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Thriller, Thriller...

I lived in a small cabin on the west shore of Skaha lake in 1992. It was a tiny little place that sat on a low clay cliff with a rambling staircase down to a small private beach. Apple orchards and grape vineyards rambled up the valley wall behind the house.

The house was small. Maybe 400 feet. And it used space like the builder may have founded Ikea. There was a front porch with built in closet and drawers for storage. A bench that lifted to store boots and cords and pegs for hanging hats and everyday coats. The living room was just big enough for a couch and one chair, with a huge window that overlooked Skaha Lake.

The kitchen exceedingly small and screamed, "I was not made for cooking". I loved the old refridgerator that looked like the first prototype for the invention. No counter space but all the gadgets necessary for cooking your pigs and chickens in various ways. The bathroom, utility and the laundry room were combined into one long galley of function. The bathtub look…

Family History, Russ is Reading it...

So Russ has been reading his Grandpa Workman's anecdotes. Note to self: if I ever want to channel Steinbeck and write the great "Canadian" should start something like...
I was born on the 15th of September 1905. On a farm about 3 miles south of Claresholm, Alberta in a home that later became a chicken coop. That's classic.

Teacher Information For Hearing Loss Student

While Kia is at Glenrose in her Language Development class the Mom's often gather and discuss issues facing our children in the public school system. We share experiences, worries, successes, and resources. It has been incredibly valuable for me. One of the great resources that has come from these discussions is the idea of providing the teacher with a handout specific to your childs needs at the beginning of the school year. A gal named Wendy had a great handout and I thought I'd share some of the key points. I'll use Kia's name in place of any other childs name for consistency:

Hearing aids and FM don't 'fix' her disability. Hearing aids amplify ALL sounds.
Kia does some lip-readingShe will have problems locating traffic and other environmental sounds.Fatigue - tires more easily than classmates OTHER POINTS:
Ensure that an Educational Audiologist and Educational Consultant for the Hearing Impaired come as soon as possible.
Inquire about …

Simple Joy: Sunshine Streaming Through a Window

Our theme for Relief Society this year is "Fill your soul with joy." We also have a small workbook that is used to record our joyful moments and invites us to seek more of them.

This morning I was reading about "light" in my scripture study. While I was doing so, sunshine was streaming through the window and casting its glow on all the things around me. I understand that the light of Christ fills the "immensity of space" and is the means by which Christ is able to be "in all things, and is through all things and is round about all things." So in an essense Christ was filling my living room with light this morning.

It is because of Him that I have a room of precious things to cast His light on; my sweet daughter playing with her princesses at the table, the scriptures open on my lap, the photos of me and my husband on our wedding day, the warmth in the room and the shelter over my head. His blessings fill my cupboards, His blessings provide us with…

Junie B, Jones

Kia's new favorite novel series. I wouldn't have thought she would enjoy this series as much as she does. It's so fun to read to her as she is usually hysterically laughing through a significant portion of the read. I wonder what images she is conjuring, and how she is relating it to her own experiences in school. Last night the following portion from June B., First Grader (at last):
Junie B. has just arrived in her new grade one class and is feeling low until she notices a friend from her Kindergarten class last year...
Lucille was standing at a desk next to the window.
I ran to her in a jiffy.
Then I hugged and hugged that girl! And I couldn't even stop!
I tried to pick her up.
"I AM SO GLAD TO SEE YOU, FRIEND!" I shouted joyfully.
Lucille pulled my arms off her.
"Stop it, Junie B.! Stop it" she said. "You'…

Last Name

Shortly after I was married, my Dad phoned.

Dad: I just realized something.

Me: What was that?

Dad: You don't have my last name anymore!

Me: Nope, I don't.

Dad: I'm not sure I like that.

I loved this little conversation. There are so many messages being sent between the lines. Things like: You've grown up...Have I lost my little girl...What is your identity now? My grandchildren won't have my last name! You've been mine for 24 years and now I'm supposed to be okay with a new last name, I think not!

My maiden name is Schenkey and it was a difficult name to be saddled with as a child. It was constantly being mispronounced incorrectly at school - Nicole SKK---HEN--KEY was the norm when the phonetic version is more of a Shankey...I find myself missing this name in my older years.

I still have Schenkey on my drivers license. Really. Been married for 7 + years and I haven't finished the paper work. I know I'm holding onto the past. But I kind of like havi…

Snippets from Family Day

Me: Are we going to the ward breakfast this morning?

Russ: Hadn't planned on it.

