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Almost end of June Post

Loving: The school desk we bought Kia for $5 (my fav Booster Juice costs more) at Salvation Army Thrift Store. Little wooden seat and metal body...Guess who is playing school? (be nice)
Wanting: No mosquito's. Seriously want the entire population wiped out.
Hating: That my little brown squares have still not unpacked themselves. And mission control has no reinforcments to send, as they are all busy managing their own personal use items.
Reading: Synonyms and Antonyms...(go together like hags with hairy chins...)

One year down...12 more to go...

Standing out in the crowd, originally uploaded by Sabren. Kindergarten was enjoyed and conquered by one joyful 5 year old. Fun last day of school...meant for running, squealing, celebrating and remembering.

Mrs. Shirvell really was an incredible ambassador to Kia's school education. There was a moment when she said good-bye to was one of those moments that is packed with accomplishment, genuine regard, gratitude and the knowledge of a last goodbye...I was overcome with emotion as I looked into Mrs. Shirvell's eyes. She told Kia that she learned so much from her and her voice caught and true tears fell.

She taught, she pushed, she challenged, she corrected, she tolerated, she held, she supported, she loved my child. And Kia loved her right back. So much so, that Kia can even spell it with fancy swirly letters: I love Mrs. Shirvell.

The sun will come out tomorrow...

My baby has her last day of Kindergarten tomorrow. I feel unprepared for this. She is going to be gone all day in September. Whaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!

Today, I kept trying to create a moment.

Me: Kia, how do you feel knowing this is last time you'll hear the 3:30 bell?
Kia: I know Mom

Me: Today was your last field trip...
Kia: And I ate all the pizza. It was good.

Me: This may be the last time you wear these shoes to school...
Kia: So, I'll wear them tomorrow, and that will be the last time.

Me: You have 47 outfits that will never be in this room again.
Kia: Moooommmm, I don't have 47 outfits...

Me: You will never take out another library book from this library...
Kia: Oh ya, I have to remember to return the library book tomorrow don't I.

Me: What happens after tomorrow?
Kia: I get to stay home with you! YIPPEE!!!

This is soooo my issue.


"When a person dies, a library is burned." ~~ Edmund White

Ships in the harbor are safe, but that is not what ships are for.

If you want to see what children can do, you must first stop giving them things.
-Norman Douglas

If thine enemy wrong thee, buy each of his children a drum.
-Chinese proverb

Boys are found everywhere-on top of, underneath, inside of, climbing on, swinging from, running around or jumping to. Mothers love them, little girls hate them, older sisters and brothers tolerate them, adults ignore them and Heaven protects them. A boy is truth with dirt on its face, beauty with a cut on its finger, wisdom with bubble gum in its hair and the hope of the future with a frog in its pocket. -Alan Beck

I have often wished I had time to cultivate modesty. But I am too busy thinking about myself.
-Edith Sitwell


Whitmud traffic is insane! 20 minutes late for school because the construction zone was down to one lane. Only 2 more school days...only 2 more school days. I'm so not meant to commute.
Kia's grounding timeline has been met. The neighbourhood kids were out in force today as our neighbours are having a garage sale. The full impact of being grounded can only truly be felt when you are wistfully watching your friends play together and knowing you cannot join in the fun....Kia did manage to squeeze a little playtime in with Chayse...but only just a little. Since this consequence she has corrected the problem and we are sure she will do fine from here on in.
Had some young guys with name tags over for supper tonight. Why is it that the barbeque only runs out of propane when you are cooking for company? Dinner was late...but still good (we ate pork chops, not elder).
Painting Kia's bedroom tomorrow. Lots to do...must clean out guest room, move her bed into guest room, clean out her…

Track and Field Day

Track and Field Day, originally uploaded by Sabren. We froze. I shiver just thinking about it. It was fun. It was cold. A good mix of kids from K-3 in 9 groups. Kia had a great time, despite the freezing weather, we made hay while the sun didn't shine and used the races as a great oppurtunity to warm up. Doesn't she look like a freezing little green frog?


traffic, originally uploaded by Sabren. 90 minutes I'll never get bored we started taking photos of our new found friends stuck in traffic with us. The cause of this all? An accident in the construction zone on the Whitmud...


