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Kia's art, originally uploaded by Sabren. Trying to get her name out there...


Changed my byline today...thought I'd just save the old I can print it out and save it in my blog journal...Yes...I'm that big of a geek.

When I grew up I wanted to play the violin, be a firefighter, have an invisible plane like Wonder Woman and channel the super human strengths of the Bionic Man. I may have overshot a bit, as now I'm just Mom. But to my family I am Wonder Woman, I like listening to the violin, I still have an invisible plane and I could put out a fire, should the oppurtunity arise in my kitchen. I also married a man who wished he had Bionic abilities. Dreams do come true.


Okay so this cell phone company Fido...had a new campaign...the slogan is,
"always more than you think. Now charging by the second."
And this is a good thing?
1) They charge you by the second
2) It's always more than you think.
Sounds like it sucks to me.


Kia tried to attend school this afternoon. She showered, she got dressed. She walked into the school and started to dry heave. Turned sheet white and big tear drops dribbled down her pouting cheeks. It was such a moment of complete pathetic illness that I had to stifle a laugh. So we picked up homework and headed on home.

I cleaned my scrap room and Kia worked diligently on her assignments. Math - pattern work, language arts, rhyming, and printing practise. She is working on a little booklet entitled, "I Like..." Kia wrote, "I Like to Play b ecause It is Good." She wrote it without any help. So cute to see her trying so hard and having positive results.

We were in the middle of long quiet spell, both of us deep in our respective projects for awhile when Kia said, "Mama, give me some sugar."

"Did you just say give me some sugar?"

"Ya, do you know what that means?" She responded with a grin.

"I do...I'm wondering if you know…


I've had a few emails inquiring about what I charge for photography sessions. As I'm just starting out...I can tell you it ain't that much! So here it goes.
A photo session currently costs $100. This includes the photo shoot sitting fee and a CD of 30 - 50 of the sessions best photographs. Photo editing and cropping provided in this fee.Photo session in your home or at an agreed upon local location.Additional CD's cost $20.00 each. Currently only providing 3 photo sessions per month.No weddings. Ever. Unless your name is Kim Kara.
FYI...Prices subject to change without notice.
PS...there is one spot still available in October.
November is completely full.

Up Chuck

Sorry...don't want to get graphic or anything...Kia is home today, tossing her cookies and really quite miserable. So am I, the miserable part, not the tossing the cookies part (yet, anyway). Missed VT and working out, I so hate it when a scedule hits the toilet, so to speak. Hope your life is better...we hope to join you all soon.

Hill Family Photo Shoot

Had fun taking some pictures of my dear friend Heathers family on Friday... Such a cute family...Here are some my favorite family shots...

I learned that I want to go exclusively digital. Something I thought I'd never say... I've been converted.

Ironic, don't ya think?

Was it Jay Leno that said, "Now might not be the time to take God out of the Pledge of Allegiance." Ya...I'd have to agree. With natural disasters raining down on America like a plague of locusts, District Judge Lawrence Carlton decides it's a great time to take out the phrase "under God" from the pledge of allegiance. Saying that it violates children's rights.


9 things

Having a girls night tonight. Long overdue...I have the Queen song going through my head..."I've got to break free..." Should be a good time.
Didn't paint or prime any walls this week. So much for my painting schedule.
My kitchen is clean. Hooray.
I got blue paint (from scrapbooking) on my favorite jeans and I'm really hoping it comes out.
Meet the teacher at Kia's school last night was like a really lame pep rally hosted by the teacher from Charlie Brown. Wha wha wha...waa wha whaa.... In other words the sound system sucked and no one gets that excited about teachers. I think they're nice and all but I'm not going to scream like Coldplay just got on stage.
Frost last night. It's said that a few frosts sweeten up your carrot and potatoe crops...I'm hoping this is true.
Russ took my glue glun to the RCMP building he built. He may be put in jail for crimes commited by a clueless crafter. Wacka wacka wacka. Seriously though he brought it to …

the big BOOM theory

Hi my name is Nikki and I live in a house that is 33 years old. The furnace is as old as the house. It seems to be in fine working order. Not nearly as environmentally friendly as the latest and greatest models but you turn up the thermostat and it makes the house warm. When this wonderful action of warming the house up is over the furnace stops. Then this happens....ooga ooga ooga BOOOMMM! That's right, I said ooga ooga ooga BOOOMMM! It scares the crap out of me! Mostly because I know this old thing is probably going to die on the coldest day of the year and we will all freeze to death. You will find our cold dead bodies frozen in our beds. And when you go to sell our house to liquidate our assets, be sure to tell potential buyers about the furnace...ooga ooga ooga BOOOMMM!

