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Candy Candy Candy

The perfect Halloween night. A cool clear night, perfect for trick or treating. Russ and Kia headed out a little after 6:00 and returned around 7:15. Kia was thrilled with her semi-filled pillowcase and Russ seemed ready and still eager for more. Had lots of foot traffic on our street. When it's your first year at a new house and new neighbourhood you don't really know what to expect. But it was a steady flow of people and when I popped my head out the door there were constant streams of trick or treaters and the loud call of voices at neighbouring doors shouting..."TRICK OR TREAT!" I'd say we had somewhere around 80 trick or treaters. Usually the weather doesn't cooperate, so I imagine this is a fairly high number for the neighbourhood.

Spent the afternoon at Kia's school helping with the Halloween festivities. It went so fast! Three craft projects, costume parade and then class party. It seemed like I'd only been there for 30 minutes and almost 3 hou…

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween, originally uploaded by Sabren. Busy weekend.
Kia's party went great.
13 of the 14 kids invited came.
So much for my theory.
Out at the church Halloween Party Saturday night.
Got this picture.
It just screams Halloween to me.

Happy Birthday Kiddo!

6 shoot 2, originally uploaded by Sabren. Six years of loving Kia. I have learned so much about love. How boundless it is, how deep, how eternal. Happy Birthday sweet girl. You are my gift.

Mini Stage

Here is the finished product minus the curtains...would eventually like a road coming down the mountain from the castle to the valley floor...but not right now.

Kia is pretty excited about it...and has already done a few song and dance numbers for my viewing pleasure. Russ is installing the curtain hardware tonight or tomorrow. Feels great to have it so close to completion and it adds so much to the playroom!

The Almost Interview with an Almost 6 year old.

Me: What do six year olds do?

Kia: I'm gonna have lots of fun being six. So much fun. More fun than any other 6 year old in the world! I'm gonna get lots of six presents on my birthday. And I'm gonna jump rope and and play jacks. Well I'm gonna try to skip rope, coz I'm not a good jump roper yet...aaaanddd I'm not good on the monkey bars either.

Me: What else do you want to do?

Kia: Well you'll have to put me into monkey bar lessons and skip rope lessons. Oh, and ballet. I just want to practise those things.

And then I endured a ridiculous amount of talk regarding the monkey bars and skipping rope and how someone ought to teach you this stuff (ya, like your slacker parents - but I didn't mention this) and how everyone does it, it's the thing, and her arms are too scrawny and she doesn't like the way her legs swing and the rope gets tangled in her long legs. Jump rope, monkey bars...blah blah blah....

Seriously, I wanted and planned to ask more quest…

Sneak Peek

So here is a sneak peek of the mini stage in the playroom. It will be finished by Friday...complete with curtains and a castle peeking over the green mountain top peaks. Kia was busy painting flowers this evening. Her flowers are so adorable and imperfect and whimsical that I don't think I'll ever have the heart to paint over stage forever!

A busy week of digging in and getting the basement ready for the party, dejunking, organizing, packing and moving rooms around. I work better when I have a deadline looming over me...there is a lot to be done though, and I have a few worse case scenerios in place, should they be required.

Not going to have much to say this week...actually not alot of time to say it...even if there is something to say this week but I'll try to drop in, even if all I can do is share a picture. Wish me luck! I think I'm going to need it.

Lily's Baby Blessing in Calgary

Had a wonderful visit with family down in Calgary this weekend. Just catching up, hanging out and celebrating a new arrival. So blessed to have you all in our lives.


Being 5 has been pretty darn great...

Hey KL and Kim!

Good luck with the wedding photos today! May you find good light... :)

Heading down to Calgary this weekend...enjoy your weekend pursuits!

What if's...

My very chatty almost 6 year old as we were walking to school this morning:

Mom! Look at the sky!! (yes very pretty and blue with big fluffy clouds) I would like to live on that cloud. Points to the fluffiest one with distinct longing and wistful hope...