Why is a great day regularly punctuated by a not so great moment? Case in point. Kia. Bedtime 8:00 and we were in having a discussion with her at 10:00. Won't stay in bed. Consequence was she has NO Tv tommorrow. Nothing, nada. And she is grounded for the rest of the week, which means she is basically a prisoner in her own yard. We'll see. Hey, I remember doing the same thing when I was a kid, as does Russ...but we need to get serious soon so bedtimes go back to running seamlessly.
Funny moment today. On Calgary trail there was a radio station handing out CD's outside of Burger King. This chick pulls up gets out of her car and is very scantily clad in a white bikini. You'd think the men in the area had never seen a girl before. I'm surprised there wasn't a 10 car pile-up on Calgary Trail. Seriously! Cat calls, whistles, horns, whiplash inducing head was unbelievable. I could barely hold in my laughter, okay I couldn't at all and fou…

First Day of Summer...

Not a cloud in the sky. Hot sunshine and a light breeze. A warmth that seeps into the house and makes you wonder where you put the fan last fall.

We picked up fish and chips for supper (no cooking, yeah!), filled up the play pool, ran through the sprinkler, played ball, sat around the firepit and read books in the sunshine. It was all good.

Lost and Found

On June 20th 1987 my Mom died.

On June 20th 1997 I had my first date with my husband.

That is why June 20th is my Lost and Found day.

Heavy on the Found.


Teddy, originally uploaded by Sabren. Kia's special request tonight was that we add this photo to my blog. So in an effort to keep the it is...This is Baby Bear. A gift from Auntie Carol that Kia adores. It is a particularly fetching photo, I must admit and my red capri's make a very odd seat for Baby Bear. This is why I never wear them outside the parimeter of my home.

my man

my man, originally uploaded by Sabren. Happy Father's Day to Russ...I think he's pretty great!

mary chapin carpenter

mary chapin carpenter, originally uploaded by Sabren. How do I love thee? Let me remember the ways...

...It's the first time that you held my hand
It's the smell and the taste and the fear and the thrill
It's everything I understand
And all the things I never will...

...Old wounds, sad scenes, love lost, bad dreams
Heartache, old scars, old walls, these are
Swept away, swept away, swept away... one's lost and no one's missing
No more partings just hugs and kissing
And all these stars are just for wishing,
in my heaven...

...I thought a light went out, but now a candle shines
I thought my tears wouldn't stop but then I dried my eyes
And after all of this, the truth that holds me here
Is that this emptiness is something not to fear...

...I could wonder if all of it led me to you
I could show you the arrows and circles I drew
I didn't have a map, it's the best I could do
On the fly and on the run
To dreams that were tethered like kits to the ground
To the bridges I burn…

Today's shopping list...

8 person tent
3 large white plastic Ikea bins
4 glass jars
100 garbage bags
3 golf shirts For Russ
1 white dress shirt for Russ
Universal Remote
1 Twin Duvet
1 Twin Duvet Cover
Swimsuit for Kia


Kia has strong feelings about fashion. Case in point: we were watching, "Dancing with the Stars" last night, because there is NOTHING on TV. One of the couples wore a canary yellow matching outfit. Kia watched with one eyebrow raised, taking it all in with an air of Joan Rivers commenting on Oscar night. "Mom, they look like two dancing ducks. I don't think boys should be allowed to wear yellow." Kia has decreed it, and so it is. Russ and I found this hilarious and have talked about buying him some bright yellow shirts, just to mess with her new found fashion sense.
Only 8 more days of driving Kia into Kindergarten every freaking weekday. Which roughly translates into only 8 more weekdays of living like vagabonds, should I actually unpack and set up the house!Musical numbers playing daily from 12:15-12:38 on the Whitemud, though the stage is moving at approx. 90 km an hour. Favorite song renditions include: Cruisin', Come Away with Me, I Get on My K…

Backyard Shade Garden

backyard shade garden, originally uploaded by Sabren. Proof of my gardening blitz...their are an obscene amount of weeds waiting outside the frame of this photo...but this part looks good!


