting.
It's snowing. I'm so happy.Bought a clock today. Not just any clock. A HUGE clock. I've been wanting the giant Ikea clock for ages. I found one even better and much more my style and best of all, it cost half the price of the Ikea one. Words won't do it justice. Will pos…


The wonderful, talented woman at Scrapbooker Online paid me a compliment today. They "lifted" me. Which means they used a layout of mine as an inspiration for one of their own. But in actuality they 'lifted me, by honoring me this way, so humbled by this...

Nikki Scraplifts at Scrapbooker Online...Some of my layouts will pop up in the search as well...but I had to share.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to make a layout. Love you!

Been Shopping...

Been Shopping..., originally uploaded by Sabren. Now before you start worrying about us Workmans, let me state for the record that we are officially out of debt. Russ had a great year at work and was well compensated for it, allowing us to pay our debts (still have a mortgage though) and achieve our goal of being debt free sooner that we had dreamed. I am so grateful for this. We have money left over and so have decided to purchase a few items that we have been in want of.
Thus the photo above. We finally found a leather sectional/couch that we both LOVED. Plus it comes with the Ottomans. Will be arriving next weekend, unless Russ changes his mind - because I won't! The only thing better than looking at it, is sitting in it. It cost more than we originally wanted to pay but we feel that it will be a better purchase in the long run for our family. And don't worry...we paid in cash.
Helped our friends Jon and Heather move this morning. SO excited for them. They are in a …



Personal Best

Voice from the West: Nikki?
Me: Madly looking about...timid Yes?
Voice from the West: It's me Linda, your neighbour.
Me: finally finding her, Oh hey Linda, how are ya?
Linda (who was also the Voice from the West, for anyone confused) Oh I've been just awful. I think I've been sick for 2 months.
Me: Sounds like a personal best.
Linda: Blank stare and rapid blinking.
Me: You know, your personal best length of time being sick.
Linda: Almost happily...Oh ya, I guess it is!

This rather bizarre conversation got me thinking. My kid does her best work. Not just sometimes, all the time. I don't. I tend to fizzle before half-time and sometimes even quit before I begin. I need to do better. I need to always strive to do my best work and have moments other than illness, when I can truthfully say, "that was my personal best." Whether it be an incredible day, a well written phrase, a garden plot... I want to reach for more. Ultimately it will cause me to be more. Maybe even on par…

Realizations and Rants


Housework really is a circle. It's not a vertical list. It is never finished. Even Donald Trump probably has to wash his own underpants sometimes. This is not a new thought...though the Donald Trump thought was new, but the housework being a circle isn't...I really love circles. REALLY really. Kinda have a circle fetish. Does this mean I should love housework more? Because I really don't. It can really damage my calm. Maybe I don't really like circles afterall. Maybe it's purely physical. I hate rounded corners in houses. They always use it as such a selling feature, "Rounded corners are a standard feature." But what if I don't like rounded corners. What if I like the old fashion 90' corners? I need the transition that a corner provides...a rounded corner is merely a suggestion of space, not a definition of space.

I'm Getting Old!

The older I get the harder it is to do things. Make friends, find music I like, find a new recip…

100 Days of Grade One

It's a party at Kia's school today. She is wearing a necklace of 100 beads in celebration. Have a great day kiddo!!

My Scraproom

Marvelous Monday Scraproom showcase at SBO.

Some quotes from Where Woman Create:

"It's not what you don't have, it's what you do with what you do have."

"The purpose of art is not a rarified, intellectual distillate - it is life, intensified, brilliant life."

"What would you try to do if you knew you could not fail?"

"Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without."

"From a woman's soul, through a woman's eyes, by a woman's hands."

"Not merely an absence of noise, real silence begins when a reasonable being withdraws from the noise in order to find peace and order in his inner sanctuary." - Peter Manard

All these thoughts -
remind me of what I want from
my creative space.
Sanctuary, a bit of starkness
so that I can easily find
and tune into the beauty.

DVD player breeding program and other thoughts...

Is there funding for this sort of thing? If there is, we may be candidates.

I have 2 DVD rom drives on my computer.
We have a portable DVD player for car trips.
Kia has a little pink DVD player in her playroom.
We have a HighDef DVD player in the Den.
And a DVD recorder in the living room.

We sound like a family who must be constantly entertained...Really it's not that bad. Really...okay...I'm bored, must go watch Michael Buble live in concert. Just kidding...

Other things and thoughts:

Went to the Odyssium yesterday. Took in two shows in the Star Theatre and all the various exhibits. Managed to spend a good 5 hours there. Russ had never been before. He even was able to test drive a Segway for the first time. Of course I videotaped the whole experience. :)

As you can see, Kia had some fun. Love the picture of her reflected in the "fun mirror".

I share my scraproom at SBO on Monday. Have been taking and readying photos today. My room is really quite boring compared …

February Freeze's cold. Like -40'C kind of cold. Brrrrr...with all this mild weather this deep freeze is hard to handle.

Kia is off school for yet another long weekend. So I'm trying to plan some fun for her today. Had Thursday Friday off last week and now Friday and the upcoming Monday (family day) as well.

Dang. I hear the garbage man and I need to toss out a couple more bags! Catch ya later!

My Music

All my favorite sappy songs, and my love of folky, country, bare bones music is gonna totally show...

