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Happy New Year

What a good year.

No major catastrophe's. Lots of holidays and fun. Heaps of blessings. Great friends and family success.

Tonight we enjoyed New Years Eve at the church playing games and watching the kids play on the Astro Jump Obstacle Course. Kia went none stop from 7:30 till 11:00pm - easily going through the obstacle course and down the massive slide 100+ times. Her and her friends Bailey and Aubryn had a great time. Russ was great with the girls and was often found racing them up the ladder and spotting them in the course so they were not squished by the older and faster kids.

I'm really lucky to have Russ. He is such a great man and wondeful husband. I feel blessed beyond measure to have him be my eternal companion. A blessing I can be thankful for forever.

Happy New Year to all. May it be filled with more joy than sorrow.

December 30th Post

Loving: My friends
Wanting: An automatic car starter
Hating: When bad things happen to good people
Reading: Jane Austen - Pride and Prejudice...mmm Mr. Darcy


Kia: "All of the other reindeer used to laugh and call him names, they never let poor Rudolph join in any reindeer games. Then one froggy Christmas eve...

Me: Froggy?

Kia: "Then one froggy Christmas Eve Santa came....

Me: You mean Foggy.

Kia: No Mom, it's Froggy - I'm in KINDERGARTEN.

Me: Alright then...

Kia: "Then one froggy Christmas Eve"

Me: Ribbit.

She slides, she slides

Kia purchased her first sled today. Bright red, plastic and with a string to pull it. We went to the small hill at her elementary school and let her go.

She didn't go down one time without a joyful scream. Her two little braids very animated on her quest down the icy slope. She probably went down 30 times.

It was the perfect winter day. Bright sunshine, mild temperature, just the right amount of snow. Couldn't have asked for a better day.

Dance Monkey Dance

Well, we finally decided we should get out of the house. Stir crazy might be an appropriate term to describe how we were feeling. So we all bundled up and headed to the worlds largest mall.

West Ed Mall was excessively busy. Our main purpose of getting out of the house soon turned into small searches for odd items. Russ was on the lookout for shoes that don't exist, as no shoe store had anything remotely akin to what he envisioned purchasing. Kia was on the lookout for something we could push her in, so she didn't have to exert herself in anyway. When that dream was squashed she took up a crusade for ice cream.

I of course didn't want anything, so thus I'm the only one who purchased anything. I ended up buying hair products (biolage and lots of it for $26) and some reading material. Everything at the book outlet was 50% off so I managed to secure, "Great Novels of Jane Austen" which includes Emma, Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility. Can't wait to…

Christmas Report

We had a wonderful Christmas. Kia fell out of bed at 5:30, probably the second time in her entire life. In between the sobs of pain and holding her head she sputtered, "Mom - has Santa come down the chimney yet?"

There was no coming back. The living room must be explored and the presents all opened. Russ and I groggily agreed and we headed to the living room. Indeed Santa had arrived, filled all the stockings and delivered the precious princess dolly she had requested, along with heaps of other goodies.

We all got the items we had asked for, with Russ getting socks (don't forget the new TV) and I receiving the Star Wars Trilogy I had been campaining for over the last weeks prior to Christmas. Plus many other wonderful gifts: an electronic keyboard, beautiful sterling silver bracelet, books, winter wear, video games, movies, disney princess goodies and much more.

A delicious Christmas dinner has been enjoyed and we are just about to start viewing some movies.

Mmmmm, I love Ch…

Christmas wish

May you have a wonderful Christmas. Happy, bright, with memories old and new. We'll be thinking of family far and near. Lighting candles for lost loved ones and reflecting on the great and significant birth of our Savior.

I marvel at His humble birth. Tonight we can kneel with the shepherds and sing with a chorus of angels, "For unto us a child is born; unto a us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The Everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace."Isa 9:6

To be 5 again

Well, the last few days before Christmas are driving me slightly mad. Kia is soooo excited about Christmas that trying to get her to concentrate on anything else is useless. Naughty really does go hand in hand with Christmas. I find myself quoting Charles Dickens "God bless us everyone" (especially bless me, to have enough patience to handle my 5 year old who believes in magic).