10 Steps Later...

Mom! What if we lived in the school and my bedroom was as big as my classroom. You'd have so much vacuuming to do! (I utter a prayer that this never happens because as cool as this seems for would totally suck for me).

7 Steps Later...

Mom! I know... I know! What if we lived at the bottom of the swimming pool. We would have a little door and if people wanted to visit us they would have to wear their swim suits. Then they would swim to our door and knock. But no water would come in. And if they brought food with them they could just wrap it in saran wrap! Isn't that a good idea! Can we Mom, can we?

You can imagine my response.

P.S. Next time you come to visit with food... Don't forget the saran wrap…

Creamy Potato Soup

You ask...I deliver...

10 medium potatoes, peeled and chopped
2 medium carrots, chopped
2 celery stalks, chopped
1/2 cup chopped onion
1 or 5 garlic cloves crushed
1 tsp salt
1/4 tsp pepper
3 cups chicken broth
3/4 cup butter OR margarine
1 1/2 tsp salt
3/4 cup flour
4 cups milk
crisp crumbled bacon or/and grated cheddar cheese for garnish

In large soup pot, combine potatoes, carrots, celery, onion, garlic, salt and pepper.
Add chicken broth and enough water to cover vegetables.
Bring to a boil and simmer until vegetables are cooked, about 15 minutes. Do not drain.
In another medium sized pot, melt butter and stir in salt an dflour to make a smooth paste.Whisk in milk to make a smooth sauce.
Stir sauce into soup. Cook until thickened. This is quite a thick soup. Thin with milk if you prefer it thinner. Stir in a small amounts at a time until it reaches the desired consisitency. I usually mash the soup up at this point, as I like a more smooth soup.
Serve with crumbled bacon or grated Cheddar…

Say Fifth

With the top two teeth gone and the bottom two teeth gone...the conversations around here are never boring. You can imagine how difficult it is to say Fifth...LOL...

Negatives Renovations and More

I'm drowning in negatives! I'm trying to organize them, sort them, label them, discover them...goodness! I have rediscovered some amazing photos and look forward to resizing and adding them to the walls in our home. It's a work in progress because the frames I want are not cheap.

Painting the playroom and new studio this week. SO excited about having this space come to life. Russ needs to start building the stage and hopefully will be installing this Saturday. I'm thrilled about what this space will represent. CREATIVITY and IMAGINATION. It will send a message to anyone who enters our space that we value the arts. That it is something we embrace, live and love.

The scraproom will start taking shape after Halloween and we will build in stages throughout the deadlines. Like any renovating family can attest:when the cash and time are there we'll get some work know how it goes. It will be great to get down there. I can't wait.

Kia is no longer a…

Thank You Hockey Night in Canada

I thought we were watching the movie, Kingdom of Heaven tonight. I turned the lights off in my scrap studio and headed up stairs. That's when I heard the song...Da Da Da Da DADA...Da da da da DADA..DaDADAAAAdadadaaadadaaa Do boom boo. Russ had discovered a hockey game...not just any hockey game. Edmonton and Calgary. A battle of two Alberta teams. So long Orlando Bloom...til tomorrow Liam Neeson...we will meet again, I promise.

Hello scrapbooking.

Bits and Pieces

I went to Totem yesterday to get the rest of the paint I need for the lower level and the basement. Seal Grip Primer (which is THE best), Navajo White and Ancient Copper by Pittsburg Paints in Manor Hall (which is also THE best). Went to pay and the darn debit and credit machines were not working. So I did not walk away with any of the product. It's sitting in a shopping cart somewhere in the store awaiting my return. What a pain in the but!Went out for Sushi last night. Yum. California rolls make me happy.
Stopped by Costco around closing time. Have you ever been there when they close? They turn the lights off. And then only turn a few back on so it's really dark. Then these people, "the others" appear and stand at the end of the isle. Where they stare you down, forcing you to scurry to the checkout line. LOCKE where are you! (Dang I love L O S T)
Kia is off to Ocean's 8th Birthday Party today. It's a fairy party and so dressing up is going to b…

Happiness for $11

New Lantern, originally uploaded by Sabren. So silly...but this lantern makes me happy.

