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C'ya Park Estates

My friends are amazing. I had so much help cleaning out the old place. Moving your stuff out of a place, reveals the fact that you are a pig. Correction: Moving OUR stuff out of that place revealed the fact that WE are slobby pigs.

We LIVED in that place. Very little cleaning was done in lieu of lots of living. Don't get me wrong...we did clean as my November 11th blog post attests, but we didn't clean behind any large appliances, we didn't wipe down the walls and rarely thought about vacuuming the corners of the rooms or heaven forbid, behind the doors! But it's done now. Adoration and thanx to Kari-Lynn (who helped the mostest), Kim, Heather, Richard, Shelly, Bonnie and Barb: we have our full damage deposit (minus carpet cleaning costs of $80) coming our way. In other words, it will nicely cover the cost of my new digital camera and SD card, as planned.

Slowly unpacking...stress on the word S L O W L Y. There is no time. I don't even have time to blog. Mu…

Almost done...

Almost done..., originally uploaded by Sabren. Honestly, my first thought was, "what did we get ourselves into..." There seemed to be no end in sight to the work necessary to bring the house up to our standards. The walls all need to be painted. Light fixtures need to be installed throughout the house, the flooring on level 3 and 4 needs to be ripped out and replaced...

But once our stuff was brought in, the concept changed. This is ours. This has the potential to be exactly what we want. Look at all the room. The yard! Russ has a garage. The bathroom is lovely and the bathtub is deep and luxurious.

Kia is playing in everyroom, exploring her new world. Russ is sitting by the firepit, running his feet over the smooth stonework, I'm looking out the window and seeing green and glorious life at every turn.

May this house be blessed. Never taken for granted and a place where our creativity and workmanship can be showcased and appreciated.


How does one blog unplugged?

Gonna shut down the computer tonight! Yup...cuz we are moving the day after tomorrow! Don't know how I'm gonna blog I guess I'm not!

See you in a few...with many stories and pictures to share!


Thanks to Cathy's typepad [see the people I stalk on the right hand side] I had my own snickerfest tonight...

There are swear words. There are 1974 weight watcher recipe cards. If this combination in any way not follow the link below...I warned you...This is naughty Nikki providing this link. Good Nikki thinks you should ignore it.

1974 Weight Watcher Recipe Card a la Candyboots

But, holy mackerel, it's funny.


Woke up. Swallowed. Wished I was dead.

Took obscene amounts of Cold FX. Had a nap.

Woke up. Swallowed. Felt better.

Things didn't go so well for Russ, as he's still wishing he was dead.

Second Row In - Vacant

The second front row on the west side of Bearspaw chapel is now vacant and open to other bottoms. Today was our last day as members of Bearspaw Ward. Russ was released from his calling as Elders Quorum Secretary (must be said like Jeb Denton to Kip Steadman on Less than Perfect) Sec - ra- tary. I was released from the Relief Society Presidency. We are success stories in the churches "catch and release program". No harm befell the animals.

So, word on the street is our new ward is somewhat snobby. Established and wealthy and wary of newcomers. Wooooo... wait a minute... that sounds just like Bearspaw Ward! ROFL. We will infiltrate their membership and plant our bottoms on the second row...possibly south side of the chapel. Oh, the drama that would cause, oh the toes one could step on.

Even I know, one must start at the back of the chapel, in the overflow seating and slowly percolate to your rightful pew. That's right I said pew...the Bishop watches the back. Th…

Sick of sickness

Russ and Kia are sick. Understatement. Feverish and exhausted. I was up all night with Kia, coughing and miserable, poor little girl.

Russ is feverish and suffering from the body aches and pains that go along with a deep fever.

I'm packing, but I'm distracted and concerned for them, especially Kia, who seems hit extra hard by this one. I just want to hold her close and be near her instead of so busy with packing up and getting the house ready for our looming move.

Feeling emotionally drained today. Should take some time to re-energize myself before I crash.

More pictures found...

May 21st 2001, originally uploaded by Sabren. Four years ago...I looked out the window and what did I see? Some dude sleeping on the top of his car!

