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Family Spaces

Been taking alot of home design/decorating books out of the library. This book entitled Family Spaces had some fun style tips I'd like to remember...
To avoid the wrong purchase, ask yourself, "Do I really need that." (I do this all the time)
Don't be afraid to be creative - give things a new purpose.
There are treasures everywhere. Don't be discouraged with your location - just get our there and look.
Look for things that have a story, character or a challenge.
Don't get stuck in style genres: mix new with old, modern with classic, etc..Think outside the box - open your mind to new things.
If it's a small piece, get a bunch of them and start a collection to make a statement.There's no such thing as bad form - just bad application.
Don't limit yourself by restoring items to their intended use.
Look for things that reflect who you are.
Don't start what you can't finish - if you buy a project, make sure you have th etime and resources to work on i…

Sunday Journaling

What treasures do you display inside your home?

This was an interesting question because it made me realize I don't display what I want. Since moving into this space I haven't really unpacked and set up my books. I have many books, thought the collection has been downsized greatly, I can easily fill 4 or 5 full size bookcases without even including the baskets of paperbacks. Books are of great value to me and provide a sense of history and comfort to my home, but I realized that they are not the treasure that first came to mind.


Specifically black and white photos and stills of the people and places I love. I realized that I don't have enough images of who I love in my home. My greatest treasure is my family. I am in the process of framing and presenting my favorite images and have discovered it is a costly but worthwhile pursuit. Maybe within a years time I will truly feel like my greatest treasure is displayed prominantly and proudly around my home...

Bits and Pieces

Couldn't get into blogger for the past two it was a nice technological break from my blog.Interviewing with Canada Post. Really. I've been looking for something that provides flexibility and a few hours of work a day (speed up some financial goals we have and earn some travel money). Discovered that Canada Post has some really neat contract positions available that provide just what I am looking for. Good pay, better benefits, independant schedules..I had an interview and wrote some tests (math, comparison and map work). I must say it was unlike any interview I have ever been too. It must be an employee market out there because I couldn't help but feel like they were keen on impressing the candidate more so than me being the right candidate...
Swimming with Kia after school on Friday. Headed to Millenium Place. There was hardly anyone there. Kia has become such a fish since she started Red Cross. I had to talk her into wearing a life vest for when the wa…

Health Class

In Health class at school, Kia has been working on an "All About Me" book. She brought it home last night and it was so adorable. A really great self portrait, and information about herself as she sees it. Two of my favorite pages are highlighted below:

Her take on these aspects of her talents and feelings is just so endearing to me. I'm feel happy about bears long as they are a safe distance from me and mine...but if it's Teddy Bear...I'm all over it. :)

Turning 2!

Happy Birthday to my blog!

Two years old today! Can you believe it! That went way to quickly...glad I have some living recorded in here...

Thanks to all of you who stop buy and check up on the latest and greatest. I hope you feel like you know us just a bit better. Thanks for your comments and your support. Since the inclusion of my site meter there have been 13,022 visits to my little blog, an average of 51 page views a day.

You're welcome to drop by anytime...

Sunday Journaling

Tell about the first time you left home:
Part 1

No one ever thought we would make it. I wasn’t convinced myself. Imagine if you will, the luggage of the entire road company of The Producers crammed into a two door Chevette.It’s late October and two girls from the sunny Okanogan are going to explore Northern British Columbia; destination unknown.One of these young ladies has a bad habit of attracting trouble and the other has no sense of direction whatsoever.It was no wonder our loved ones waved goodbye with concern etched on their faces. They thought they would never see us again. My good friend Shannon was my sidekick on our little escapade.She was, and still is, the lady with no sense of direction.I asked her once when we were hiking what direction we were walking.She said, down.We drove to Williams Lake that first day and we unpacked everything from our car into our motel room. In retrospect that was a big waste of time, but live and learn.It was at this point I noticed how immense …

The hope of a heartbeat

Had a wonderful invitation extended to me. An invitation to attend a doctor's appointment with a friend. This friend has been wanting another baby to love since I've had the pleasure of knowing her. Three times it was not meant to be. She once wrote, "my little one I hold you forever in my heart...a mother's love does not forget..."

Today as I sat in the tiny doctors office I couldn't help but feel elated for the moment. The quick "whoosh whoosh" sound of the life inside her was greeted with smiles and soft listening. It was a moment of silent reflection and true happiness made all the sweeter because of journey and obstacles overcome. I was reminded of beauty in that sound. That soft detection of life...the hope of a heartbeat.