I want a sub. I should really be in bed. But I had this stupid thought about Subway: I love that they sell food by length.

I've probably consumed my height, my husbands and my daughters and a few friends in my lifetime of eating veggie subs on honey oat bread.


I'm becoming addicted.

Even the mosquitos, which are fierce, cannot take away my love of being in my garden. Pulling weeds, which just may become my part-time summer job, has eaten up hours of my life and I happily go back for more. What is that about? Why do I love pulling weeds so much?

Planted some impatients in the back garden. Bright ruby red, and baby pink. They are planted haphazardly around some of the existing foliage that I can't identify. Hey, I like planting and weeding, actually knowing what things are called, well that's still a few years away!

Now, if only my budget would allow me to do all the planting I want...

Desire for Order...

schedule, originally uploaded by Sabren. I need a schedule! Less talking on the least for the month of June. So in an effort to get some things done around here, I'm micro-managing my life. Necessary for my sanity and the survival of my dear child. Here's hoping, for the most part, I can live this schedule.

Full Day

Out of bed to answer phone.
KL up way early. Poor girl. Snicker snicker.
Kia jumps into bed. Snuggle. Hmmm. Nice.
Phone rings.
Kim is not coming. Kari Lynn scared to phone again.
I phone.
Kim and Ocean not coming.
Must get ready.
Hear far off droning sound.
Must be KL's Jetta.
Aubryn, Hailey and Kia in the playroom playing.
My hair a lost cause.
Chairs, girls, socks.
Walk down the street to set up our chairs.
Walk back to get bug spray and food.
Watch Parade. Girls liked it. Adults noted lots of boring cars and not many pretty floats.
Back to house. More playing.
Organized sewing room.
Made lunch.
Admired scrapbook supplies.
Met neighbours, Dayna Jayne and Adam.
Met neighbours Mike and Monica.
Kia played with Jayna.
Walked to movie theatre to see Madagascar.
Walked home in the rain. Got very very very wet.
Movie watching.


Kia: Mom, is Madagascar out yet?

Me: Totally impressed that she pronounced it correctly...Yes it is smartypants...why?

Kia: Good, can we get it today?

Me: Well, it's not out on DVD's still in the movie theatre.

Kia: Oh... quiet pause...What are we doing tonight?

Me: Unpacking your playroom.

Kia: Oh...quiet pause...What are we doing tomorrow?

Me: Our friends are coming over and we are all going to watch the parade. (which is just 6 houses down from cool is that!)

Kia: Oh right. That will be fun. Quiet pause... Maybe you can take me to see Madagascar later on Saturday or next week?

Me: Maybe...if I remember...I'm getting pretty old and I forget stuff like that...(totally pulling her I can totally...totally...wait a minute...what was I talking about...)

Kia: You'll remember Mom, cause I'm gonna talk about it everyday.

Me: Won't that be fun.

Quiet pause= evil plotting

Captain's log...

Day 13 on the alien planet of Sherwood Park.

Have planted vegetation. Doesn't seem to be thriving. Apparently it will take more days of observation before we will know if our attempts at foliage and harvest will be successful. Outlook negative.

Residents near base camp have been very curious about our presence in the area. Some have even come over and introduced themselves. Of the three residents we have met, two have come with four legged creatures. This has caused our youngest team member to scream and run into the shelter. The residents in the area find this response very odd. Apparently they feel we should do something to alleviate the fear of our young team member. In our last area, dogs were walked on long rope like restraints. Residents seem to assume their dogs are harmless, but I still noted teeth. Perhaps these teeth do not work? Will continue to observe.

