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What are the words that describe you? I recently scribbled down 5 words I felt reflected a part of me and my personality:

1) authentic
2) spiritual
3) insightful
4) bold
5) imaginative

These words are powerful to me. They have deep meaning. They are in the people I admire and they are words I want to live up to. Words I want to see reflected in my countenance. This year I hope to draw closer to BEING these descriptives: in the way I live my life, in the way I interact with my loved ones. I have the seeds, for these words are already an accurate description of my nature and self - I just want them to have fertile soil and to take bloom.

It is a resolution of being. I've done the censorship years, I have lists of things I wish to change about myself, I have even mapped out the areas of improvement. Yet I wonder if I alter the focus...if I stop shining the headlights into some far off distance and instead reflect the light onto myself, will I find resolution?

Public Service Announcement

You're never better than anyone else,
but you're always just as good.

Images from Christmas 2005

Just a few...this seems to be eating up way too much time's a glimpse...

Kia's Christmas goodies...Santa's gifts and the cabbage patch doll from Mom and Dad...


Cute Story...Hunter and Ava were opening their present from the Websters. Hunter got a good look at it and shouted..."HOLY CRAP!". The picture shows the during and the families reaction to his Frank like comment...

Good Tidings

Merry Christmas! Finally finding a moment to check in during all the Christmas season. Having fun down in Calgary. Visiting family and hanging out. Kia woke up with a sore throat but has been a trooper and still found time to enjoy the days activities. I'll write more when I get home and have some time to reflect and upload pictures of the happenings. Russ and Craig are off to Lake Louise to do some skiing tomorrow and if Kia is feeling better, the two of us will head downtown and do some shopping and visit some of my old haunts. Hope the season has reminded you of all the blessings you already had and provided a few new ones...


Go to and plug in your first name...

nikki is so young and innocent
nikki is here
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nikki is all about following your dreams
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nikki is just out of her league at this point
nikki is then forced to admit…


jasper montage, originally uploaded by Sabren. Ahhh...the bliss of the Fairmont Jasper Lodge. It is big and grand with the feel of a great Canadian Lodge and it was decorated to the nines for Christmas. The food, the atmosphere, the room, the weather, the drive, the hot tubs, the skating...if only one could spend every weekend before Christmas here! Slows you down and gets you excited about the season and the upcoming special day.


Off to Jasper this weekend...Sorry I've been so lame at blogging but I have found lots of things to do and that eat up my time.

Very excited about getting out of town this weekend and spending some time with Russ...even if I have to share him with his co-workers.

Keeks is off to spend some much desired time with all's right with the world...

Running on half a tank...

I'm a tad overwhelmed with my list of things to do right now.

I've overscheduled myself BIG TIME this week and when I sit and ponder what I need to do next, I start actually feeling anxiety bubbling in my chest. I hate that feeling!!

On top of the need to get so many things...I find myself with little desire to actually get motivated to do a few of the not so fun jobs. Like cleaning the fridge, laundry and even Christmas shopping.

Not being grouchy about the season...I just didn't plan well this and learn.

If only in my dreams...

Christmas hasn't always been a bittersweet holiday for me. It has it's own unique history in the timeline of my life. It hasn't always been an easy holiday.

When I was a young child, I adored Christmas. For my Mom's Christmas Village set up in the bay window, for her special homemade nanaimo bars, for singing Christmas songs with her and the joy of knowing she would always find me the perfect gift.

When she passed, Christmas was empty. The things I valued about this day were gone. Seemingly gone with her. We spent Christmas away from the house those first few years after her death, and it was alright but it didn't feel like Christmas because it didn't feel like her.

I spent Christmas alone a few times in my young adult years. Because being with other people often made it harder. Made it more hollow. Being alone also helped me define what Christmas was for me. It became about remembering, healing and hoping for my own bright tomorrow with a family of my own.

I feel …

Up and Running

New computer is up and running. Yippee!!!

The new screen is rocking my world. Went from 14 inches to 19. Old clunky unit to LCD screen. Happy happy.