Monday Volunteer

Yup...that's me.

I've signed up to be the regular classroom helper in Kia's grade one class every Monday afternoon. I love schools with an open door policy. I don't think I'd do well with the opposite. So every Monday after lunch me I get a list of things to do.

There is a lot of photocopying. Hole punching and cutting. Heaven help me...there is a lot of cutting. I think my idea of hell might just be a tiny preschool chair and an eternity of cutting things out. Ugh...I wanted to bang my head against the wall to the timing of the neigbouring Kindergarten classes version of "Mary had a little lamb." Nikki had some scissors scissors scissors Nikki had some scissors and all she did was cut.

The good part of the day was getting to do one on one art projects with the kids. Just simple painting that I observed over my wildly slashing scissor work. But we chatted and I really enjoyed getting to know these new little faces better. Kids really are great. I'm not s…

Sunday Q & A

What are your goals for next year?
Continue getting healthy... Exercising 5 times a week and eating right.
Plan a fun family vacation. I'm thinking whale watching off Vancouver Island. A wonderful week of relaxation on long beach in Tofino...
A great family photo shoot.Continue doing photo and families exclusively.
Have a weekend retreat with my best friends before one or more of them head off into the abyss...Bring life.
All the painting in the house should be done, would love to re-carpet the lower and basement levels. Paint exterior of the housePatio FurnitureNew furniture for family room
Hopefully have a little someone in the "sewing room".
Continued happiness, safety and health.
Creative fulfillment...Quarterly Crop Nights at the house.

Missing you...

Kia: Mom, I was thinkin'. I think your Mom and Dad are sad in heaven.

Me: Why would they be sad in heaven?

Kia: Because they miss you.

Whaaaa...still makes me cry...

The Fox

Kia: Mom, tomorrow is the Terry Fox run. What does that mean?
Me: It means that everyone takes part in a run to raise money for Cancer and bring awareness to Cancer.
Kia: What's cancer? (the awareness part is alreay taking place)
Me: Cancer is when the cell's inside your body get sick and grow too makes people very sick.
Kia: Like a cold?
Me: Even worse than a cold. You always have to go to a doctor when you have cancer and work very hard to get better. Sometimes the cell's inside the body can't get better. Then people die.
Kia: Oh. Do they go to heaven?
Me: Sure do.
Kia: So Terry Fox is in heaven?
Me: Yes.
Kia: Cool! Now I know lots of people that are in heaven!

Later on...

Kia: Is Terry Fox a real fox?
Me: No. He was a boy who had curly hair and tried to run across all of Canada to raise money for Cancer research. Remember he had one real leg and one fake leg.
Kia: But he wasn't a fox.
Me: No, he was not a fox.
Kia: That's too bad.
(about the leg or about the fo…

September @ SBO

The September newsletter came out today from scrapbooker online. I was able to write an article and was also the spotlight DT member for September...pardon the shameless self promotion...but it is my blog afterall...hope you can check it out!

Lucky number 13

Well in some sick way it was a lucky day. Kia chocked and Russ almost got in a car accident...but Russ didnt' get in a car was only a close call...Kia did choke, face turned blue and everything but I managed to wack her back in just the right spot and unlodge the villianous popcorn from her throat. Serious adrenaline boost for both of us but it is at least the 5th time this has happened and I'm starting to have more faith in my first aid abilities...

In other news: Rattan Palm [otherwise known as olive green] was applied to some walls today. The brown feature wall in the living room is now olive green and the west side of the hallway was also painted. I LOVE IT. Will be washing the kitchen walls, taping, priming and then painting the kitchen in Sisal from CIL. Very much a Canmore Color scheme. Pictures coming soon...