How wasted do you have to be, for this to be comfortable? Seriously.

My Tiny Wonder

preemie, originally uploaded by Sabren. Packing.

Found a picture...terribly out of focus, dark.
But a treasure to me.
Look at my tiny wonder of a baby girl!
800 grams at birth and now a happy 5 year old
Full of life and joy.

So grateful.

4 very different children

4 very different children, originally uploaded by Sabren. Kia had a field trip to a classmates house to do some gardening today. I brought along my camera in hopes of some fun shots...instead I got this. It just seemed to be the oddest combination of kids. Kari-Lynn may be the only other person that can appreciate this...but I had to post it.

How many more days till we move?

How many more days till we move?, originally uploaded by Sabren. Exhibit A.

This was fun. Yup, that is water coming through the door jam in my daughters bedroom. This is tame...I didn't think to take a picture when the deluge was coming down, as I was quite busy running around trying to find towels and buckets to capture the rainstorm in my house!

Long story short. My upstair neighbour is a JACKASS! Decided to pour a bath and then take a nap while the water was running. Two hours later...water pouring into our place.

11 sleeps...suddenly all the packing feels worth it!

Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy, originally uploaded by Sabren. Miss Kia only has one more speech therapy appointment left. She has done so well working with her speech therapist, Brenda. Today, Kia did reading comprehension. Brenda read the story once and then Kia retold the story. She did so great I thought I'd share the story she told and Brenda scribed:

Once upon a time there was a cat, a goose, a dog and a hen. They all lived in a hen house.

The goose was talking, the cat was washing her fur and the dog was sleeping. The hen was working. They didn't help the little red hen. They were very lazy.

The little red hen was outside and found seed on the sidewalk. She said, "Who will help me?"

The goose said, "no I won't."
The cat said, "no, I won't."
The dog said, "no, I won't."

So she planted the seed by herself. The wheat grew bigger and she cut the wheat. She was going to take the wheat to the mill and make flour.

The next morning the little red h…

Chewie reaches 60 000 KM

Car, originally uploaded by Sabren. A milestone for my car that I've been waiting to I want to scrapbook the moment! ROFL...I'm such a geek!

Our house by Russ

Our house by Russ, originally uploaded by Sabren. Our one dimensional house. Loving drawn by my guy. Awww... I'm not the only one excited about the upcoming move!

Kia's FHE picture

kia FHE pic, originally uploaded by Sabren. Kia seems compelled to put every little item she loves on her artwork. Hearts, flowers, sunshine, blue sky, the names of her Mom and Dad...but what is this?...the name BEN...the little boy from her kindergarten class?
What pray tell makes him good enough for the cut? He's cute and all...but blue sky cute? I'm somewhat surprised by this interpretation...

FHE original

pentax rawks, originally uploaded by Sabren. Kia was in charge of FHE tonight. She decided that we would all draw pictures and then stand up and talk about the picture we drew...This was my entry. Am I predictable or what!?

Happy happy joy joy

I have my new camera in my hands.
The blue indigo color rawks my world.

Moving Mess

Moving Mess, originally uploaded by Sabren. We're officially at the point of drowning in a sea of boxes. Bits of this and that, boxes full, half full and empty, lay scattered and stacked along any wall that we can spare. There is an end in sight, right? Right?

The Queen Bee Incident of 2005

We are on the constant search for boxes...a friend of ours works at XS Cargo and told us there are lots of boxes to be found at his store. Indeed, there were lots of boxes to found at his store. You just have to go diving in the "cardboard only" dumpster. There is no yucky stuff, just interesting bodily positions to contort into as you reach for the perfect box, which always seems to live about 5 inches farther than you can reach.

Russ is pathetic at this game, as he has no rubber in his limbs and can't even manage to stretch his arm down low enough to rub lotion on his own shins! Thus, limber Nikki had to step up to the plate and dig for great boxes. Not to big, not to skinny, just right.

I find a good dumpster and I start tossing them to Russ, who is overjoyed he doesn't have to lean dangerously over the edge of the bin any longer. Russ heads off to fill the truck with our cardboard booty and then it happens.

