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January 31st Post

Loving ~ Monograms. I love seeing K.W. on Kia's little things. It makes me melt.
Wanting ~ To have BBQ season! I miss cooking outside!
Hating ~ Lizards. Bearded dragons to be specific. Sorry K!
Reading ~ Preach My Gospel.


Well the flu bug that ran its course with Keeks is now having its way with Russ. Accosting him really. I know Russ is really sick when he doesn't make church. Missing work tomorrow would be unheard of. I'll keep you posted, but my money says he'll go.

So the weekend has been quiet and spent at home. We rented and watched two movies on Saturday: Wimbledon and Without a Paddle. Both pretty good.

Burt Reynolds makes a guest appearance in Without a Paddle and as much as I detest him as an actor, I really enjoyed what he said in the movie. Correction, I really enjoyed what the screenwriter typed out for him to say. The line was something like: You can lose all your money and eventually you can earn it all back. But you can't do that with time. Once you've lost it, you can never get it back.

That is so true. Highlight it with a jiffy marker and post it on the fridge, true.

Other than helping out a sick husband, the rest of the day was spent at the scrap table working on …

The Cat in the Hat is a Dirty Spoon.

So, I'm happily cleaning the house [that is an oxymoron, but true today]. Kia is watching a movie. Candles are wafting the aroma of cinnamon throughout the flat. A delicate pavlova is sitting in the cake dome. Friends are dropping by to scrapbook the afternoon away. I have clean laundry and the toilets are glistening. Life is pretty darn great.

Kia walks up to me and says, "you whizzed on my taco."

Me: Pardon me? [Euphoria deflating...]

Kia: Sorry Mom!

My thought: She actually did say, you whizzed on my taco! Holy cow, that's hilarious. Must put on stern Mommy face and remind her how ladies speak.

Me: Aplogy excepted kiddo...Cat in the Hat says some naughty things, but that doesn't mean we should. Right?

Kia: Ya I forgot. But it's funny. Whiz whiz whiz... [she says as she walks away]

I watch her skip off with her sing song to this naughty little word and inwardly brace myself for the more colorful phrases of the future.

But it secretly cracks me up.

Nosy, nosy sister in law.

Poor Amy, fell prey to my prying eyes. It was a rare day at home, with time on my hands to explore the internet at my leisure. Kia being sick [the croup AGAIN] and spending most of her time dozing and wheezing on the couch, a found myself with a few spare minutes. So I looked at some of my favorite websites.

I searched the local mls listings, even chatted with a realtor about a house we looked at back in October. It's hard to feel motivated to move when there is nothing out there you want to live in.

I read my favorite blogs and laughed hysterically at houlie mom's views on doctor waiting rooms.

I got bored and made about 12 tags for scrapbook pages that may never surface. I even posted a few on two while I was there...I started checking out my SIL's latest goings on at the site. Allison has been depressing non vilgilant with posting pictures of Aiden [mind she has good reason] but Amy's home page was a virtual smorgasboard of information.

First, let me poin…

Leotards: Proof there is a hell.

My friends and I have another blog. I'd give you the link, but it's probably best it remains uncredited. My friend Heather posed the question to us: What was your most hated childhood item. The only items I could remember loathing were leotards.

The Leotards of the 70's and early 80's were like little strait jackets for your legs. They had very little stretch and often seemed to cater to the needs of the short-legged folk. I can't recall a time when they didn't itch. I recall sitting in Primary, and being consumed with the itch of my darn leotards. The color wasn't much better, as I recall a pale skin toned cloth that would blanket your legs, giving them a slightly jaundiced tinge. How very attractive.

To add insult to injury, they were labeled by morons. Whatever size you thought you were you most certainly were not. This error would come to light as soon as they needed to be put on. One had to fight for tiny fragments of material, helplessly yanking small h…

Happy Birthday to My Blog

It's been one year. Really. I haven't always been committed, but it's been one year none the less. One year of letting people read what is basically an online journal. Often unedited, with spelling mistakes galore, it has been liberating and pushed my comfort levels constantly. Hopefully you'll continue to drop by in the upcoming years, because heaven knows I'm better at blogging than calling!

Helping Kia write a sentence.

Kia: How do you spell Workman?

Me: You remember.

Kia: Oh ya. W

Kia writes a capital A

Me: Is that a W?

Kia: Oh no, I forgot.