So I'm completely exhausted. My arms are so tired I have that muscle shake thing happening even as I type. I've been doing so good wit…

First Grader Woes

Namely, waking up. Our roles have been reversed. Kia used to creep into my room in the wee hours of the morning and beg me to wake up. IT'S PAYBACK TIME BABY. I wake groggy and miserable at 7:00...slam the sleep button (whoever invented this feature, I love you!!) and happily snooze for 9 blessed more minutes. Then I'm up, get dressed and enter Kia's room.

It's quiet with the morning light just creeping through her curtains.

Me: stand up on a chair and put my face close to the blanket covering her face... scream whisper...KIA
Kia: flips over in her blanket
Me: You'll never guess what happened!
Kia: giggles
Me: I'm serious.
Kia: giggles
Me: You totally have to wake up so I can tell you.
Kia: giggles and her head pops up to look at me. Hair is completely wacko and she squints into the dim light of the room.Mommy...I'mmmm tiiiirrrrrrreeeddddddd. Afterwhich she promptly lunges back under the blankets.
Me: Okay, I'll tell you later.
Kia: shreaking...MOMMY NO!!!!!!…

T Shirt Fetish - A bakers dozen

Something you may not know about me. I love T'shirts and Turtlenecks. But for this post I'm just talking T'shirts. Here are a few of the latest I've discovered online...
Titanic Never HappenedGeneric Halloween CostumeE=MC2Ballerina Girl - Yes...Kia's favorite...Missouri, I'm so happy I don't live there. (could I get mine to say Calgary :)
Support our boobs - There are lots of breat cancer awareness T shirts out there, I like this one.
Old fishermen never die...they just smell that way (the saying, not the Tshirt made me laugh)I <3 Nerds
Hollywood - rewarding evil since 1928WonderbreadMy little pony T shirt - Thinkin' of ordering this for Kia's B'daySkinny people suck - the link won't offense to all my Skinny friends...but this made me ROFL..Hot Pepper shirts sold by Kim from Our Thoughts


Little comments made by Kia today:

Kia: I know why I have bad dreams! So I can learn to not be scared...

I thought this observation was really quite clever.

Later on:

Kia: Mom, I'm not going to be a police officer. I'm going to be an artist instead. I'm going to give you and Daddy all my wonderful arts.

Me: You could sell them.

Kia: Or I could keep them all.

Me: Or you could sell them for money to buy more crayons and paints and chalk and pencils.

Kia: YEAH! I could sell them at the Farmers Market!

Me: Yes you could. That would be a great idea!


Me: Good has a nice ring to it.

September 8th

7:00 - Up, got dressed, packed lunch for Kia
8:00 - Got Keeks up and ready for school
8:25 - Grade One
9:00 - Discover that Amy delivered a healthy baby girl this morning...Lily Mae
9:15 - Russ on phone doing damage control regarding the Hinton job...supposed to on the road by now...
9:37 - Finally leave the house and go to drop of some things at Dixie's house (she'll pick Kia up from school and watch her till we can pick her up)
9:50 - 12:40 - Drive to Calgary
12:40 - 5:00 - Katie's Funeral.

Viewing - the first time we've seen family since the accident. The emotion in the room is just overwhelming and the tears start to fall. Pam, Curtis and Erica are one unit. Supporting, touching, near to one another. Never seperated. Seeing Katie in her coffin was very hard for Russ. He quickly looked away. Personally, I thought she looked beautiful...she was a tiny girl...Four foot something and under 100 pounds. Looking at her so pale, dressed in white and so serene; images of her vibran…


I had big plans for home renovations [mainly painting] to begin once Kia started school. As most plans is often hit or miss. Happy to report that things are right on schedule and the smell of paint hangs thick in the air. I managed to prime my brains out today and many walls are now ready to be painted on Friday.

Russ is off work this week on holidays (as he needs some down time after the madness of building all summer). He enjoyed some relaxation in the morning and has been busily working in the garage all afternoon. He is working on a mobile shop table that houses his table saw and provides lots of space to do his woodworking. It really is an amazing project.