Kiaisms - Favorites at the tale end of 5

PINK. The girl is a insane about pink. Shirts, shoes, socks, pants, hair things, jackets, blankets, scarves, mittens, stuffed animals, icing, paint, crayons, markers, packaging, swimsuits, get the picture. All pink...all the time. You know it's a good thing when she squeals..."It's soooo PINK!".
WRITING. On any scrap paper she can get her fingers on. She writes on it. Mom, Dad, Kia, Russ, Nikki, I love you. I like pink. Cotton Candy. Happy....a short sample of some of her favorite words and phrases.
MOVIES. Current favorites: 5 kids & it. Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus (shoot me now). Ella Enchanted. Fairytopia. Anything somewhat magical and filled with make believe.
KITTENS. Any little stuffed animal actually...but kittens best of all.
CASTLES AND FORTS. Always been a kid that loves to hide things. Lately it's hiding herself that is all the rage. Must pile pillows, blankets, and whatever else can aid in the construction of her late…

Sabrina's Piano

Sabrina's Piano, originally uploaded by Sabren. I was visiting my friend Sabrina last week, while I was there the piano tuner came to tune her heirloom piano. When he opened it up...I just love how it looked. I love the art form of instrumentation. Not only does it make exquisite music but it's made from fine materials.

I was in the music room at Kia's school, by the entrance is a Cello. I think everyone who walks by it must rub their hand down it's smooth lines, feeling its grand wood and soft curves. There is such beauty in the world of music.

Vacation Planning

So we are planning out our holidays for the next two years. We are not spontaneous. Mostly because the budget does not allow... :) Plus I'm pretty much a control freak.


Two Week Holiday - Penticton. It's my hometown. Haven't been there since 2001. Long overdue for a visit to my old stomping ground and favorite beach in the world.
Long Weekend Getaway - Vancouver. Have wanted to fly out to Vancouver for the weekend for ages. Kia has never seen the ocean, ain't that a crying shame?
Camping Trip - Jasper. Speaking of things we've never seen...It's 4 hours away and we've never been. Hope to remedy that next summer.

This is a big year for our family. Kia turns 8 and we celebrate our 10th Anniversary

Two Week Holiday - Disney World Resort and Disney Cruise. We're doing it all. Figured it was a good mix of what we all want from a holiday...with a heck of a price tag to boot! Thus, we are starting to save for it now. Let's say it costs us $6000 (which i…

This is the cabinet that Russ built.

It's really big. We're not sure we like it.

Here is the kitchen color...not decorated yet...wanting the paint to cure a bit. :)

Thankful 4

my husband. He sleeps a lot, is fairly anti-social, and remains a puzzle to his siblings, but to me and for me, there is no one else. With all those silly traits their are the equally wonderful: We rely on one another, we are truly a team and we each bring something vital to the table. I've had dreams where I have died...when I discover Russ isn't with me, I spend the rest of my dream looking for him. I want to be with him. I want to love him and be loved by him forever not only in my dreams, but every moment of every day.
Kia. Almost 6 and able to make me crazy and then make me want to laugh in the blink of an eye. Asthmatic and with a less than stellar immune system, but here with us, and thank God for it. Such a light in our lives and a positive influence to anyone she associates with.
Friends. Who get me. Who are real. Nothing better.
Creative outlets. Photography, scrapbooking, home design. My nature is happy happy. Life is pretty terrific.
The knowledge that we don't nee…


Something I learned today about wheat. Apparantly wheat was found in the ancient pyramids. They tried planting this and it grew. It was well over 2000 years old...and it grew. Ground whole wheat has 29 essential nutrients. White flour has 4. These are all tidbits I learned while Jan Oviatt taught me and a bunch of hooligans how to grind wheat and make yummy homemade bread. There is no better smell in the world then fresh bread baking in the oven. Followed directly by consumption of fresh bread smothered in honey butter.