Me: Oh, why?

Russ: Because last years breakfast sucked.

Wow, does Russ ever have low expectations from ward activities. The fact that he had one bad experience and immediatly assumes this year will be the same or worse, should send up a red flag on any attempts I planned to make my pork roast recipe better. Hmmm, should do but I'm pretty happy lounging in my pajamas, so I won't be complaining...this time....


Watching Lemony Snicket: A Series Of Unfortunate Events at Gateway Cinema.

Last 7 minutes of the movie...

Kia: Mom, I really have to go pee.

Me: The movies going to be over in just a few minutes, you can hold it, right?

Kia: I don't know...

2 minutes pass...and a letter significant to the entire movie arrives at the orphans burned down mansion, it's addressed to them with stamps from wh....e...r..e....?????

Kia: MOM, I really have to go....

Me: Hold…

Book of Mormon Challenge

Another webpage introduced me to the following assignment made by Hugh Nibley to his BYU students in his class on the Book of Mormon. Reference from the Collected Works of Hugh Nibley, Vol. 8, Ch. 11, pp. 221-2:

"Since Joseph Smith was younger than most of you and not nearly so experienced or well-educated as any of you at the time he copyrighted the Book of Mormon, it should not be too much to ask you to hand in by the end of the semester (which will give you more time than he had) a paper of, say, five to six hundred pages in length. Call it a sacred book if you will, and give it the form of a history. Tell of a community of wandering Jews in ancient times; have all sorts of characters in your story, and involve them in all sorts of public and private vicissitudes; give them names--hundreds of them--pretending that they are real Hebrew and Egyptian names of circa 600 b.c.; be lavish with cultural and technical details--manners and customs, arts and industries, political and reli…

Once in a blue moon...

To quote Frank Barone from Raymond, "HOLY CRAP!"

Why? My brother phoned. My brother Doug, whom I haven't spoken to since my Dad's passing. And he was quite civil...nice, even. We may even see one another when he comes to Edmonton.

Just wanted to remember this actually happened, in case I question this occurance tomorrow [and I will].

Something that annoys me

Kia goes to Wild Rose Audiology for her hearing aids. They cater to the needs of young children with hearing loss in their clinic and thus I have a certain expectation of their expertise in this area. They also have a fun little waiting room/playroom for the kids to enjoy while they wait for their appointment. One of their toys drives me up the wall every time I see it.

A stethoscope.

Think about this. How is a child with hearing aids (which is their target audience) supposed to utilize this instrument? They can't put the ear piece in their ears! In fact, whenever they try they are met with disappointment. Shouldn't a place of business that claims to cater to children wearing hearing aids offer toys that are more user friendly to their clients?

What are your thoughts?

For No Amount of Money Would I...

Live in Vanderhoof, B.C.Jump out of a plane...I wouldn't even do it for free.Leave the door unlocked overnight.
Own a pit bull or associate with someone who has a pit bull.Name my cat Sunshine.


Kia: [crying in the bathroom]

Me: What's going on?

Kia: My foot hurts.

Me: Where? What happened.

Kia: It just hurts. [pointing to her toes] Here.

Me: [Start massaging said hurt] Is that better?

Kia: No. And there is a bug in my closet!

Me: A bug. You saw a bug in your closet?

Kia: No a book!

Me: You have a book in your closet?

Kia: Yes. It's E.T. and he's so scary.

Me: You want me to get the book out of your closet?

Kia: [bursting into tears] Yes. Throw it in the's scary! I had a bad dream and opened a door and E.T. jumped out and then I was back in my bedroom and I remembered the book was in my closet!!! [hysterical crying and rubbing of the foot].

Me: All right let's get this book out of your closet.

Kia: Okay Mom.

Me: [After book was found, and I promised to toss E.T. in the garbage and Kia is settled back in bed] I have an idea. Let's turn your bad dream into a silly dream.

Kia: How?

Me: Well, maybe ET would pop out of the closet and sing a…

Sleeping Beauty Obsession

One guess who has it? Miss Kia adores Sleeping Beauty. It is quite entertaining to observe her watching the movie as she acts out every scene as it is happening. Switching from the role of Merryweather, to Briar Rose as the scene demands.

She collects props and does whole costume changes during the entire movie. Knows most of the lines for her favorite characters and attempts the operatic warblings of "Once Upon a Dream."

I was busy cleaning the kitchen as she was watching the movie today. She walked into the kitchen, dressed in complete princess ensemble, from shoes to crown and stated, "Mommy, you are so beautiful, I am going to keep you as my Mommy forever."