I draw an invisible W on my hand.

Kia: I can do it [draws W perfectly]. Now what?

Me: O

Kia: Oh...what?

Me: O - the letter.

Kia: I know, I know...

>>>FWD to the final N....

Kia: All done...what does this spell? I forget.

Me: You're kidding! It's your last name...

Kia: I know, I know...what's it spell again?

Me: W O R K M A N. Workman.

Kia: Right, that's my last name.


[it's official...home schooling would be out of the question]

Misconceptions of youth

I was chatting last night with a good friend. We were discussing the many environmental disasters that are plaguing the world. Then we started talking about emergency equipment, what we had and what we needed to get.

The need for a rope ladder came up. My friend commented that when she was younger she kept an umbrella in her room, sure that in a fire situation she would channel the umbrella floating abilities of Mary Poppins and glide gently to the ground below.

I laughed hysterically. Mainly because when I was a child I had felt the same way.

I was an extremely trusting [gullible] kid. If my brothers or uncles told me something it must be true.

My Uncle Star convinced me that toothpaste came out of belly buttons. I can't tell you the number of times I swished my toothbrush across my belly button in lieu of using toothpaste.

My Grandpa was bald. Scott [my brother] told me that all his hair blew off when he stuck his head out of his car window while he was driving. Something I be…

Little Girls

Aubryn: We came to see the Jasmine that wears pants.

Kia: I think she ran away.

Aubryn: Why?

Kia: Because she is the only princess that wears pants.

Aubryn: And that makes her feel sad because all the other princesses wear beautiful dresses.

Kia: Ya, that's why she ran away.

Aubryn: I KNOW!

Kia: Aubryn, are you mad at me?

Aubryn: Yes, I don't want to play this game anymore.


Root Canal

Today was the day of the root canal (que dramatic music...). I did have a wonderful fantasy about bailing and heading to sunshine and warm water. But, -40'C is a pretty good reality check. As is the constant throbbing in my jaw. So I showed up.

I discovered that root canals are okay. I am difficult to freeze - so the dentist had to do 4 freezings. After the third, he drilled down to the root and then applied a freezing right into the nerve. YOWSER! Did that hurt! Though I'm sure the opposite would also be true, ie. not being completely frozen. After that it was fine...busy work to watch and lots of odd little devices. My mind was going pretty wild, imagining what on earth he was doing with all those little thingumabobs. Plus, who came up with this process? I'm still slightly frozen, so I can't honestly report on the outcome. But so far so good...

When I returned home I found another package from On Tuesday we recieved the Gospel Art Kit and today we received P…

Character Trait: Self - Assurance

A word that has different meanings for everyone. An interesting element of self-assurance is that it can be a transferable character trait. It can be given from a doctor to his patient, from a mother to her child, from a lawyer to a jury, from an actor to their audience.

Looking back at my life, I can review moments when I felt self-assured. I admit that for a 24 year, I had moments where I felt self-assured. But compared to now at 31, the feeling today is so much more than any self-assurance I experienced at a younger age. Knowing that self-assurance gains with age is a balm in the face of wrinkles and arthritis.

Self-assurance says, "I know I can."
Self-assurance says, "Thy will be done."
Self-assurance says, "Success for everyone."
Self-assurance sees the bigger picture.
Self-assurance is the core of peace.

So who has self-assurance?

Leanne, who is quietly bold and works towards her dream in the face of adversity.
Shelly, a mother who chose security fo…

Word of the Day

Kia and I went out this morning to get her Pocahontas watch repaired. $1.07 later, Kia is looking lovingly at her watch. She can't seem to understand exactly how telling time works but she is excited none the less. This is when Kia, unknowingly created a new word:

confusual: adj 1. Telling time can be confusual - unclear, baffling, difficult 2. My Pocahontas watch is very confusual - uncommon, atypical, curious, unconventional.

You might be challenged in a game of scrabble, but you will be revered by the very young. Well, Kia will think you're cool.

I remember: Our farm

I remember my first family home. As an infant and young child, I grew up on a 23 acre farm about 20 km west of Medicine Hat. My parents had a small bungalow on the property and both sets of grandparents resided on the property as well, living in two seperate mobile homes. It was like our own little compound.

