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Life in a Red Slide

Life in a Red Slide, originally uploaded by Sabren. We walked to the park today. Thought it would be fun to wait at the bottom of the tunnel slide for Kia. This shot was worth it. Love the look of absolute delight on her face...the red glow from the sun shining through the plastic slide and a moment of fun captured to marvel at...


Long Weekend...

Long Weekend..., originally uploaded by Sabren. Off to the cabin for the weekend! Ya, right...I'm so full of crap! But wouldn't that be I would probably have room for a few friends!

See how she runs...

I remember going to the Perinatal follow-up Clinic and having a Physiotherapist tell me that Kia has a "funny gate". A funny gate (yes I know it's spelled gait by the Doctors...but that's no fun for this deal) is a silly way of saying she has an odd walk.

"So what!" was my initial thought and probable response.

"Who made you King of the gates? Let me watch you walk up giant steps and I'll make helpful comments and observations. Pretty sure I can find something amusing to comment on after I stare at your rear end for 5 minutes..." Is yet another probable comment made by the cheeky voice in my head. Oh wait...that's pretty much the constant voice inside my head.

True to form, I never worried about this again. The only time I noticed Kia's "funny gate" was when she walked down stairs. She does a kind of wedding march shuffle. Stair, foot, foot, stair, foot, foot ... you get the idea.

Russ saw Kia running at the park one da…

Kia 5 going on 10

Kia 5 going on 10, originally uploaded by Sabren. Kia just looks so different in this photograph! Older. Grown-up. A little sophisticated. Just a hot chocolate treat in Chapters and a spur of the moment photograph...and I see her in 5 years...

3 things

Ol' MacDonald's Resort

Located on the south banks of Buffalo Lake. A really charming campground with lots of activities for the family. Merry go round rides for .25 cents each. A hay ride pulled by a horse, not a tractor...lots of bikes to rent and rip around the sites...and a lovely sandy beach.

We left on Friday morning, ill prepared for our excursion. We had been so busy getting Kia's bedroom finished that we really weren't ready for camping. We forgot so many things! Cooking utensils, tarps, sweaters, brooms, rope...but all things we could either borrow, or do without. A good reminder to us for "next time". Our new tent is HUGE. It is 16 x 10 and built for 8, so the three of us found it fairly roomy. Sad thing is once we spread our stuff out...we did a pretty good job of filling it! The sleeping bags we bought are wonderful, warm and comfortable.

It was nice to spend some time with family. Our nephew Aiden was one of our favorite delights. Watching him explo…

Images of the weekend...

beach montage, originally uploaded by Sabren. Wishing you were here...

Adieu, Adieu, to yuh and yuh and yuh

We're off to Old McDonald's Resort
tomorrow to meet up with family for a
weekend of sun, sand and mosquito bites.
Be back before you can miss me.

Oh, the boringness of me...

Yup, this is gonna be another list.
If you bug me about it, I may start talking on point form also!Mom, Dad, Craig, Allison and adorable Aiden came up on Thursday to visit and also to pick up Kia for a couple days of camping. Always nice to see family, and it was very odd to see so many of them in our Northern location.
Working on Kia's loft bed, have one coat of paint on will start the second coat tonight. It WILL be done will, it will, it will...even the sewing...what am I doing still blogging with so much work to do!!
Russ and I went to cheap Tuesday and saw Batman Begins. Very good. My favorite superhero movie yet.
2 more sleeps till we go camping...break in the new sleeping bags and our new 8 person tent. Should be rather roomy in there as there are only 3 of us that will be sleeping in it!Need to tend my garden badly! My potatoes need to be mulched and carrots thinned...hard to find the time right now but I must.
Another 4.25 was spent at the Farmers Market today…

White Elephant Gift Exchange Suggestion #2

Doe Urine, originally uploaded by Sabren.
Literally, don't even know where to start with this one.

What? Why? How?

I love the notation that this is SELECT Doe Urine...Superior to regular doe urine. Natural and Dependable. Because shouldn't all Doe Urine be dependable?

I have this image in my head. In the "rich" area of the woods you will find a little urinal for the more enterprising Doe...'s just too absurd.

