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Man I hated living in Calgary. I had some really great times there but I really hated living there. I honestly don't know why I stayed there as long as I did. The first week I thought it was just having a bad weekend because frankly, it did not seem to be working at all. Perhaps it will someday; perhaps it is going to be a hell of a city when they get it finished. But I often felt like I was there on the first day that the city was open to the public, with all the bugs in the system revealed.
St. Helens' rumblings underwhelm residents on slopes

Mt. St Helens is rumbling again. Apparently the residents of Cougar are not concerned. When Mt. Saint Helens erupted in 1980 my family was living in Mill Bay on Vancouver Island. I remember walking up to a loud thud. In my 7 year old mind I assumed it was my Dad falling out of bed. When I heard that Mt. St. Helens had erupted I felt scared and excited all at the same time.

We drove out to China Beach and you could see a giant mushroom cloud in the sky South East. My minds image is almost comical after all these years and I question the image even to myself. The clouds looked so far away and so different than anything I had seen in the sky before. Here is hoping the mountain remains silent.

I am the mother of daughter who does not have perfect hearing. I am also the wife to a wonderful husband who also does not have perfect hearing. I have been a fly on the wall in the home of a person with hearing loss and it is an interesting, sometimes joyful and often sad, place to be.

My husband grew up in the 70's and 80's, and from his description of that time, was met with many trials and predetermined assumptions when people would see those brown aids behind his ears. He was the son of a woman with hearing loss and the role of a child with hearing loss had been predetermined in his family. It was a weakness that must be hidden. Your hair should cover your handicap and it was not a topic of discussion. And so, as a child he decided it was better to be a child without hearing aids and be socially acceptable to his peers then to be a child who was different.

It has been difficult for him to come to terms with this challenge in his life. He now wears inner ear canal …