How much longer till Santa gets here? Not soon enough for one little brunette in the house.

Christmas Tradition Contradiction

It has been mentioned before that my dear daughter is allergic to holidays and special events. Guess who is sick for Christmas? Yup, little Keeks is hacking and sneezing her little santa hat off. Sheet white and with the perpetual snotty nose.

This came just after I had the fleeting thought, "nobodies been sick for awhile."

I've also surrendered the fantasy of abiding by my 3 wise men gift idea...for those who didn't hear you only give 3 gifts to your children...each gift being representative of the gifts of the wiseman. Gold was a gift of learning, Frankincense being a gift of fun and Myrhh being a gift of clothing. Well I bought all those things but I have also been gathering stocking stuffers and misc items for the last few months. Last night Russ and I pulled everything down. It was unbelievable. I had enough stuff to spread over birthday parties for friends and her Christmas this year. Still trying to figure out how to reign it all in.

This came just after the talk…

4 Sleeps Till Christmas

The countdown has officially begun. Kia is bursting with excitement, and I'm not even done shopping yet. The husband hasn't even started shopping yet, so I'm still ahead of The Procrastinator. And looking at the upcoming 4 days, I don't know where he will find time to complete his purchases for Christmas.

Friday was spent at the Ritter's home where our kids performed in a small Christmas pagent. Kia was a shepherd and I hope to post some photos of the event soon. Saturday we went and saw Polar Express. We all loved it. Occasionally the animation was a little off, yet other times it was completely stunning. We also looked at some houses, and played Monkey Ball a dozen or so times. Sunday as mentioned below was our Ward Community Christmas program.

Last night we had a Christmas Potluck with my 3 best friends and their families. Fajitas and sundaes with Grandma's chocolate sauce, made special for The Procastinator. A FHE evening lesson on the meaning of Christmas an…

Finding Faith in Christ

We had a wonderful community Christmas service at church today. Lots of scriptures, singing and images of Christ. It was such a spiritual feast that when we returned home I didn't want it to end and so we put on the LDS DVD "Finding Faith in Christ".

Kia watched mesmerized as the movie depicted the many miracles performed during Christ's ministry.

As she watched the crucification her face became pale and she started chanting, "Don't hurt my Jesus."

"Mommy, they're hurting my Jesus and I don't want them to." Followed by a look that could only be translated as a mixture of sorrow and outrage.

It was a good moment to explain a little bit about the atonement. Only a glimpse, but it appeased her worries and she continues watching.

What a blessing to a have a child marvel and adore the King of Kings, wanting only the best for Him.

The Problem with Elves

My brother Scott, pointed out to me back in 1992 that he had suspicions regarding Santa. Here are some of his observations:
Santa a kind old guy who hires spies to watch you when your sleeping and when your awake (otherwise how would he know). This holds true to my theory that Santa is really just a ex-CIA agent who has gone off the deep end.

An elf! Does Santa really know about Labour Laws? Where are the visible minorities? Where are the women? Where are the tall people? I say we sue his butt off for discriminatory hiring practises.

If my brother reads this he is going to know that I am a freak, as I saved these comments from the wrapping of a Christmas present he sent me in 1992. Reviewing these comments in my scrapbook got me thinking.


Ya, you heard right. I've been thinking about elves.

They seem to be the catch all of magical creatures. They work for Santa, save middle earth in Lord of the Rings, bake cookies, attend dental school, snap, crackle and pop. Elves are real…

Working the room

The Christmas Party at the Glenrose was pretty good. Kia, got dolled up for the occassion, I wore all black (no, none died - had a laundry backup), we brought along homemade puff wheat squares as our contribution to the potluck and we headed across town to the Glenrose.