L O S T thoughts

Last night I saw a red laser light on the screen.
First time - it was on Jack's face when he was in the hospital room with the pretty lady and her dying Daddy
Second time - It was on Hurley while he was chatting it up with Charlie about how he has a chance with the new lady shrink
Third time - It was on Jack's face right after his wife told him she was leaving him...

Ana and Jack heading up an Army. Good grief their like cyanide and arsenic...both deadly alone but together - its overkill!!

Seems like the writers are preparing us for a social break of the Flight 815 Survivors...

Locke seemed very curious about this Zeke dude and you could tell he didn't like that this guy was more observant than him.

My own thoughts got me wondering about what other things people have noticed and the theories and thoughts they have:

Locke was very interested in Sawyers choice to be called Sawyer, even though his name is James Ford. I've also read somewhere that Locke's Dad went by the nam…

Not well

Send cookies.

Or a Maid service.

Or a team ready to withstand the biological warfare that is happening in my house right now.

My dear daughter, who has an ounce of immunity given to her on her birthday every year, is already plum out and has been hurling her tiny little guts out for the better part of this no good very bad day. Seriously. It has come at different angles and in different colors for the better part of 17 hours.

I'm at a constant state of wondering if I have hearburn or the gentle tugs of my own date with the devil. I really hope it's heartburn. Because you get bad heartburn from apple juice right?

I think I'm doomed.

Don't bother calling. I'm not answering. I'm too darn miserable and need to save my strength for my 10:00 date with Sawyer.

Finding MY People

As many have said, "there are people you are born with and then there are the people you find. They are equally important in your life."

Growing up in Penticton over the years of my childhood and adolesence I felt like I was with "my people". I had history or at the very least was creating a history with them on a daily basis...we were growing up together and that creates a sense of connection that is deep and more valueable than any teenager is aware of at the time.

Choosing to leave that is exciting. It's a risk, it's new and full of possibility. It also means that you begin again, with all the good and bad that goes with that. This was never difficult for me when I was a young adult, or even when I was newly married. It has however proven to be more difficult in the past few years. But MY people are people who are up to a challenge.

MY people allow for silly, accept, have humour and a sense of the bigger picture. I want a friendship to surprise me, to need …

Worth a try...

Worth a try..., originally uploaded by Sabren. Took Kia out to slide down the hill in the backyard yesterday. The lighting was ideal for some great high key shots. As you can see, someone else was a bit to high keyed for this to be anything but a silly venture.

Sunday Journaling 1/15

Where does your family like to gather in your home?

Interesting question. Most people usually respond the kitchen. Our kitchen is too narrow to be a gathering place. The most honest answer would be in the Den, where the TV is. We all tend to be couch potatoes. Russ will be sitting on the loveseat reading a newspaper with the TV on...Kia is usually making a pile of something, dancing or eating and I'm usually focused on the TV or sidetracked by a book. There are only a handful of things that will get our complete (each member of the families) attention: MarioParty, Dancing with the Stars or a family movie. Otherwise we are in there just to be near one another and relax.

In warmer weather our gathering place, is hands down, the firepit. It is such a beautiful, tranquil spot that has already provided us with so many wonderful memories. There are no distractions, nothing pulling our attention away from one another. We always have good conversation, good silence, laughter and f…

Saturday Snippets

Money. Our family goal is to get out of debt. It's not bad and yet it takes so much discipline and sacrifice. I also feel blessed that we can do this. That we are able to simply manipulate the budget for this to happen. Of course when you set this goal it seems that everyone wants your money - Kia's FM boots needed to be replaced, hearing aid molds made, some vehicle work and we're up to $800 not planned for. The irony is not lost on me.Photography venture is going well. Still getting approached on a regular basis. Was asked to do a wedding in May. For those who don't know...I don't do weddings. I have no desire to spend an entire Saturday doing group photos and posed pictures. Kill me now. The pomp and fluff of weddings is something I often find false and showy. There is usually a love story at the heart of it all and I appreciate that, but it is very rare to find a couple that is willing to give the time and focus to a session in the madness of the we…

OMGosh! Someone Tagged ME!