It was very sweet. Note to self: Make appointment for Kia to see an eye doctor ASAP.

To Do Lists

Today wasn't a great day. I was easily annoyed by pretty much anything and found it very difficult to fake otherwise. Dealing with a stuffy head and terribly sore throat I think I was having my own little pity party. The good thing is, these days are few and far between. So in an effort to focus on some positive things before I crash for the day, I thought I'd create a blog to live list...

Sense of Connection
Pick up the phone and talk to far away family and friends: remember a birthday, to talk about a memory or to find out how they are. This is what ordinary people do...give it a whirl.

Sense of Self
Create more: Experiences, fun memories, art, financial retirement planning, knowledge, love.

Sense of Humour
Laugh more, encourage silly, teach Kia its okay to laugh at herself.

Sense of Adventure
Get my mountain bike tuned up. New tires would probably be an asset as well.

Sense of Direction
Leave some of the baggage behind and make dreams become reality.

'nite John boy...(a la Walto…

How to break up with a group

You realize that you are the only one that actually does any work on your condo board. Your mothers group puts you in charge of snacks and then decides to only provide organic menus that you must purchase and make. Something begins to dominate your calendar and take over your personal time. You must break free, but how? Here are some tried and true methods, sure to estrange you from any group:

Stop being trustworthy
Plan meetings with no intention of attending. Comment on all the things you could purchase for your pantry if you were in charge of the refreshment fund.

Make the Medical System work for you
Do you have an ingrown hair? Infected paper cut? A stubborn cough? Make your current ailment work for you by simply implying it may become dire, perhaps life-threatening. Said ailment should be something with no visual characteristics or better yet one that is highly contagious. It is only fitting that you retire from your post.

Rule the roost
Make a motion that the secretary should keep sec…

My First Car

1981 Chevy Chevette. Bare bones, no AC, no power anything and only an AM radio.

Color: White

Nickname:Honey Child (An old guy almost ran her over in his giant van, he rolled down the window and said, "I wouldn't hurt you honey child." Instead of having to imagine he was saying the endearment to me, I transferred the title to the car)

Memorable Moment: Leaving Prince Rupert with Shannon on Nov 1st 1992 in a torrential downpour. The floor between the drivers seat and the brake/gas pedals had rusted out and large hole sat underneath the floor mat. Shannon had the pleasure of driving and we hit a large puddle, that caused the car to bottom out as we drove through said puddle. The water had no choice but to go through the hole directly under Shannon. It was like someone had a hose of water and had pointed it directly into Shannons face. She was driving at the time and her face was being doused by the dirty puddle water booming through the floorboard. She was screaming and I wa…

Happy Birthday Scott

My Brother Scott is a lucky duck who gets to live in our hometown of Penticton. I have some wonderful memories of our childhood.

Hallway hockey with rolled up socks and anything that resembled a hockey stick. I think this is something Scott still plays with his own kids. Sometimes the rolled up sock would be replaced by a nerf ball, but our dog enjoyed tearing those apart, thus the sock. He was very competitive and would often show no mercy, but eventually he would humour me by letting me make a few goals.

Run and Jump. A game he created in hopes of causing me pain, but instead it became my favorite. One participant would take all the cushions off the couch and place them as a protective barrier around their body, the other participant would take a running start and then leap at the pillow barrier, hopeful to somehow wound the person beneath. A game I found incredibly enjoyable, taking all the fun out of Scott's evil plans and causing him to play the game incessantly.

He also shared …

Noted: Valentines Day Celebrated

Valentine Dinner with Russ a success. Managed making a reservation today (Friday Feb 11th) at Rics Grill in Riverbed - Steak, Seafood and Chophouse where Russ and I enjoyed a wonderful meal. Russ had Fillet Mignon wrapped in bacon and served with chef's potatoes, asparagus and steamed vegetables, with a starter of beef soup and bread. I enjoyed the almond crusted salmon with rice pilaf, asparagus and steamed vegetables, with a starter of Caesar salad and bread. The restaurant was pricey and chic and very much the kind of place Russ enjoys eating. I done good.

A lovely evening of good conversation and good food.

Love divine

I have been reading one of my old journals. I came across a list generated by me and my roomates circa 1996. It was entitled 5 signs he doesn't love you and I thought I'd share it...

