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Loving : Manadarin Oranges
Wanting: A new computer. Please! Pretty please?
Hating: Scraping ice off the car window.
Reading: Oxford Paperback Thesaurus...pathetic...and true.
Kia has croup. The wheezing for breath thing was all due to a swollen trachea and larynx. Doc Hasinoff prescribed some steriods. Yup. My whimpy kid is on steriods. Seems to be working too! Oh how this will enrage some of my herbal friends.
A night out with the BS4.

After a full day of wiping up bodily fluids and holding on to the hot little lump of fire that was Kia, I should have been exhausted. But I felt cagey and instead decided to drop by Kim's for a BS4 night. What is BS4 you may be wondering? I don't know if I can really answer that and give the title the justice it deserves - needless to say it is simply 4 girlfriends that gather, phone, visit and torment one another into submission with friendship.

Our gatherings tend to start around 8:00 and run past midnight. We eat, we laugh, we learn, we accept and then we do it all over again. We are a source of strength for one another and it feels good not to be alone in your little corner of the church, the community and the world.

And by the way, BS4 stands for Bearspaw Sisterhood of 4. What else would it have meant?
Birthdays and holidays seem to make my daughter sick. Here she is again. Sick, gasping for breath and missing out on all the festivities of halloween and her birthday. Of course this all effects the entire family but we have had many holidays under our belts. Little Keeks is different. So missing out on dance class where you can wear your halloween costume is huge in her world. Missing out on the Glenrose school Dress Up party and probably missing the Masquerade Party at school tomorrow are all big events that breaks her heart to miss out on.

Kia turned 5 yesterday and was sick for the event. I tried to overcompensate and do extra special things with her but she had wanted to be at school and be the birthday girl. I hope the doctor can give us some ideas to help alleviate some of her breathing discomfort. We have her birthday party planned for tomorrow and we will have decide tonight if we will go forward with it or if we will postpone it till after our holiday.

Here's …
How do I get myself into these situations?

Why do I insist on creating so much work for myself? Martha Mom gone wild. Let me assist you in the requirements and oath of Martha Mom. Martha Mom has been known to rub shoulders with Molly Mormon but soon dumped her as a friend when she didn't drop the doillies and apron. Martha Mom has more sophistication and is more socially acceptable.

She sews, she gardens, she scrapbooks, she can change her own tire, she can organize a barbeque or a wedding for 300. She can clean the house, perm her hair and perform the latest yoga positions while balancing her checkbook and uploading her website. She remembers every birthday, has lunch with her girlfriends and sews barbie a new wardrobe while her healthy five course meal is bubbling away.

If that sounds a little exhausting...just try attaining to it. What made Martha Stewart so cool was she added a sense of prestige to being a homemaker. She showed the possibility of having it all and now she sits …
Uncle Harry

My uncle passed away yesterday in his sleep. He had been battling prostrate cancer for over a year and gave it his all before passing. He leaves behind a loving wife, and two adoring children. He was a good man. He lived in Swift Current almost his entire life and had the easy humor and welcoming nature of the people from Saskatchewan. He was always willinging to play with us kids. Quick to race us across the lawn and leave us in his wake. He loved hockey and curling and was often found in some icy rink after another watching one of his grandkids curl or play hockey.

I remember when he smiled his whole face brightened and his eyes became these wonderful slits and everything looked like the turn of a smile. I loved hearing him laugh, a simple roll, mellow and easy. I recall the day he and Aunt Carol visited Kia in the hospital at Foothills. She was still very tiny and struggling for life. He looked so terribly uncomfortable and I could see him madly looking for …
Kia's Birthday and other ramblings.

Yesterday was quite a busy day. The phone log on our phone tells me I recieved 18 phone calls. That seems ridiculously high, even for an Enrichment day. The event was really great. The spirit was strong and it has lovingly been called, "Cryfest 2004". I've embraced this descriptive term and was happily inviting sisters to "Cryfest 2005". What I loved about this Enrichment:

Joanne Marsden's Talk on Motherhood. She shared poems, and journal entries that were so truthful and personal - there was not a dry eye in the room. She shared the experience of her miscarriage, a poem written for her mom, her words of advice and so much more. Wendy Grant and her two daughters performing My Mother/My daughter. So overcome from Joanne's words and the feeling in the room they were unable to sing. It punctuated the great spiritual feast with a hearty laugh.Kari Lynn's thoughts on friendship. So personalized to her experience an…
Evil on a Budget ... or, How to threaten the free world on fifty dollars a day

This site had me laughing out loud. This good girl, enjoyed the self help title, know when to stop plotting and just attack something.
I Love You For That

I remember you.
You were my friend when it was easier not to be.
You saw the pain I tried to hide.
Then you came into my life and you never left.
I love you for that.

I remember you.
You once saw me low in life. No money for food or rent.
Yet you didn't pity me. Instead you sang with me.
I felt hope instead of sorrow.
I love you for that.

I remember you.
Always loving music. I love it because of you.
Me - I'd rather sing lullabies with the angels.
You - The angels stop to hear you sing.
I love you for that.

I remember you.
Always so close to Heaven.
Your spirit, a tranquil poem of peace.
Life has more meaning because you are part of it.
I love you for that.

I remember you.
Bringing me into your family to share the love that
Dwells in your home.
Laughing, crying, singing and loving.
Were two friends ever happier?
I love you for that.

I remember you.
And I always will until forever and forever.
That you were my cherished friend,
And for some reason you lov… - The Greatest Canadian

I really think this is a cool concept. I love living in Canada and being a Canadian. What a wonderful oppurtunity for more Canadians to learn about some amazing people that came before them. Though I am interested in the individuals chosen I do feel disappointed that there were no women on the list and no Canadian authors. Hope that changes in the next 20 years.

Out of the ten choices remaining, a few stand out.

1) Frederick Banting.

The man discovered insulin. INSULIN. He has saved millions of lives! A quote from the CBC web site reads as follows:

"In a selfless move, the quartet decided not to seek a patent for their life-saving serum, a move that surely cost them a fortune. Instead, they sold the rights to their formulation to U of T for $1 as a means of ensuring that insulin could be affordably manufactured for years to come."

I just love that. Isn't that perfect raspberry in the face of a money worshipping society. A man that honors l…
Kia Syndrome.

What a wonder a child is. Your child. The lineage of you walking around with your Dad's will and your Mother's hands, your eyes and your husbands chin. I remember talking to Kia endlessly when she had no chance of understanding a word I was saying. Telling her my hopes and dreams. I often felt she had the answers to all of lifes questions in the depths of her blue cat eyes. So many mysteries swimming in those eyes have drawn me in again and again. I thrill with her discoveries and even secretly smile when she pushes her limits.

I always look forward to what tomorrow will bring.
When I was younger I admired adults because I was taught too. It became very disconcerting to me when I realized that not all adults deserved my admiration. The first adult that I remember teaching me this valuable lesson was my Geography teacher, Mr. F.

I was a good student in school. Even though I did not apply myself, I figured out the marketing aspect of school early and managed to get by on my good memory and ability to stroke a teachers ego. Mr. F was not impressed with this and within the first few classes, decided that we would not get along. In fact he asked a question in class one day. I put my hand up to reply. He called my name and before I could answer he stated, "Oh never mind your just a 48 percenter" and went on to another student. I was broken. To my pleasure the rest of the class decided that they were 48 percenters as well and would not reply to any questions for the rest of the week, instead saying, "sorry I'm a 48 percenter." The irony was …