Although the amount of work that lays ahead of me is time consuming: Moving all my photos, favorites and other goodies from my old unit to the new. I'm up for it...but maybe after Christmas. Definatley, AFTER Christmas.

Christmas in a hurry...

Is it just me..or does Christmas seem to be coming more rapid than eagles? I set this goal to have my house completely unpacked by Christmas. Which puts a little pressure on my two junk collecting rooms the Master Bedroom and the Sewing Room.

The Master Bedroom (aka Cold Storage Room) has been a source of neglect since we moved in. I seriously still have 3 suitcases in front of the closet that have been there since move in day. Hopefully saying this on a public forum will spur me into action. It has the potential of being a really welcoming, albeit freezing room, but that's another blog for another day.

The Sewing Room (aka The Checker Board) is the catch all room. It's where piles of laundry congregate, cleaning supplies gather dust, and sewing supplies sit patiently in boxes. Oh but that's not all...there are night stands and irons and a brass collection - OH MY! The walls are an agressive blue that I can't handle! So it needs to be painted, needs some shelving…

All I want for Christmas

All I want for Christmas, originally uploaded by Sabren. Is my two front teeth...

How could I resist? It would be wrong, not to link this Christmas photo with this phrase...Hopefully this won't be true again until she is a very old old woman...

Hope your Merry is Very!

Monday and the horrible, no good, very bad afternoon.

The school phoned to tell us Kia was sick at about 3:00.
I wasn't home, I had gone to the grocery store to get some groceries, only to get to the till and remember my wallet is in another bag.
I drive home and realize I need to get Kia.
SO I walk to the school.
There is lots of snow and it's freezing but the roads are icy and I don't want to deal with parking. I get to school...Kia's bawling.
In so much pain.
It's her right ear.
Ear infection poor little thing...and as luck would have it, we have to walk home...when she should be sitting in a warm car.
Half way home she has an asthma attack and I have to pick her up and run the rest of the way home.
Falling on my butt, not once but twice.
Home... given puffer...much better.
Call doctor. He just left, because he had no afternoon appointments.
Go to Medicenter. (Hell with doctors who can prescribe narcotics)
Wait 2 hours for a 2 minute visit. UGH!
Take Kia home to hang with Russ, who is home from work now, and go back out …

Shop 'til you drop.

We've done a little shopping.

Our DVD player crashed when we watched the movie Crash (which I really liked BTW). Eerie coincidence...but none the less, DVD players are a hot comodity in our abode and so we've been using our portable DVD player in the interm. Russ has wanted to get this $1000 thing that records 4 shows at once onto DVD...vacuums the house while your out and tells you it loves you everytime you turn it on. I felt threatened by all this technological love so I veto'd that idea. He did talk me into a DVD Recorder and spent most of Friday night trying to figure the darn thing out!

Saturday we headed to Toys R Us and Best Buy in South Edmonton Common. Ahhhh...oh the insanity. We quickly decided we would become online Christmas shoppers and the rest of the outing was quite enjoyable. Though Toys R Us had their Cabbage Patch dolls on sale for 1/2 price...which is like $15! One present down!

Russ and I purchase a big item as our gift every year. Last year was the TV..…

Advent Basket Day 1 2 & 3

Day 123, originally uploaded by Sabren. Day One - Molly the Moose.

Kia and I go to Chapters pretty much every week. Since the end of October there has been this Gund Moose that Kia has loved. She would pick it up as soon as we got into the store and then sadly put it back when we left. She almost cryed she was so happy when she opened this little package...which is by far the biggest and grandest new toy in the lot. I just couldn't take the wistful longing anymore!

Day 2 - Swim googles

Found by the hockey sticks in Canadian Tire for $1.00. She has needed them in swimming class, which just happens to fall on a Friday...coincidence? I think not.

Day 3 - The Polar Express DVD

Something for her to watch again and again and I'm sure again during the holiday season. There will be a showing tonight in the den at 6:00pm.