Four jobs you have had in your life?
Recreation Counsellor (at a group home)
Used Book Store ClerkCherry Picker (living in Penticton, you have to at least try it)Banking Officer (Foreclosure Dept.) Scotiabank Four movies you would watch over and over?
EmmaThe SaintSeven Brides for Seven Brothers
As Good as it Gets Four places you have lived?
Duncan, B.CPenticton, B.CPrince Rupert, B.CCalgary, AB Four TV shows you love to watch?
L O S TColor ConfidentialExtreme Home Makeover
Smallville Four places you have been on vacation?
Santa Fe New MexicoPanorama Mountain VillageLas VegasDisneyland Four websites I visit daily?
Four places I would rather be right now?
At the chirpractorIn a hot tubAt the massage therapistsAt the accupuncturist
Four of your favorite foods?
French Fries

License to play.

Finding my style, originally uploaded by Sabren. I love to create, play and try new things. Photography, color and scrapbooking are three ways I connect and explore with others as well as myself. I love this part of my life. It feels full and rich.

Can't Live Without

Not listing the family...friends...this one is just odd ball moments and things.
Kia's bedtime routine. Russ giving her a horsey ride, flip, prayers, "Bless Grandma, Grandpa and big me", 5,4,3,2,1 Blast OFF! and See you in the morning (NOT IF I SEE YOU FIRST) Smell ya later (NOT IF I SMELL YOU FIRST). For the average reader you are probably thinking we are's all good and it happens every single night. I love the pattern and predictablity of a good bedtime routine.
Carrots. I eat alot of carrots. I love them. Orange, crisp and with just a hint of sweetness. I'm in heaven. The winter store bought kind suffice...but I can't wait till I can fill the garden with row upon row of carrots and buy Nantes (my favorite type) from the farmers market. Happy happy.
My little blue digital camera. I love having this small little thing. I can take it anywhere. Not everything in my life has to be a portrait but this little thing still impresses …

Back to School

Christmas break conquered, originally uploaded by Sabren. And I'm so happy.

We had big plans for the holiday break, but most of them fizzled due to illness. Glad to be back into our routine again. Feels good.

Nikki's Tip of the Day

When toasting coconut under the oven broiler...don't get sidetracked. Coconut is highly flammable. HIGHLY flammable.

Sunday Journaling

At Scrapbooker Online I'm starting to share a weekly journaling prompt that I'll record here. Last weeks question was:

Describe your childhood bedroom (you could even draw a floorplan if you can recall it). Record the colors, the bedding, your furniture, how you decorated it, did you keep it clean or messy, no memory is too small!

Childhood bedrooms changed on a regular basis for me as we moved quite regularly when I was a kid. Though I keep recalling my bedroom in our house on Ryan Road. It was small. I was about 10 years old when we lived there and it was right before the crush of teen posters and magazines took over my wall real estate. My walls were basically bare and cool grey tone. There were two long windows and the room remains eternally tidy in my memory (though I'm certain that is not true). The key feature of this room was my single waterbed. Yes, I was a child of the 80's and had a waterbed. My bedding was a nightscene. Dark mountain range and starry night sk…

Date Night

Thanks to Kari Lynn and Richard, Russ and I were able to have a date this afternoon. A simple dinner and movie date, but it's been AWHILE. We went to the new restaurant in South Edmonton Common called Milestones. Very nice menu and excellent food. Then we went to see The Producers. We really enjoyed it, laugh out loud sillyness is always a good thing.

Then went and picked up the girls from KL and Richard for a sleep over at our place so they could have their date/Christmas Party thingy. The girls were bonkers on the way home, don't let this upcoming little snippet of conversation fool you into thinking they were conversationalists on the way home. We had to turn the radio up just do drown them out a bit!

Kia saw a light in the sky.

Kia: Aubryn, look at that star. Have you ever seen a star so bright?
Aubryn: I don't think that's a star Kia. That's an airplane.
Kia: Are you sure?
Aubryn: Yes, I know about lights in the sky. It's definately an airplane. I've been …

Because it bears repeating...

