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My friend Lesley at SBO is doing a challenge on color. She referenced a really cool website on colorstrology. I thought I'd stop by and try it for fun.

Holy crap! Am I being videotaped? My birthday description is so me! This is what it said:

Color is Silver Pink
Pantone 14-1508
You have a range of talents to choose from. Your perception and ability to size up a situation or oppurtunity is quite remarkable. Strong yet sensitive, you are not always as confident as you may seem. Frequent rest periods are needed for you to relax and rejuvenate. Finding your place in the world and having a balanced home life are your challenges. Your personal color inspires confidence and enchantment. Wearing, meditating or surrounding yourself with Silver Pink connects you with the magical and miraculous side of life.

Go check it's fun!


I'm glued to CNN...

The devastation in New Orleans and Mississippi and Alabama...I can't fathom it.

I walk away from the images and I feel so blessed to do laundry and open a fridge and run fresh water. It reminds me how important it is for each of us to have an emergency prepardness plan and yet how much of that preparation is just pure will to survive and a relationship with God.

My heart goes out to those affected, lost and the missing love ones.

Walking to school

Today was a trial run for me and Kia. I thought it would be helpful to pretend it was a school day and show Kia the time table she will have in Grade one.

It went really well. We were up at 7:30...breakfast made and eaten by 7:55. Kia got dressed, washed her face, brushed her teeth, put in her hearing aids and ran around collecting things I had spread all over the house for her backpack and we were out the door by 8:15 to walk to school.

Ya. That only took 5 minutes. We are only 5 houses from the walkway that leads to her school soccer fields. So Kia played at the park for 10 minutes and then we pretended the bell went, ran to the grade one entrance and congratulated one another on being masters of the universe.

We headed home and celebrated with hot chocolate. I'm so sleepy right now though...I don't think I'm ready for the early mornings. Kia seems to be doing just fine. Figures!

Green Eyed Garden Monster

Greenland Garden Centre has become my happy place.

Kia and I spent over an hour today happily exploring the gardens and the wonderful gift area. This place makes me dream big. Koi pond here I come! Roses, lilacs, and peonies could all be decorating my garden someday. Sigh.

Is it too soon to go back?

One week from tomorrow

Kia begins grade one. Kia begins grade one! Holy Hanna...when did this happen?

We are trying to jam as much summer fun in this week as we can. Swimming, playdates, appointments, camping in the backyard, Alberta's 100 year festivities, and just relishing our moments together snuggled on the couch.

We are both ready for this change. To have some time apart. For independance. Yet there is a sharp stab of sadness mingled with this understanding. Sadness that I'm losing some part of this little person I love so dearly. Sadness that she is growing up and may not need me like she once did.

Don't get me wrong, I have equal amounts of excitement for her and me. For the schedule that September will bring, for the possibilities for creativity and personal accomplishment. I just feel both so strongly...the only word that seems to fit the experience is bittersweet.

It makes me think of life on a grander scale. Seeing my younger life. Witnessing the passing of my parents and st…


So, many things were accomplished around the house on Saturday. With Mom and Dad here we had plenty of help getting some projects done. Mom and Kia started the day off in the playroom having a teaparty for all of Kia's stuffed animals and dolls...

Russ and Dad started running electrical through the garage around 10:00 am. They had big plans and most of them were accomplished that day. 16 electrical outlets and 2 overhead lights later they had spent most of the day working and Russ is thrilled with the results.

Mom started attacking the chickweed in the garden and before you know it she had cleared the entire garden with feeble attempts by me and helpful attempts by Kia assisting her in this feat. This was a truly mammoth accomplishment. So grateful for her work horse abilities that inspire and push me to do more.

The sun was shining and it felt so great to get some things done around here. So grateful to family that lends a hand and works alongside us.

I looked out the window...

Picture from the kitchen, originally uploaded by Sabren. Last night this was the view from our kitchen window. It was dark...darker than the picture tells because I had to brighten it so ya'll could see it. Gordon and Verna, better known as Grandma and Grandpa to one little 5 year old in the house, are seated around the firepit. It's the perfect summer evening. Not even a hint of wind in the air and nowhere else and nothing else to be done but sit back and enjoy the evening. Wish you were here!