Fields of Gold by Eva CassidyColors or Arms of a Woman by Amos LeeYou'll Think of me by Keith UrbanCowboy, Take me Away by the Dixie ChicksReal Live Woman - Trisha Yearwood
Swept Away by Mary Chapin CarpenterFlying Home by Chantal KreviazukBoth sides, now by Joni Mitchell (always makes me cry)Ancient Pines by Loreena McKennitt
Feel My Love - Garth BrooksWhen I Get Where I'm Going - Brad Paisley and Dolly Parton
The Book of Love - Peter Gabriel



My Love of the Color Red

I adore Red. Red is best. It's a fickle thing though. Not so much the glaring glossy reds as the deep spicy reds. Though don't expect to be seeing any red appliances in my kitchen...I don't roll like that...but you just may see me living in a red house. I love them. I collect pictures of my favorites to reference when we redo the siding on our own house next year. Gotta love a red house!!

Gotta have a touch of river rock and even some cedar the combo. Just makes me happy!

Oddest Post

Too busy living life to blog about it. Now that's a first! Should come to a halt on Monday, as most good things do...

New Design Team Position Available...

Scrapbooker Online, your one stop destination for scrapbooking supplies, ideas and friendship is seeking 2 new Design Team members. We are looking to hire one full time and one guest DT member, to begin work April 1st, 2006. The current requirements and expectations are found below.

Scrapbooker Online DT Responsibilities

Full Time Design Team member appointment: 6 months with the opportunity to renew
Guest Design Team member appointment: 3 months

• Responsible for at least 4 layouts a month, using supplies provided by Scrapbooker Online to be used in conjunction with Wicked Awesome Thursdays.
• Other work to be uploaded throughout the month coinciding with challenges, on line crops, games, or personal work.
• Consistent and relevant presence in the gallery.
• Consistent and relevant presence in our message boards.
• Each Design Team members will be responsible for at least one article/how to/book review to be published on our site and in our newsletter every two months. T…

Scrapfest 2006

Scrapfest is Edmonton's own version CKU and falls on September 23rd and 24th this year. Ali Edwards is going to be one of the guest instructors this year. How cool is that! I'm so there! Keep checking the website for registration dates...rumour has it this Friday they will be introducing the actual dates and classes that will be available. And any relatives that want to crash are welcome!!

Hope to see you there!


Ophelia, originally uploaded by Sabren. Russyl's newest favorite. How cool is it that my husband loves art!?

Sir John Everett Millais' Painting: Ophelia.

Scraproom Sketch

Scraproom Sketch, originally uploaded by Sabren. There's lots of focus on scraprooms at SBO this month. The idea of having my own creative space has always been a dream of mine, and I couldn't be more thrilled that I have the bones of that very space in progress. I love seeing the areas women create and I'm constantly looking at my own space, trying to find ways to make it more utilitarian and effective. I don't have the budget for immediate gratification, nor do I want that. I like that it's a work in progress, that it evolves as does my personal style and needs expand and change.

I have ordered a book from chapters, Where Women Create: Inspiring Work Spaces of Extraordinary Women. None of the artists featured necessarily have the same needs or hobbies as myself but I can't wait to see how they use space to meet the needs of their creativity. I'll keep you posted on my thoughts regarding this book...

Sunday Journaling 2/5


Good Friend - verb [good frend] {OE god freond} 1. an individual who loves you even when your cranky and not just when you're nice 2. devoted to and supportive of your happiness 3. tender and constant towards your hopes and dreams 4. honest sounding board; hears the feelings behind your words 5. trustworthy and reliable 6. someone you can laugh till you cry with or talk till you cry with, with no worry of reprise or censorship.

An Open Letter to the Calgary Flames

Dear Calgary Flames,

I just had to write and inform you that you are making my life miserable. I'm sure you all have your own sense of misery right now as you plow through this streak of sudden overtime losses to teams that aren't worthy to sharpen your skates. But here is where it gets flames fan of a husband is eternally and mentally bound to your success and loss ratio. When you lose it seems to drain him of his will to live while adversely your wins produce euphoric celebration and my all time favorite result: the emptying of the dishwasher.

I'm no expert but perhaps it's time to try some new guys in the shootout; Lombardi, Donovan and Phaneuf come to mind because seriously, watching Kobasew pansy his way to the net is painful for even a distant observer like myself. Or better yet, score some goals in the game and eliminate the need for these overtime shootout losses in the first place. When you get to the finals these shootout mishaps can be a fadi…

February Kit at SBO

February Kit at SBO, originally uploaded by Sabren. My kit came in the mail.'s not even up in the store yet...this is a total sneak peek! Isn't it purty! Look at all that glorious Junkitz paper...yummy!

Kia the Comedian

This kid has been cracking us up lately. Even Russ. I point that out because he's a pretty tough audience, but she can crack him up...

Last night she did a couple things that had us laughing out loud. At dinner she started talking in quotations. She'd turn to Russ and say, "Daddy, did you have a (makes imaginary quotations in the air) "BAD DAY"? She kept doing it at the oddest moments. It was hilarious.

Then we were all watching American Idol (we watch it 6:00 on digital cable) and she wasn't really paying close attention. A singer caught her eye because he was kinda snapping his fingers..she squeals: "I LOVE action songs. This guy is good!" It totally wasn't an action song, but it reminded me that even though she sometimes acts so grown up she is still so little.

Creation a Day

I'm doing it! Anyone else game? Create something scrapbook related every day for the month of February...

Come join in the fun...