Was invited out to a social gathering with other female residents of Sherwood Park. We were given choices of activities.…


Is my birth in a country where I am free and have food and possibility just chance or God's message that I should contribute to those with less?

Trunky no more

Note to self: Never use the word 'trunky' in a sentence on this blog again. The term is completely lost on my reader (okay, maybe just Kari-Lynn who is more concrete sequential than even I imagined, but whom I still love anyway).

40 km I'll never get back.

I was being so productive while Kia was in school this afternoon. As most of you know, I've been driving Kia into Edmonton to finish Kindergarten (only 14 more trips...but whose counting?). This means that I have almost 3 hours to kill. I volunteer at the school, shop or visit friends. This means I'm not unpacking my house in Sherwood Park, but that is another rant for another day.

Oh yeah, I was talking about being productive. I had a list of errands to run and completed them in record time. The clock said 1:52...plenty of time to drive out to the West End and visit the Liquidation Toy Store. I needed to see what goodies I could find for my nieces and nephews, who I have not been spoiling enough.

I pull right up to the place only to find it's closed! Empty! No forwarding address, no explanation to be found printed in Comic Sans on the glass door. Crestfallen, I get back in my car and promptly blaze my way down a one way road. This wouldn't be so bad, if I h…


Officially TRUNKY for Bearspaw Ward... Trunky for Cathy Landreth lessons...Trunky for my friends...Trunky for Kim Burnham (who is also my I'm double trunky for her) ... REALLY trunky for Cathy Landreth lessons... Really really really miss Bearspaw Ward. I hate being the new girl and looking at people wondering if I'll ever remember their name or really know them.

Thanks to the Orrs who invited us out to Antler Lake for supper...I feel like I can actually survive this ward. Very cool family and with a daughter Kia's age. I'm sure we will grow to love this ward as much as we loved Bearspaw...but it sure will be tough sell, as I haven't even started to discuss Russyl's issues with Elders Quorum.

An image of yesterday

An image of yesterday, originally uploaded by Sabren. Need I say more?

In the Garden...

Our first full Saturday in the new house. Man alive, did we do a lot of work.

Most of the work done today, had something to do with dirt. We dug it, we weeded it, we mulched it, we picked at it, we planted in it, we piled it, we labeled it, we watered it. I accosted it and should expect a restraining order from it in the next 24 hours.

Russ bought and set up two cedar Adirondack chairs, and he also mowed the lawn. We had our first fire in our firepit tonight. Sitting in our Adirondack chairs, roasting hot dogs and feeling exhausted and happy.

I love our new yard! Bet, you couldn't tell!

Glenrose Graduate

Kia and Bev, originally uploaded by Sabren. Kia has completed the LSSHI program at the Glenrose Rehabilitation Center. Language Speech Service for the Hearing Impaired. Kia loved it. It was rich in language as the name implies and also it was a support for her, in that she was around other children facing many of the same issues she is.

I'm amazed at her progress and her willingness to be part of this group. She never once complained about going and had a genuine love for her teacher Bev. We will miss our visit to the Glenrose on Thursdays.

I'm addicted to HGTV

I've always been a fan of Home and Garden Television, but lately it is a tad out of control.
The BlockThe 1,000,000 Pound ExperimentBuy Me It's bad. A good kind of bad...a bad I hope never ends...kinda like Costco...must go try to make my house resemble something worthy of HGTV.


flowers from Naomi, originally uploaded by Sabren. Cool thing about moving to a new place...the flowers. They just keep coming. Many of which I need to plant in the garden. Hopefully, I will have some pictures to blog when they are planted and living (fingers crossed) in my garden.

This unique arrangement is from our realtor, Naomi. So cool. The vase is only about an inch thick and to stand, it must be slid into a black wire holder...I LOVE it. So cool...makes me want to add florist onto the list of things I want to be when I grow up!