We paid far too much for parking, ate noodles and other potluck fare, and visited with friends.

Then the Big Guy showed up. Santa himself.

Kia was so thrilled she had to fight back tears of excitement.

I honestly didn't see much of her for the next half hour as she was Santa's constant shadow. Though every now and then she would run back to my table and put something in her bag. Photos were taken with Santa and all her friends and it was time to head home.

I start gathering our stuff together and glance over to her bag. It is brimming over with goodie bags from Santa. Over a dozen clear bags, each taut full of candy and treats, are loaded into her bag. I go to talk to her about it and realize that whenever Santa see…

Potluck Mix Up

Keeks and I are attending a Christmas Potluck at the Glenrose tommorrow. We have been looking forward to this event all week. Yet, tonight it dawned on me that I had to bring something. Probably edible.

I honestly didn't even consider this. I knew the fairly obvious word "potluck" was in the title this whole time but never gave any consideration that this might mean I had to supply food.

A little slow on the uptake this week. Probably picking up some sushi. How domestic.

Oh my aching mouth

The visit to the dentist was relatively painless. I was supplying the pain all on my own, with no help from him. I seem to have two abscess teeth, not one. Also I have 6 cavities, but thats the easy part. Due to my HBP - I have been referred to an endodontic specialist. The best in the city. Dr. Kwan, who is in such high demand that I am unable to get an appointment until February 10. Unbelievable. I will die in my sleep from the pain before that date actually arrives. So my regular dentist might be doing it. I haven't decided yet. Bottom line: Dentist is cheaper but I need about three, 1 hour appointments ~ Specialist is pricey!!! but it can be done in one 45 minute appointment.

Now, I should clarify that it doesn't hurt all that bad, but there are moments of absolute agony that come and go with no explanation. I have been able to manage the pain by taking only one motrin every other day or so. Other than that the pain has been able to be controlled through my trusty heating p…

About a boy

Today we were wrapping Christmas presents. In our bow bag (yes, we really have a bow bag + ribbons) we came across a photograph of Russ and Kia.

The two of them are cheek to cheek, grinning broadly and blond as can be. Kia must be 3 years old and her hair is quite short.

Kia inspects the photo carefully and looks very puzzled.

"Mommy", she states, "Is this a picture of me when I was a boy?"

I actually did a snort laugh. Right Kia, we keep those pictures hidden in the bow bag.

Christmas Concerts and Parties

Kia had her first school Christmas concert this last Wednesday. Her elementary school has a seperate concert just for the two kindergarten classes. Kia's class had been practising and making glittery concoctions for the event for weeks. During grandparents day they performed a few of their songs for all in attendance. It was pretty good. Though the part when Kia and Jared fell backwards off the back riser was my favorite part of the performance. Horrible mother that I am.

That night I sat with Russ, Kari Lynn and Richard as we watched our two little five year olds belt out some Christmas cheer. The kids wore homemade antlers (heavy on the glitter), blinking red noses and sang Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer without the ever popular mocking repeat chorus. There was a performance of "Away in a Manger", Christmas Alphabet and a number of other songs I have already forgotten. Not to say they weren't enjoyable, I honestly can't recall them.

Friday night was the ward Chri…

Quotes I love

The family is one of nature's masterpieces.
~By George Santayana

Remember that every good friend was once a stranger.

Storage Room

This last Sunday we put the Christmas tree up and the Christmas decorations. Of course every single box that we needed was at the back of our storage room. This may not seem like a big deal to the reader of this blog, but let me assure you, it is an undertaking of mammoth proportions. Our storage room holds a pluthora of tools, paintings, boxes of books, camping supplies, an ancient Mac computer and hundreds of things I cannot even recall.

I wonder how much of this stuff we really need. Before we moved to Edmonton I did a very significant edit of our stuff. I mean I literally filled up a couple apartment sized garbage units with our junk. Old school books, crafts that never saw the light of day, wood, ripped and stained clothing, not to mention the furniture hand me downs. I thought I did a pretty good job.