I failed to mention that Russ hit the motherload on the weekend. He works next to a millwork shop and they were doing so cleaning. Literally taking sheets of wood to the dump! Russ asked them if he could take some and they happily loaded him up with $600 + worth of wood. Stunning maple, oak and some gorgeous cherry. They …

First Day of School

First Day of School, originally uploaded by Sabren. Grade one.

Kia wasn't nervous at all! She was so excited to get started and that helped me be okay with it all. There are three grade one classes in her school and I think her class size is 19 the classroom has a teachers assistant. I think I'll volunteer in her classroom one morning a week and look forward to getting to know the flow of grade one.

I'll be picking her up at lunchtime and I look forward to the "morning report".


Pam and Curtis lost their youngest child last night in a tragic car accident. My heart aches for them. For the sadness I can't comprehend, for wanting more time with their dear sweet Katie. Something that always comes to mind are these words I received after my Mom died...

I am standing upon the seashore. A ship at my side spreads her white sails to the morning breeze and starts for the blue ocean. She is an object of beauty and strength. I stand and watch her until at length she hangs like a speck of white cloud just where the sea and sky come to mingle with eachother.

Then someone at my side says: "There, she is gone."

Gone where? Gone from my sight, that is all.

She is just as large in mast and hull and spar as she was when she left my side and she is just as able to bear her load of living freight to her destined port. Her diminished size is in me, not in her.

And just at the moment when someone at my side says, "There, she is gone", there are other ey…

Monster Spider

Monster Spider, originally uploaded by Sabren. Must apologize for the grainy picture quality. I couldn't make myself get closer so I zoomed in from a safe distance. I seriously thought it would leap at me and steal my camera or something.

This monster was outside the front entrance yesterday. Russ came home and I gave him the first ultimatom of our marriage. It's either me or the spider, coz' I can't live here if that spider stays.

Russ being the gentle guy that he is, refused to kill it. So I gave him a pizza box and told him to carry it away to the forest, or the oil refineries, or the mountains for that matter. But far far away from me and this house.

So Russ stands outside with the pizza box and starts staring at the spider.

Me: Smash it!!! What are you waiting for!

Russ: I can't do it.

Me: Kill it!

Russ: I can't.

Me: I can't take it Russ. I can't sleep knowing this thing is there. My skin is crawling.

Russ: Ya dear, my skin is crawling to!

Then he came bac…

Happy Birthday Alberta

fireworks 1, originally uploaded by Sabren. Alberta turned 100 years on September 1st. Russ, Kia and I headed down to the Alberta Legislature to enjoy the province wide festivities. There were thousands and thousands of people. We managed to push our way up to the 12th row and sat along the side of the reflecting pool (which had been drained for seating). The program consisted of KD Lang, Kurt Browning, Jan Arden and Paul Brandt. The fireworks went off at 9:55 and were awesome! I forgot how much I love being close to the fireworks. So close you can feel them riddle through your entire body. Such fun!

End of Month

Even though it's the beginning of the month :)

Loving: Altoids Curiously Strong Citrus Sours - Mmm...I want to buy them in bulk!
Hating: Idiots that use guns to deter relief from a hurricane.
Wanting: To rewind summer and fit in 2 more months of fun
Reading: Ladies No. 1 Detective Agency

Dance Alliance

BYU dance troop, originally uploaded by Sabren. We headed to Festival Place last night to watch Dance Alliance. Ballroom and Contemporary Dance show from the students of BYU Idaho. Can I just say what fluke it was that we even got in the door!

It was sold out. Had to buy tickets through ticketmaster in advance. Who knew? Just so happened that the lady in front of us had bought 3 extra tickets. So we purchased them off her and were in. :) Good thing Kim and Ocean didn't come afterall.

Kia loved the show...there were some really great musical numbers. My favorite were the contemporary solo dances, while Russ liked the ballroom dance couple and Kia liked the more ballet type numbers.

The photo is of one of the contemporary numbers and I kept singing the song, "it's pajama time" through the entire number. Don't get me wrong some of the costumes were stellar but this number reminded me of a mob of girls at a sleepover that decided to dance.

Nice to get out and…