Tells you to put on more makeup so that you have more of a natural look.Takes you to the wrong house at the end of the date and instead of walking you to the door says, "get out."When you mention you like the song playing on the radio, he immediatley changes stations.
Thinks he'll have cuter kids than you will.
While on medication, does not declare his undying love for you. And on the opposite side of the journal are a list of 5 signs he does love you.
Loves your independance.Learns to cook your favorite meal for you (quality of said meal is insignificant).Believes you to be a natural beauty.Becomes the best client at your place of employement.Walks you to the door, at the correct address. Ah l'amour.


While Kia attended Glenrose school, I headed over to Kingsway Garden Mall to spend some quality time in the Disney Store. Found some great deals on some Valentine goodies for Kia and even a fun gift for her friend, Aubryn.

I then headed over to Kernels to pick up some caramel popcorn. This is when I met a very Strange Lady.

The Strange Lady worked behind the counter of Kernels Popcorn and was helping the Gal In Front of me. She greated her with a very British accent "What can I get you love?". Gal In Front gave her order and Strange Lady went about filling it, making small talk with Gal In Front. They part and Strange Lady says something that sounded like, "Oy, gov'nor" as Gal In Front leaves.

Strange Lady: What would you like? (with no British accent)

Me: (What the...) A medium bag of caramel popcorn.

Strange Lady: Do you want another one for half price? (still no British accent)

Me: No just the one (with a little british accent of my own...why? dunno...)

What's your blog about?

I was asked this today. I was hard pressed for an answer that seemed worthy. It was innocently asked by my daughters speech therapist. She and my daughter were playing a game with rhyming words. She asked Kia what rhymes with frog. Kia responded blog. This of course opened up a conversation. To which Kia responded, "my mommy has a blog..." followed by the question, "What is your blog about?"

Crickets chirping and dead silence from my end of the room.

Kia states matter of factly, "I think its all about me."

My thought: Is that true? Is everything about Kia? All Kia all the time. Yikes. No that can't be true, I remember writing a couple sentences about something else...

"Ya, it's just about my life."

And if that is truly the case the last 5 chapters of my life may need an editor. But certainly my life cannot be defined by a blog. I'm far more complex. I note that my writing often jumps from the trite, to the sad then back into the silly and…

Weekend Review

Friday: Friday afternoon was spent scrapbooking with Kari Lynn. Kari Lynn started scrapping 8 1/2 x 11 and was thrilled with the result (okay, more than thrilled as she is still gushing over her layout - which causes me to crack up everytime she states, "I love it!"). I finished two layouts, one of Kia sledding and another of her writing her full name for the first time. Later we met the new Elder in the Ward. Elder Vidmar is the son of the famous gymnast Peter Vidmar. Just a slip of a boy and he carries the air of someone slightly annoyed they got sent to Canada instead of Europe. I get the impression he is not used to disappointment. We were at Kari Lynn and Richards for dinner, where we enjoyed a stirfry, couscous, rice and some other healthy entree that reminds me of the word kwanzaa but most certainly isn't that word. Afterwards we headed to the toy store to purchase a birthday gift for one of Kia's friends. It was good to finally get home and we enjoyed being o…

Baby Shower

Kia: Where are we going?

Me: We're going to a baby shower.

Kia: For who?

Me: For a baby named Finley.

Kia: Is Finley a boy or a girl?

Me: A boy.

Kia: Well...I don't really want to watch a boy take a shower.

Me: Good, but you're still coming.

Kia: Okay, I guess...

(On the way to the shower)

Kia: I've never been to a party in a bathroom before.

(On the way home)

Kia: Boy, I thought that was going to be really crazy, but it wasn't. Thanks for taking me Mom.

Me: No problem kiddo.

Costco and savings, an oxymoron

Having a Costco card is your ticket into an exclusive club. A place where you can seriously shop for items you never knew you needed. You can buy chocolate like you actually own a candy store. Buy cleaning solution like you'll be cleaning the White House.

You will find some awesome deals. Books, for instance are significantly less than those found at the local bookstore, though the choice is somewhat limited. Granted, I tend to enjoy a less commercial novel. Hearing aid batteries are the deal of the century. Twenty batteries for $8! That's incredibly inexpensive, and they are the best batteries. I also get my film developed there as the London Drugs developing was getting too pricey.

I know there are other great prices, but there are an equal amount of the overpriced and overpackaged. Two designer mascara's cost $45.00! What a deal, what a steal! Piles of Tshirts seems so very necessary and who couldn't use 24 chocolate muffins? Or a bucket of green peppers? The choices …