White Elephant Gift Exchange Suggestion

Doe in Estrus, originally uploaded by Sabren. Can't you just see two hunters sitting in their camouflaged cage.
Hunter 1 - You know what we need Bob?
Bob - Nope, what?
Hunter 1 - We need some doe secretions.
Bob - Why?
Hunter 1 - It would bring in Bucks!
Bob - Money?
Hunter 1 - No! Bucks looking for some Doe.
Bob - Money?
Hunter 1 - If we sold it...
And idea was born.

What is the going rate?

So, we are at Canadian Tire tonight. Russ and I are debating what kind of camp stove we want when Kia says, "Hey, how come my tooth hurts."

This immediately gets my attention and I scoot down for a closer look. Then I see the culprit.

"Kia, you might be getting a visitor soon!" I state excitedly.


"Why don't you see if you can make the tooth that hurts wiggle..." I suggest.

"MOM, I can wiggle it. I'm BIG! I'm going to lose a tooth like all of my friends!!" she trills and excitedly flings herself at me for a hug.

Russ is looking at her like he just saw her for the first time in 10 years. He turns away from this scene and I can see a bit of sadness in his expression. His little girl is growing up...and as much as that is exciting, it is also a little sad. Later I see him holding her in his arms and Kia patting his back saying, "It's okay Daddy, I'll always be your baby."

The tooth is almost a limbo grand cha…


Had two of my bestest friends in the entire world and their adorable kids come and play for the afternoon. I love having company, even when our best intentions are rained out. It's all good when you have friends to giggle with.

What a day...

Every other Tuesday Russ drives out to Hinton to lose more money on the Catholic School he is building. It has become a joke, well it would, if he still wasn't so mad about all the money he's losing on this Catholic School (in Hinton).

To make it all the better, a deer bounded out in front of him on Highway 16 and was hit at 120 km an hour by the front of Russyl's Ford Escape. The deer hit hard into the right hand side, taking out the entire grill and right front and side panel of his SUV. He never saw it coming. Which is why insurance must consider accidents with deer the equivalent of "hitting a flying object."

Yesterday I kept thinking about his drive out to Hinton. The thought of him driving out there wouldn't leave my mind and so I commented before he went to bed, "Drive safe and come back to me, K babe." He found this very wierd at the time...Ha! Not now! Just one of those preminations we all have on ocassion.

There was one point after th…

Mistress of Lists

I'm beginning to have serious doubts regarding my ability to blog without lists. Good grief you would think I had a gun collection with the bullets I've been spreading around this blog. I will attempt to do better nixing the bullets. Brownies honour...
I never was a about you? D'oh!

Some favorite recipes

Pat's Award Winning Carrot Cake...seriously the best carrot cake ever!If you know know I adore Avacodo's...if I don't make the store bought mix...this recipe for Easy Guacamole has become a favorite. The hardest part is waiting the hour to partake.
Alton Brown of Good Eats is one our (yes Russ too) favorite chef's. We thought we could bake potatoes before we met him. We were so very wrong.
Mmmm...lemon bars...How could something so yummy be so potentially leathal? Maybe only once a year for this one!Baked Salmon Fillets...Seriously the yummiest way to cook salmon...Pavlova by will even be divine when you make long as you don't try to whip it up in a plastic bowl...

The [latest favorite things] List

Bread dipped in balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Mmm, heaven...Anything associated with the late Lois Hole, especially her gardening books...she has so much knowledge to share and it is all spot on!A fun color find out what colors and decorating style suits you! Just click on the tab that says: Color Sense Game.The only thing better than watching HGTV is the website...

To be...

Thanks for the many phone calls, emails, cards, tags and genuine well wishes so many of you shared with me on my birthday. I feel very blessed to have so many good friends in my life.

Looking forward to the upcoming year. Kia will be in grade one! So what on earth am I going to be doing? Hmmm least plenty of painting!
Scrapbooking - may even attempt to be publishedWriteMaybe get a photography gig or twoGet healthy, be healthy
TravelLoveBe preparedKnock and receiveOvercomeHave more breakfasts in bedHold dh's hand moreEnhance my relationships with my loved onesLive joyfully Thank God for yet another year with those I love. So blessed.