Half a dozen


The Faithful Donut

Far across the ocean,
Far across the sea,
A faithful jelly donut
Is waiting just for me.

Its sugar shines with longing,
Its jelly glows with tears;
My donut has been waiting there
For twenty seven years.

O faithful jelly donut,
I beg you; don't despair!
My teeth are in Toronto, but
My heart is with you there.

And I will cross the ocean,
And I will cross the sea,
And I will crush you to my lips;
And make you one with me.

By Dennis Lee
Shout out to Kia and all the jelly donuts that lay ahead of her.

Kitchen Master

Many of you know that this week is my week to PAINT THE KITCHEN. I procrastinated all last week, though a barfing kid is pretty good mileage. Alas, I can't take the grimy white walls any longer and have begun the project in earnest.

Preparing for painting a kitchen is like preparing to move. And most of us know how much fun that can be. Everything must come off the countertops, all the dishes must be washed. Crockpot meals must be prepared and set to bubble in the livingroom. Stoves and Fridges must be pulled out of their spots for vigorous washing to begin. Then cabinets, corners, ceilings and countertops must be taped for their own good (Picasso with a paint brush I am not), which only helps you detect more areas that require manic scrubbing. Now, the walls must be sanded, primed and finally painted.

I hope I like the paint color after all this. No let me rephrase that: I will settle for the paint color after all this.

Sept 30th Post

Yeah yeah yeah...I get that it is October 5th.

Loving: Our house. Feels like it's been ours for ages and we are only 4 months in. It's evolving constantly and I feel comfortable and happy to live here.

Wanting: to hire professional painters...because I'm so dang lazy and can't seem to get motivated to do the kitchen...though tomorrow seems to be the do or die it has been completely gutted and cleaned for the job.

Hating: Hate is such a strong word. There is not much that I have to complain about ...but if pressed, I'd have to say it's those sticky labels that are impossible to come off. I bought these really cute photo albums and I'll have devote at least 30 minutes to each album (3 in total) picking off the darn lable. Thanks Hallmark.

Reading: Bills, Blogs and Primer directions...Oh my.

The Plight of the Meatball

Kia: Mom, it sure is cold outside.

Me: It is (it's 8:15 and we're walking to school on a frosty fall morning).

Kia: Do you know what makes the school so warm?

Me: Probably the heater.

Kia: Nu-uh.

Me: What makes the school so warm then?

Kia: Meatballs.

Me: (Stopping to stare at my child) What are you talking about?

Kia: Meatballs make the school warm. Really! (she says this all with such a serious expression that I dare not laugh, besides I'm far to confused to laugh at this point).

Me: Alright, I'm interested. How do meatballs make the school warm?

Kia: They sit in the wall and they cook and they make warm air come out of the little holes.

Me: And where did you learn this?

Kia: I figured this out all by myself (she states this with true pride).

Me: Well, school never looked so vital to your survival in this world kiddo.


My favorite fall:
• Taste: Pumpkin shaped sugar cookies globbed with icing
• Sight: Front doors and porches decorated for Autumn
• Smell: Crisp cold air with a tinge of campfire smoke on the air
• Touch: Fabric and the cool surface of my sewing machine as I madly sew trying to get a halloween costume completed.
• Sound: Wind howling outside while I'm nice and cozy warm inside.

My favorite Thanksgiving:
• Taste: Baked maple squash...I'm drooling just typing this.
• Sight: Pumpkins
• Smell: Pumpkin Spice
• Touch: Embrace from my hubby or dd
• Sound: Laughter and conversation

Feeling this...

Feeling this..., originally uploaded by Sabren. My first [mostly]handwritten blog entry.