Yet, now I realize that many of things I thought I would keep and that we would need are simply anchors to the past and do nothing but sit on shelves unused and unnecessary…

Kia's letter to Santa

I can't be the only one that finds letters to Santa an adorable tradition. Kia wrote her letter to Santa last night. Painstakingly writing each letter with her tongue sticking out in concentration. This is what she wrote with the assistance of Mom and Dad:

Dear Santa,

I'm glad you're going to bring the presents for Christmas to us. Please don't forget the presents for Christmas for us. I would like a pretty princess dolly for Christmas. We have a chimney with some lights and stockings and lots of decorations. I love you Santa. I hope you won't forget me on Christmas eve.


So cute. She even wrote his address on the envelope, Santa Claus North Pole H0H 0H0.

The whole process was quite enlightening, as Russ and I were unaware that she wanted a "pretty princess dolly" for Christmas. She usually asks for clothes and jewelry when we have asked her previously. She is only 5 and wants clothes and jewelry. We are doomed.

She is very particular with…

Winter Tires

Okay, this last little blast of snow has reminded me in a big slippery way, that I need 2 new tires on Chewy. Chewy being my red car. Chewy also being short for Chewbacca. You know the hairy beast from Star Wars? That's the name of my beloved car. You remember, that gutteral balking growl that Chewy was so famous for. My car tends to make that sound when the steering chamber is cold.

Anyways, I digress.

The need for some tires with grip came back in a whirling reminder today when I drove Kia to school. I pulled out of the complex onto 24th Ave. It was compact snow but seemed alright. I pumped the brakes and the car responded, slowly, but Chewy squaked and slowed down. When the stop sign was about 50 feet away I slowly pushed the brake.


I held the brake down. That's when the back end started heading south. The problem was the front end was heading west. When all the spinning had ended I was heading in the direction I had just come and heard Kia say from the back of the…

Jail means your going to get ice cream

My daughter has some interesting ideas about life. She sometimes comes up with the most fascinating comments.

Russ and Kia were just playing together. They were using a cowboy lasso and pretending to lasso one another - the bad guy.

Kia remarks, "I'm going to put you in Jail, Daddy!"

"What does Jail mean?"

"It means you are going to get ice cream."

"Take me away." Me too, please.


The official diagnosis for Russ. The boy is stressed out. Things at work are incredibly complicated and many of his construction sites are falling behind schedule. His mind is racing a mile a minute and sleep is evading him. Last night he couldn't take the stress anymore and we phoned a friend and neighbour to come and give him a blessing.

Greg lives across the street from us. He is a single dad, recently divorced and has a son named Mitch that Russ worked with in Scouts. He also has a prosthetic leg. He has been through a lot in his life and we found upon his visit that he really has been going through a huge amount of stress recently as well.

He has struggled finding consistent employment and that has been a source of concern for him. The other day he was heading to the temple when he struck a pedestrian. A young man heading home from school. It was dusk and the young man was wearing all black - hoodie up with headphones on underneath, needless to say Greg didn't see him until…

How We Missed Dad's Birthday

Thank heavens technology is here to make our lives so much easier. For instance it is a great help with our scheduling. I would have completely forgotten Kia's audiologist appointment made 3 months ago if I did not use my Outlook program so religiously. Nor would I recall that we are currently being audited by Revenue Canada - a thought I'm sure I would have happily forgotten had it not been a reminder on my Outlook.

Technology allows me to communicate with family on a different level. If it weren't for email, me and my brother would never 'talk' to one another. I can instantly have a chat with a SIL who is 2000 Km away. I can have a blog that keeps family and friends current on the happenings in our northern corner of the world.

Russ uses his Tungsten T palm pilot daily and it is one of his greatest sources of planning and reference for his work as Project Manager. He recently programed birthdays and anniversarys into this little wonder and we have found a few gli…