Kia's Second Tooth

Kia's Second Tooth, originally uploaded by Sabren. In other news Kia lost her second baby tooth today. We were at the park. Her and Ocean came running up to me so excited about losing yet another one and having proof (last time it was swallowed). She said when she slid down the slide her tooth just came right out as soon as she got to the bottom. It has been the topic of every discussion today. A little bit sick of the word "tooth" actually...but it is a big deal for her so I tolerate it...:)

32 Cookie Cake

32 Cookie Cake, originally uploaded by Sabren. Here is what the Cookie Birthday cake looked like...Russ loved it. He especially loved the cookie for every year...

Happy Birthday...

Russ, interesting angle, originally uploaded by Sabren. My guy is now 32...

He's in Hinton today and may be tired and miserable tonight.

Sounds like a great Birthday? Well, we'll try!
Russ had a good day in Hinton...arrived home around 7:00 for the birthday festivities. Much more enjoyable celebrating a birthday when the birthday boy is actually here! No calls from family yet...HINT HINT NUDGE NUDGE WINK what the heck are you waiting for?

Potato Harvest

Potato, originally uploaded by Sabren. Dug up 3 more plants on Friday...So far this is the biggest...
(Kia totally though I expected her to somehow "work" the potato,
like it was some prop in a photo shoot. I kept saying, I just need a
point of reference...but she was totally posing...with a potato...
I couldn't stop scrapbooking has ruined her)

No one puts Baby in a corner.

Oh the immortal image of Johnny Castle coming to Baby's rescue in Dirty Dancing. I was a teenage girl when Dirty Dancing came out and could probably still recite the lines along with the movie to anyone who could tolerate the annoyance.

This line popped into my head today during a completely unconnected moment. Kia and I were at the park and some rough housing boys were being pirates. She climbed up on "their ship" to use the "plank" and was immediately growled into the corner. Having no idea what game they were playing or who the heck they were, she was frightened. Protective mother hen mode took over and I came to her rescue but the line from this movie popped into my head...with a slight alteration of the words:

No one puts my baby in a corner.

Ya, ya...your inner dialogue is expounding on the benefits of trials and conflict in the life of young people. Gotcha. I agree. Plus I have a really wimpy kid and want her to learn to stand up for herself. Yet s…


Reflecting on the last few days:
Enjoying the nice weather since the misery of cold rain is 2 days behind us. Actually feels like summer again. The backyard is beckoning and the amount of attention needed to catch up with yardwork is staggering. I have a bumper crop of chickweed. Will be pulling a healthy harvest this week.
Have been enjoying our membership to Millenium Place. The indoor park and swimming pool have seen lots of us lately.
Kia's new haircut just gets cuter and cuter! I'm loving it and it really fits her personality and style.
We were at a wedding yesterday for Gary and Anita. I missed the ceremony but was given the synopsis over 'cocktails', which in my case was very sour punch. Gary's daughters had the ring. In their hurry to help the bride they passed the ring between them and one sister placed it on her pinky finger. When they got into the church, the ring was gone. The preacher in his history of weddings, plans for this occurance and provided a bac…

Tell me how you really feel...

Okay I will.

Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte...Man, I hate this book. Watching a bit of the movie version tonight and it reminded me how very much I loathe the Heathcliff character. I keep meaning to write a book called, "Heathcliff's Dead" just to amuse myself with all the unfortunate endings I could come up with for this dreadful little toad of a man.


Haircut, originally uploaded by Sabren. Kia got her hair CHOPPED today. Went to Beaners in Sherwood Park. Asked the girl to cut it a little longer than chin length. Yeah, she cut just below her ears. Hello, holy short! Oh well...Kia loves it and I know she can make it work...Especially loved the girly girl special...a braid, a flip and sparkly hairspray...what more could a girl ask for (besides the stupid hair stylist actually listening to us). I sound bitter!


To Rockstar INXS. Go Jordis, go Marty, go MiG...I'll be happy if anyone of you win!Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka. Kia and I went to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory today and I laughed my @ss off. I was the only one laughing hysterically during the entire movie...except for my kid of course who laughed so hard she was wiping away tears when the grandmother said, "I like grapes," at a completely inappropriate moment.Cinnamon buns. Mmm...achieved a personal best tonight.
To the carrots growing in my garden. I pick, I wash, I eat...I wait 10 minutes and then do it all over again. It's on the verge of an obsession. In fact, I think I'll go pull a couple right now.