I'm calling it the Queen Bee Incident of 2005.

Skin cra…


Keeks is feeling better but she hardly slept last night and is putting out some major sleepy vibes. Had a nap from 3 - 5 this with rest I'm sure she is well on the way to recovery.
Costco for cetaphil, salmon and gingerale...of course I bought other crap and it all rang up to well over $ money pit of a money pit of a store that I secretly love...please never change...
Kia watched Bambi today for the first time. It was very a engrossing story for her and caused her to wonder about some big issues [and I quote: hunters that kill deer are bad] and now she is on a mission to locate Bambi's mother and even suggested we put up posters in the forest. Would a contact number be important?

Mr. Wright thinks we're idiots

At least, he has grounds to think we are. Mr. Wright, George R. Wright, Q.C. to be exact, is our lawyer. It was his chore to go over the fees and disbursements regarding our recent home purchase. Never go and see your lawyer before you see your bank. This makes for a very confusing hour and an even more confusing statement of adjustments. Alas, we looked like idiots, but all is WRIGHT (groan) with the world now as I marched over to the bank directly after our meeting with George and begged them to jam my head with knowledge. I get it, at last, and things should continue running as smoothly as there are only 2 weeks till move in!

In other news, Kia is home sick. Temperature of 103 and throwing up. She seems to be fine again as she is happily munching on a bulk bag of whole wheat bread and sipping on powerade. She was a real trooper today and I was so impressed with her great attitude while not feeling well. She went out to Sherwood Park with me and sat through 2 hours worth of errands a…

Song Lyrics

I love Mary Chapin Carpenter. Her lyrics speak to me. Her new album is called, Between Here and Gone...One of the songs is called Beautiful Racket and boy does it sum up so many lives...

So your day begins like this
Wondering what might have been
Old regrets and chances missed
Borne away on some lambent wind
The job's ok, so it doesn't inspire
Thoughts of leaving it all behind
You used to have dreams of setttin the world on fire
All you want now is peace of mind

And a beautiful racket, it whispers and roars
The bitter and sweet, between the truces and the wars
The noice and the quiet, the courage and the fear
And all of the wisdom between a smile and a tear

You do your dreaming in traffic jams
You do your running in shopping malls
You do your breathing the best you can
Between car pools and cell phone calls
Who cares, you'll never live in Paris
So what, you'll never travel by Lear
How do some of us learn what matters
While others never get to hear

And a be…

The will to pack

Cause I have the will to move. Daydreaming about the new house is priority number one right now. Breathing takes a back seat to my ever evolving fantasies about becoming a homeowner again. I SHOULD BE PACKING! 18 days from now, I'm either going to be really happy I packed as much as I did, or really P.O'd I was a slacker.

Off to ask my VHS movies the following questions:
Do I really want to go to all the time and expense of moving you?Will I ever use you again?
Do I love you? My things should brace themselves for disappointment.

You are the reason...

That adorable face!, originally uploaded by Sabren. You are the reason I wake up everyday.

It's for you and because of you that I am a Mother.
Your Mother.
You stretch, you pull, you snap,
you forgive, you remember, you laugh,
you live and you beg me to follow.

Mother's Day exists because you are mine.

Saturday Thoughts

Spent 3 hours at Scrapbooker online taking part in the Cybercrop from 12 - 3. Inlaws arrived at 12:30, which made for a very busy and somewhat frantic few hours, but it was really fun to be a part of and see how much you can accomplish on 3 hours on National Scrapbooking Day. Design team members Julieann hosted a sketch challenge, Carolyn hosted a circle challenge and I hosted the card challenge.
Inlaws arrived for Mother's Day. They are just here tonight and will head back to Calgary tomorrow around supper time. We all love having them visit, of course Kia loves it "the mostest".
Drove out to Sherwood Park and admired the new house! Looks so great! So excited to move in and make it ours!
Watched Spanglish last night. We both really liked the movie. We highly recommend it.Watched Oscar tonight with Gordon and Verna. Just hanging out on a Saturday night. It's a cute movie and Dad and Russ had some good belly laughs about 'oxymorons' and 'dangli…

Mind Graffiti


Pentax Digital S5i

Pentax Digital S5i, originally uploaded by Sabren. Russ doesn't know it yet, but this is what he is buying me for Mother's Day. Only mine will be indigo blue.