On the Cusp of 32

Mother of one sweet, compassionate, feminine 5 year old girl.Wife to my best friend and greatest ally.
Transportation.Freedom to be creative.Wonderful supportive friends.Creative outlet that provides support, friendship and leadership oppurtunities.A knowledge of who I am.Simplicity.Health that can be managed.A garden that is actually growing.Peace of mind.Laughter.Daily gratitude.A very messy house. And thank God for it.
Sincerity and people who appreciate it.Forgiveness.A never ending novel.Weather that doesnt' cause me to flee.Peace. If only percieved.So much more...


Tragic day in London today. Terror targets the early morning commuters on their way to work. A co-ordinated set of 4 bombs went off within one hour and currently 37 people are reported killed and over 700 injured.
So many innocent people pay the price on this "war against terrorism". Threat. Fear.
Kia unaware of all this turmoil in the world. Have only told her that, "many people were hurt where Daddy served his mission." Her response was a small gasp and genuine, "Oh Dear! That's not good!" No sweet girl that is not good. My thought was, I won't let this darken your day. You are too young to comprehend this huge issue and I have the blessing of letting this factor of current events seep into your small world in careful and well communicated doses. So many parents effected by this in London may not have that luxury. I won't take it forgranted.
So we played outside. We weeded the garden. We read stories. She practised her printing and spelling. We…

Heaven for $4.25

At first I though it was a rip off.
6 cinnamon buns on a styrafoam try, wrapped in plastic at the Farmer's Market.
Who pays $4.25 for 6 cinnamon buns!
Wait a minute, maybe they are the best cinnamon buns in the entire world!?
What if I miss this oppurtunity?
What if these are the equivalent of the Nanaimo Bars sold at the Crossroads Market in Calgary?
We bought a package.
Must try.
Eye roll.
Worth every penny.
How sad the Farmer's Market only runs once a week.

Letter to the Ward Librarian...

Dear Library Nazi,

Your comments on Sunday were so thoughtful. Thank you for pointing out to me those 4 times that nobody knows who I am in the Clarkdale Ward. I really feel like I belong. I especially liked the part where you invited me out to the ward picnic this Saturday. You wouldn't know this, as you have no idea who I am, but this Saturday is my birthday. I can't think of anything I would rather do than spend that special day with all the people who don't know who I am.

Can't wait to see you again on Sunday...


Sister Nondescript

Today's Multiple Choice Question

Tow, originally uploaded by Sabren. My car was towed today because:

A) Much Music came to PIMP MY RIDE!!!
B) Got behind on payments...bye bye chewie...
C) VANDALS! Slashed my tires and broke my rear window...%*&!
D) Have no idea.
E) trouble.
F) Trying to get our money out of our CAA membership.
G) Life is kicking my butt right now, and one more thing was destined to go terribly wrong.
H) None of the above.

Weekend Warriors

I've mentioned before that our new house needs some TLC...Well, maintaining our new home while adding improvements to our new home is becoming quite an undertaking. Russ has started building the loft in Kia's bedroom. It is looking great and I would have killed for something this cool when I was a kid. It runs the entire width of her room and is 5 feet high. Now that it's built I need to paint it...I'm thrilled at the possibility of one room in this house being completely finished by next weekend!

Did I mention that I also need paint the fence, the exterior of the house and every single wall in this place? To say the previous owners did a shoddy job would be an understatement. We knew this all at purchase, but I seemed to forget how much I hate painting trim and cleaning paint supplies. I do enjoy rolling on paint, cutting in and the like but the meticulous work of painting the nooks and crannies of trim and then cleaning rollers and trays seems to suck the life out of …

Canada Day Firepit

Lovin' the firepit, originally uploaded by Sabren. So when are you coming over?

Dusk on Canada Day

Dusk on Canada Day, originally uploaded by Sabren. The house...won't be green much longer...soon to be navy blue with white trim.

Canadian Girl

Canadian Girl, originally uploaded by Sabren. Kia said yesterday was the BEST day EVER. You know it had to be good...

Canada Day Preview

Kia was sick yesterday. She always seems to be sick on Canada Day, so we pretty much thought today was going to be a write off...not so. She is feeling pretty good and is thrilled with the idea of seeing Zaboomafoo and Clifford at Festival Place . Russ is going out to buy lumber to build the loft bed in her bedroom this weekend and I have lots of painting to do in preparation of the big build. Making Russ' favorite meal tonight...Maple Glazed Ribs...sitting around the firepit and then later enjoying the fireworks over Broadmoor Lake...Has the makings of a good day...

Happy Canada Day!