The Saladmaster enterprise cooked us a meal last night. Well two of it's team members did anyway. It was very interesting. The meal was free the product, not so much. For the set we would would cost $3400. Lifetime gaurentee...but quite a hefty price tag. These products are made from 316L surgical stainless steel and are completely non-porous. Thus you cook with no water and your food stays in an alkaline state rather than becoming acidic. Major health you probably know the ph studies with cancer.

Keith was the demonstrator and he made us coleslaw, applesauce, chicken, potatoes, vegetables (cabbage, corn, peas and carrots) and a lemon cake cooked on the stove. The guy put radishes, cucumber, apple, zucchini, potato, carrots, celery, cabbage and onion in the lemon cake batter. Russ looked like he was going to throw up at the sight of it. He ate it and he liked it. Anyone that knows Russ, knows that this is really saying something. They guy won&…

Only 12 weekends

Summer. Only twelve weekends long. Boy, how much does it suck when those weekends are rainy, chilly and not summery? Swimming is done in the recreation center, winter vacations are planned in sunny climates and you actually look forward to school starting. Not to mention the wistful wishing for a wonderful summer in 2006...

Putting my order in early...

Millenium Card

We finally splurged on our Millenium Card memberships. We had a family fun night for FHE and went for a swim at the Millenium Place aquatic center (which Kia says was the BEST idea ever). Kia and I walked away with membership cards. Russ didn't think he would have the desire or the time to commit to a full membership. So I think I'll just get him a 10 visit punch card.

Once Kia starts school, I'm going to have alot of free time on my hands. My plan is to go and workout after I drop her off at school in the morning. Just feels like a good fit and something my fitness level desperately needs.

It's also time to start contemplating what classes Kia will be taking outside of school. Last year she took a dance combo that covered jazz, tap and ballet. Tap is out. Not really a dance style meant for a child with hearing loss. Can't wear her hearing aids in tap class and can't hear the teacher over the tapping...just didn't work. Kia did have a flair for jazz. So that …

And she's off!

Every day, Kia and I do some reading together. Trying to get her more comfortable with sounding things out and understanding word families. I know this will be a challenge for Kia in grade one. Hearing the sounds in a word is a complex function when you have a hearing loss. She often hears the first and last letters of word and struggles with the vowel sounds, more so than the average reader.

She struggles. She cries. She tries again. And then she usually starts daydreaming. She stares absently at some object in the room and then the oddest questions come out of her mouth. Proof of this are a few questions she has brought up in the middle of reading. Oh, and by the way...these are basic readers that talk a good deal about socks and things that ryhme with, well, socks.

Mom, how did Daddy put me in your tummy?
What's the spot between my nose and mouth called?
What's the spot under my knee called?
Why does Daddy have to go to work?
How come Aubryn has two Daddy's…


Was there every any doubt Kia would eventually get Asthma? With all the lung related problems she has had since was always in the back of my mind. Though I always had hope she would somehow overcome the odds.

Whenever Kia gets sick, one of the first symptoms is her struggle for breath. The wheeze and constant cough. Yet everytime I took her to the doctor she didn't do it. The doctor wouldn't hear the rasping breath and usually give us a treatment for croup. Yesterday, he heard the wheeze, or Kia's death rattle, as I lovingly call it.

Dr. Hasinoff feels it is only something that will cause her problems when she has a cold. Which may mean she will outgrow the need for her bronchodilator. Which also means, she may not.

I feel for her...she has yet another ailment to manage in her little world...but on the flip side, I have a new reason to campaign for hardwood floors!

August Kit

August Kit, originally uploaded by Sabren.

Got my kit today! So excited...this is the first kit that I designed for scrapbooker online. It's the Hugs and Kisses Kit, but of course...and if you don't love anybody...this kit isn't for you!