There was a large and small barn, a chicken coop, studio, a workshop, greenhouse and 2 playhouses. A small white playhouse for me and an old shed that my brother Scott used as bunk house. I grew up surrounded by animals: cows, a horse, chickens, goats and lots of dogs and cats. We always had a motorbike (or more) and usually an old school bus that was in the process of becoming a homemade motorhome.

I remember large fields of corn, beautiful flowerbeds of hollyhocks and roses. A large teardrop shaped garden at the entrance to the property, filled with herbs and greenery. I loved all these growing things. I would sit for hours in the middle of the corn fields, enjoying a corn cob o…


I have not scrapbooked since our vacation in Panorama. That is, until tonight. I had purchased scrapbooking supplies but they sat unused on my desk, or neatly filed away. I also have 5 rolls of film that I haven't developed. Very unlike me.

I noticed recently that Creating Keepsakes Magazine is having it's HOF or Hall of Fame contest. It is open now for submission. Many scrapbookers talk about entering and I must admit that the thought crossed my mind. Thought being very different than action. I have also thought about being disgustingly rich...still hasn't happened.

As much as scrapbooking is a hobby, in many ways, and in many circles, it is also a competitive sport. And I can honestly admit to being the least competitive person I know. In other words, this is not going to be a source of inspiration for me. So in an attempt to get myself scrapbooking again I have changed sizes. I bought a beautiful 9 x 9 album and I have already started.

I've also been asked by a few fri…

Canada: A retarded peoples history

Rick Mercer's Talking to American's is playing and he just convinced a couple people that 80% of Canadians are retarded. They happily grin into the camera and say: Congratulations on your new documentary Canada: A retarded people's history. Chief Gordon Lightfoot has a treaty to hunt rhinoceros in Saskatchewan. Question mark??? Folks, think about it. Or we have a new 5 dollar coin and on it is a picture of a hockey stick and a maple leaf so they are thinking of calling it a woody. So all these people grin into the camera and say, "Congratulations Canada on your first woody!"

There is one thing we can learn from Rick Mercer. Listen to the question. If it sounds questionable...don't go along with it. If someone is holding a microphone in your face and the camera is's time to listen very carefully to the question being asked. If it sounds strange...walk away.

Find your 15 minutes of fame somewhere else my friend.

Strike one

Guess who missed their very first speech therapy appointment of the year? We are off to a rocking start. I blame it on our lazy Christmas sleep habits. Kia and I both woke up at 9:15 this morning, feeling refreshed and then immediately alarmed. The speech appointment starting at 9:30 and a good 25 minute drive away.

We surrendered the fantasy of somehow making it, when we looked in the mirror and saw our hair. Both, scraggily with a heavy dose of frizz, were the deciding factors and we phoned to tell Brenda we wouldn't make it. She was kind and had the wisdom and foresight to set up a later time for next week.

Strike one.

January Top Ten List

In an effort to add some column type additions to my blog - I'll be attempting a monthly top ten list. Lets suffer together, shall we...

Beauty and the Rodeo Clown. The Little Engine that broke.The Little Old Women with OCD.The Girl who died from eating too many vegetables. Extreme Makeover: Ugly Duckling.Princesses in RehabThree little pigs become two: An easter story.Goldilocks and SalmonellaThings Cinderella has that you never will. Sparky, the monkey with mange.

Ring out wild bells

Most of my LDS friends who attended church today or last Sunday, probably sang Ring Out Wild Bells during sacrament meeting. I used to really like this hymn. The line, "the year is dying in the night..." gave me a case of the giggles today and the entire song seemed quite silly.

So, I'm sitting here and contemplating this new year. 2005. Resolutions to be made and dishes to be washed. Russ wants to eat healthier, and I just saw him eat a ferrero roche chocolate. Kia doesn't get it but would probably want to have more fun and be a good friend (if her evening prayers are any indication).

I would like us to have regular Family Home Evenings. We were pretty good last year but it wasn't regular, and it still blessed our lives unbelievably. I would also like to focus on the word: Authentic. I want to be real, living in the moment and being real.

Good luck in your goals and your desires for change.


Kia is hungry. All the time.

I thought how blessed I was that I could walk over to the kitchen and get her something to eat. That I had that oppurtunity.

While so many Mother's in Asia are wondering where their children are and so many children are going hungry.

God bless them.,15503,3881-1-20741,00.html

Our family has decided to do whatever we can to assist in some small way to the disaster relief efforts.