I'm a writer, how hard can it be to write about scrapbooking? There are oodles of topics to discuss. Surely there is something I can share with the wonderful ladies at Scrapbooker Online that is semi interesting. Right? Two weeks later, I'm not so sure I have any skills or techniques that will enrich anyone's life. What I realize I do have, are lots of opinions. So, I'm going to blaze my own trail and write about something I feel passionately about. Have you asked yourself why you scrapbook? Why do you do it? Why do you have enough patterned paper to wallpaper your master bedroom? Why do terms like CHA, CKU and KI, make your heart do a happy little flip-flop? Each of us will have our own unique answers with some common threads running underneath. We are record keepers. We are artists. We have so much love inside of us that it oozes out and turns into ribbon, flowers and buttons. Isn't it great? We've figured out the secret of life and its name is scrapbooking. …

Forgiveness Flour

When I went to the door, at the whisper of knocking,
I saw Simeon Ganter's daughter, Kathleen standing
There, in her shawl and her shame, sent to ask
"Forgiveness Flour" for her bread. "Forgiveness Flour,"
We call it in our corner. If one has erred, one
Is sent to ask for flour of his neighbors. If they loan it
To him, that means he can stay, but if they refuse, he had
Best take himself off. I looked at Kathleen..
What a jewel of a daughter, though not much like her
Father, more's the pity. "I'll give you flour," I
Said, and went to measure it. Measuring was the rub.
If I gave too much, neighbors would think I made sin
Easy, but if I gave too little, they would label me
"Close." While I stood measuring, Joel, my husband
Came in from the mill, a great bag …

I've lost my will to play.

This thought came to me as Kia was BEGGING me to play with her. Because I really didn't wanna! I had guilt and thus I succumbed and we played makebelieve for awhile in the playroom. It really wasn't so bad.

Kia had built the outline of a castle with blocks. It was a beautiful castle that sat on the shoreline of an ocean ripe with chomping sharks. It was not safe to set foot in the water. Everytime we ventured into the water we had to make a frantic swim to the boat (which was always helpfully within reach). Why we didn' t just jump back on the shoreline is beyond me...but it was her game.

We decided we need a shark slayer. We made an announcement to the kingdom that we would bestow one righteous meal to anyone brave enough to kill the shark (for our story purposes at this point we recast all the sharks into one big bad mother of a mean shark). The Barbies were concerned they would be injured and all the doctor Teddy's were across the ocean (upstairs). One brave…

Year in Review

Saw this on my friend Debbi's blog... You take the first sentence (plus) from one of your monthly blog entries from the previous year:

January: Today was the day of the root canal (que dramatic music...)
February: To quote Frank Barone from Raymond, "HOLY CRAP!"
March: Friday - We ditched the Revolutionary, ie Kia, and headed out to the Outback for a celebratory meal with Russyl's work.
April: SOLD! It's ours. Officially. Only took two years to find...
May: Honestly, my first thought was, "what did we get ourselves into..."
June: Kindergarten was enjoyed and conquered by one joyful 5 year old.
July: I remember going to the Perinatal follow-up Clinic and having a Physiotherapist tell me that Kia has a "funny gate". A funny gate (yes I know it's spelled gait by the Doctors...but that's no fun for this deal) is a silly way of saying she has an odd walk.
August:Greenland Garden Centre has become my happy place.
September: Hi my name…

Day 220 on the Alien Planet

Have discovered the planet over run with "Sherwood Park Wives" (A la Stepford Wives)...

I usually walk Kia to school. I feel no need to get all dolled up for the 3 minute walk and thus I don't. I have an ugly brown parka that I wear because it's warm and only cost me $20 at a second hand store (SCORE) and the hair or the teeth are brushed for the trip (one or the other, rarely both) All the rest of my morning energy goes towards Kia. Getting her up, feeding her, going through her backpack to make sure we have everything for the day, packing snacks, getting her ready and testing her hearing aids and FM system. This eats up 45 minutes quite easily...adding more personal maitenance on my part would require me to get up at an hour that just doesn't seem worth it.

When we get to school. The halls are filled with beauty pageant contestants. They all have a predetermined/prearranged wardrobe: Black leather jacket, black turtleneck, jeans and 3 inch high heel black leathe…


The first day of the year and I haven't even so much as poked my nose out the front door. It would seem I'm going to become a hermit in 2006. Which will really help our budget or I'll spend too much time and credit online shopping. Either way, it will be a change.

Yesterday I diagnosed Kia with the Measles. Me and the smart online doctors of America were a deadly combination. Especially when I found the following: The disease starts with a high temperature of 102 degrees F. followed by fatigue, loss of appetite and cold symptoms of runny nose, sneezing and coughs. Red eyes, sensitivity to light and tiredness will follow. After about 3 days a red blotchy rash starts on the face, then spreads to the rest of the body.

The only hiccup in my stellar skills at diagnosis and disease whispering seems to be the fact that Kia has had her shots for measles. There lies the rub. So what the heck are the little red dots on her face? Every doctor worth seeing has the weekend off so I'm…