West Jet...Sept 7 - December 15th



One Way to Kelowna$89*One Way to Abbotsford$89*One Way to Regina$99*One Way to Vancouver$109*One Way to Victoria$119*One Way to Winnipeg$169*One Way to Hamilton$169*One Way to Palm Springs (seasonal service begins October 13, 2005)$169*One Way to Phoenix (seasonal service begins October 13, 2005)$169*One Way to Las Vegas (service begins November 3, 2005) $179*One Way to Toronto (Pearson) $199*One Way to Ottawa$199*One Way to Montréal$239*One Way to Halifax$269*One Way to Charlottetown (seasonal service ends October 10, 2005)

Fight or Flight

So nice having Russ back. I am a fairly independant woman. I feel I can take care of myself in situations. Yet, on Saturday night I must admit, I was a bit of a wimp. I had dozed off on the couch around 8:00pm and woke up with a start at 1:00 in the morning. The house was dark except for the silent glow of the television, that I had put on mute before falling asleep.

I was completely mixed up...unsure of time and place...and accutely aware of the roaring silence. Compounded by my stuffed head and non-working ear drums, and the fact that my family was 3 hours away in Calgary. I had a moment where I didn't even want to get up from the couch, too freaked out by the quiet and my over active imagination to poke a toe out of the blanket, because of, you know, scary things that might be waiting to do me harm.

I gave myself numerous pep talks as I lay on the couch amped to gills on adrenaline. Nikki, the doors are locked, wait a minute...the doors aren't locked! Crap...yup you …

Love this Quote!

Sometimes you just have to take
the leap,
and build your wings on the way down.

-Kobi Yamada

Home Alone

Almost 36 hours of being home alone. By myself. Nobody, but me.

I don't really care for it. It's not fun being left alone to suffer through your summer flu/cold/infection. Probably much more fun to be left alone, good and healthy, with lots of cash and a clean scrap table.

I've been a lump on the couch most of the time. Ocassionaly stumbling from my stupor in search of drink, food, a different movie or a trip to the bathroom. Today, even braved the outdoors to dig up a potato from my garden. I came in, completely exhausted. Pathetic, but true.

Did a little writing, alot of sleeping and some quality time staring at the world outside my window. I can hardly hear a thing, as I'm sure there is some sort of infection affecting my sinuses and/or my hearing also. Needless to say, I didn't listen to the world outside my window. I also realized, when I spoke with Russ on the phone around 2 pm, that it was the first time I had spoken outloud in over 24 the way...I so…

Sick and Tired

Not a complaint...just a diagnosis. The tired was worth it. The sick...not so much.

Really excited with the idea of spending the next 48 hours away from my bed, my bathroom, my jammies and the timetable to bathe at whim. Bring on the motrin and sinus medicine...Nikki's got to be social!

Sleepovers and Firepits

Had company in our guest room last night! Someone who isn't related...Kim and Ocean came out and were our guests last night. Came out to visit us and some other friends in the Park. It was lovely having friends in the guest room. Even though I so wished that the room was cleared of boxes and completely designed the way I envision it...I realize that renovation is a journey...and I'm at the beginning of the trip.

Heather, Kari-Lynn, Kim and I are planning on enjoying the firepit tonight and having a late Birthday Party for me...(Almost a month late...but our schedules just haven't gelled til now). So it should be fun times with lots of sillyness. Russ will be completely outnumbered. Snicker snicker...

Got it back...

Took a drive out to Edson to pick up Russyl's Escape. Don't worry, the Deer Hunter hopes to retire his title. Russ is thrilled to have his wheels back! I'm thrilled to have my car back! Everybodies happy . . .

August Long Weekend

Home for the long weekend. Which has the potential of really sucking. Friends and neighbours are out at their cabins and you can't help but feel like the misfit who wasn't invited. So we decided our trio of misfits needed some work to keep us busy...plenty to be done around this shack...

I decided to paint the front hall. I'm painting a medium olive green and it will be home to the following phrase in wall graffiti..."Wherefore, be not weary in well-doing, for ye are laying the foundaiton of a great work. And out of small things proceedeth that which is great." Because this word transfer is going over almost the entire wall...the wall needs to be perfect. I put three coats of paint on the wall and I LOVED it...looked amazing! Then as I pulled the tape off the corners I realized that it would all have to come off...the paint under mine was now we have to peel and remove the paint from the wall...skim coat with compound, prime and paint all ove…