Man's search for boxes...

The hunt has begun in earnest. I sent Russ to the liquor store to pick up some boxes before supper yesterday. For which, he took Kia...??? Anyways, he only got about 9 before the little Asian lady started scolding him.

"No more boxes, no more!" said in rapid fire Asian accent.

"But you said you had lots." Russ replied.

"Lots for customer! You no customer!" said in louder, rapid fire, Asian accent.

Right, we no customer at liquor store. Kari Lynn helped us out by passing on some of her unpacked boxes and I noticed lots of cardboard in the recycling bin at our building so I may have to go diving...Anyone in the Edmonton area who would like to donate to the cause of our upcoming move, feel free to do so!

Riding bikes

Kia rides her bike to school on Wednesdays, if the weather permits. She is getting quite confident on her bike and I suspect the training wheels will be coming off shortly after our move to Sherwood Park. She seems to really enjoy this bike riding ritual for a few reasons:

One. The kid hates bugs. I rarely walk across the sidewalk in her company without hearing a high-pitched yelp regarding the ants crawling on the sidewalk. She has heart palpitations at the sight of bug sized lint on the bathroom floor. Kari Lynn took her to the pet store over spring break and there were some grasshoppers loose in the store. Kia freaked. Literally thought she had grasshoppers all over her little body for the rest of the day. It's really an issue in her world (boy, won't our big backyard full of bugs be fun?) Anyways, she noted today that she likes sitting on her bike because she feels farther away from the ants on the sidewalk and that makes her happy. She also liked running over said …

ugh my eyes

ugh my eyes, originally uploaded by Sabren. This image wigs me out. It's not just makes your eyes go bonkers.

My bad

Me: Keeks, you really need to clean your room.

Kia: I know, I know.

Me: So, what are you waiting for...

Kia: Quietly thinking...Mom, (sheepishly) maybe I'm waiting for you to clean your room...

Me: Are you trying to say my room is messy? Man, is our room ever messy. Very good observation on her part. Cheeky kid...

Kia: Well, ya, I think it is messy.

Me: So, are you saying you won't clean your room until I clean mine?

Kia: No.

Me: You sure?

Kia: I'll clean mine, but I won't help you clean yours, okay?

Me: Deal.

Note to self: Must get Russ to help me instead...

Sneak Peek

Sneak Peek, originally uploaded by Sabren. Here is the new house...mmm... must make the house look as awesome as the yard...

This is the church that Russ built...

Last night, Russ and I attended the dedication of a church he and his company constructed. It was an old warehouse that was turned into a church. It really is quite amazing. Russ and his co-workers brough beauty and creativity to place left behind by industry.

It's always a strange and interesting experience attending a different church. I'm not sure what the belief system for this religion is but it seemed to be completely devoid of Deity. There was no pictures of Christ, there was no music of God, there was no prayer. The music focused on peace and joy and the hope that you can figure out how to get that.

They had a shared reading as the dedication of the building. It had specific lines for all those in attendance even Russ and myself as Neighbours and Guests were asked to read aloud. I found this concept really interesting (okay, weird), an affirmation of what they hoped we would feel, but reading it, it felt false and insincere and I wished I had the chance to truthfully sha…

Open letter to a new month...

Dear May,

It's been awhile. Remember when you graced our days with warm breezes and blossoming gardens? I like it when you surprise us with warm days and clear blue skies. Let's work together to end May long weekend blizzards for good. We don't want to have any name calling or nasty thoughts associated with your good month. If this whole global warming thing could somehow benefit us Northern Canadians in a big warm way, that would be alright too! And if I might be so bold as to request a balmy 19'C and clear skies for May 27th and would be greatly appreciated.


Nikki, who does not litter and will head up any focus group necessary to abolish snow storms in May...Russ, who is really very sorry for all the ants he squished as a child...and Kia, who sincerely and openly is campaigning for Spring.